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Sharon 14th Dec 2021 Leisure and Lifestyle Team Member

11 Things Every Activity Professional Should Have In Their Office

A clock on the wall for easy time management. It's much quicker than glancing at your watch or phone while typing!
Sharon 14th Sep 2021 Leisure and Lifestyle Team Member

Armchair Travel to New Zealand

We travelled to New Zealand this week with our residents. We turned our conference room into a plane with print outs of plane windows We arranged the chairs to look like plane seating and numbered the chairs. Each resident was handed a boarding pass, passport and spending money as they boarded their 'aircraft'. We served refreshments by our acting 'flight attendant' while the 'captain' spoke about our flying time and weather conditions on our flight. We showed a film on NZ and chatted about their memories of visiting NZ. They asked questions as we read from a fact sheet. I relayed my stories of growing up in NZ. Thank you Golden Carers for all the resources to make this into a fun activity. We plan to make Armchair travel a monthly activity and everyone is looking forward to our next destination!