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Jordan 16th Jul 2021 Activities Director

How to Overcome Common Dementia Challenges in Group Activities

We have been experiencing a lot of residents lashing out at those w/ cognitive decline in groups. W/in my facility, there are more residents w/ Alzheimers/dementia than without and it can make the individuals who are w/o cognitive decline frustrated at the pace in which group progresses and the repetitive nature. Some of these residents can become particularly hateful/hurtful. Rather than call individual residents out, we have enacted a "No Bullying Rule" in activities and we go over it at the beginning of every activity. My team and I thought this may be the best way to address the behavior w/o calling specific residents out in front of the group. If a resident does say something hurtful/inappropriate after the rules have been stated, we try to redirect them and remind them of why Activities are inclusive to all, but it has been difficult. Do you have any tips for residents who are completely AAO and still extremely hurtful, regardless of going over the rules at the beginning of each group. The last thing we want to do is to have to remove a resident from group but we also want to maintain the dignity of the other residents present.