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Chris 9th Mar 2022 Property Manager


Hi Barb,
This is an easy but fun craft that we have done here. Che These are crackled glass cabachons. I used to get them (about 35) in a bag for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree. They still have some but they were small and I can't remember if they were flat on the back. So, last time I ordered them on Amazon and I think I got the magnets there too. Reasonably priced then.

You bake the cabachons, then put in ice water and they crackle to different degrees. Paint the backs with a variety of finger nail polish, let dry and adhere the magnet. They turn out so unique and you can even put circles of photos or other prints you like too. Great for the fridge! It's hard to stop making them because they are so much fun. I made them with my 10 year old granddaughter once. Make a great gift too.
Chris 23rd Feb 2022 Property Manager

National Submarine Day - Torpedo Subs

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