Games We Played As Kids Quiz


This toy won't work unless you sway your hips to keep it from falling to the ground. What is it?

Hoola Hoop


You need chalk to set this game up and a stone to play it. What game is it?



This game can only be played with a rope and good jumping skills.

Jump rope (skipping rope)


This toy used to be strapped to your shoes and couldn't be used on grass.

Roller skates


A game where two people 'battle it out' using nothing but hand gestures representing objects and elements.

Rock, paper, scissors


A toy that's no fun unless you set it spinning.

Spinning top


A game that has two players and uses 'royal' pieces.



A party game in which you need to be able to hold your breath—and have a taste for apples!

Dunking for apples


A card game where you slap your hand down on the pile and shout something to win.



Small glass spheres used in game play and often collected by children.



A game where a speaker tries to trick a group by saying (or not saying) a certain phrase to tell them what actions to do.

Simon says


A board game where you can 'climb up' or 'slide down'.

Snakes and ladders


A test of strength and endurance between two teams and one rope.

Tug of War

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