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Mary 7th Jun 2021 Artist/Art Teacher


I just joined. I am an art teacher with students from age 4 to 101. The administrator for my 'senior' class asked me to do a paint project at the Assisted Living Center, and at the Memory Care. I find the Tree of life is simple and fun, showing them how to draw the trunk and limbs, and then pouncing the leaves/flowers on. The rainbow tree is fun, where the trunk is many colors, and first I show them that it is a real tree. One of my seniors has Alzheimer's and this year her husband joined the class to help her as her alzheimers is advancing, but he is also teaching me how to work with her, which I am so grateful for. I love giving students choices of subject and colors,but he explained with her I cannot do that, it is too confusing, I have to give her specifics.