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Elisha 26th Jun 2022 Life Enrichment Director


Hi Sarah,
We call ours The Community Bulletin, though I often refer to them as the (Name of Facility) Daily.
Elisha 9th Jun 2022 Life Enrichment Director


We post a photo at our front desk with their name, birthdate and date of passing, some pictures of things that mattered to them (animals, instruments, military branches, etc.) and a sentimental quote. We leave it up for about a week,
Elisha 9th Jun 2022 Life Enrichment Director


Hi Sharon,
What sort of facility do you work in? Are there caretakers on staff who can assist this gentleman with ADL's? If not, I would try a different approach. I find with folks of this population explaining things as "rules" comes off as a harsh approach, whether you mean for it or not. It could be that this gentleman simply thinks you are trying to boss him around, and therefore may actually become increasingly resistant and agitated.
Try addressing the issue from a different angle, something like "what a nice shirt! I notice there's a little stain on the back there. I'd be happy to wash it for you and get that stain right out. Let's go get changed so we can get the shirt looking extra nice" or something like that. Don't play it off as him following the rules, play it off as you doing him a favor and he is much more likely to be compliant.