Food Quiz


How many legs does a prawn have?

a) 8 b) 10 c) 12

b) 10


What animal is lard made from?

a) cow b) pig c) duck

b) pig


What was Cinderella's Coach made from?

a) orange b) melon c) pumpkin

c) pumpkin


What is the Japanese alcohol drink Sake made from?

a) rice b) wheat c) fermented pears

a) rice


What is chowder?

a) fruit b) soup c) dessert

b) soup


The city of Dijon in France is famous for producing what?

a) mustard b) wine c) jam

a) mustard


What are the two main ingredients of bubble and squeak?

a) carrot and parsnip b) popcorn and butter c) potato and cabbage

c) potato and cabbage


What nuts are most commonly used in marzipan?

a) walnuts b) almonds c) hazelnuts

b) almonds


What flavour does mulligatawny soup have?

a) sweet and sour b) curry c) vanilla

b) curry


Which fruit, when dried, produces prunes?

a) apricots b) grapes c) plums

c) plums


Borscht is an East European soup. What is it made from?

a) cabbage b) beetroot c) potato

b) beetroot


Where do lamingtons (little cakes) originate from?

a) England b) Australia c) India

b) Australia


Traditional Italian pesto is made from basil, olive oil and which nut?

a) walnut b) pine nut c) almond

b) pine nut


What kind of smoked fish is a kipper?

a) salmon b) haddock c) herring

c) herring


What is the resulting flavour when chocolate is added to coffee?

a) cocoa b) mocha c) latte

b) mocha


Mangetout is a variety of which vegetable?

a) pea b) bean c) asparagus

a) pea


What herb goes best with lamb?

a) basil b) rosemary c) tarragon

b) rosemary


A tomato is a …..?

a) fruit b) vegetable c) herb

a) fruit


Which flower is the vanilla pod from?

a) crocus b) orchid c) lily

b) orchid


What is a dried plum known as?

(a) prune (b) raisin (c) date

(a) prune

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