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MARCY 20th Jan 2022 Life Enrichment


We have had Valentine parties for several years with a King, Queen and court.
We made sashes from a roll of red thick ribbon and used fabric glitter glue/ paint to write
King, Queen. Prince, Princess across them. Let the glitter paint dry and glue ends.
We got crowns for everyone from the dollar store and added more jewels to them.
We took photos of the Valentine court and had a party which included Cherry sodas. (Cherry soda is made from cherry 7up soda, vanilla ice cream and a cherry on the plastic glass).
We also played Valentine Bingo .
This event became so popular that we had to select 2 Kings, Queens and several residents for the court!
Many thanks, Marcy McCallister
MARCY 25th Dec 2021 Life Enrichment


I have had a beach party using regular sand. If inside- I used planks of wood upon tables or picnic tables outside. I got bags of sand from the hardware store and opened then on the wood.
Poured a little water in and bought sand buckets, plastic shovels and other sand toys etc. to create sandcastles.
If outside we had a BBQ and music playing or order hot dogs and food.
This is a great sensory activity as the food is scent, sand is tactile, socialization, music is a sound and memory activity.
Many thanks- Marcy