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Linga 4th May 2022 Recreation Officer


We place a photo of our deceased resident on a long cabinet, with fresh flowers, artificial white candles some fairy small lights around it (you know the copper ones, the batteries last very long and they are not dangerous) usually I like using white frames , then I find a poem related to our memories of the resident on a white frame as well, that stays up until we have an in-house memorial, let the rest of our residents know the day of the memorial and the time, we gather information about our resident and we honor them and their time with us by getting together on that day with other resident , we would talk about the resident and lots of our clients will have their own input remembering the person that past away, after that we, have either morning or afternoon tea depending on the time with some lovely sweets prepared by our kitchen staff, that gives a bit of closure not only to staff but other residents, and families are always very grateful.