Royal Quiz


What is Queen Elizabeth's nickname?



What was the name of Queen Elizabeth's sister?

Margaret Rose


Who were her parents?

George and Elizabeth


Where was the Queen crowned?

Westminster Abbey


Where does the Queen traditionally spend her holidays?

Balmoral Castle


Can you name the Queen's children?

Charles, Anne Andrew and Edward


Following her father's death, the Queen returned to England from where?



Where does Prince Philip originally comes from?



What type of dogs does the queen have?



Who was the Prime Minister when Elizabeth became Queen in 1952?

Winston Churchill


What's the name of Prince Charle's current wife?



How many grand-children does the Queen have?



How long has Elizabeth been Queen?

62 years (in 2014)


Elizabeth II is also Queen of other countries, can you name two?

In Canada/Australia/New Zealand/Barbados/Bahamas all together sixteen countries which are known as Commonwealth Realms


What turmoil occured in 1936 to the royal family?

King Edward VIII Elizabeth's uncle abdicated the throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson


What title did he take after the abdication?

Duke of Windsor


What relationship did he have with the Queen?

He was her uncle


What did Elizabeth II celebrate in 2012?

Her Diamond Jubilee (60 years reigning)


What is the surname of the royal family?



Who died on August 31, 1997?

Princess of Wales (daughter in law of the queen.


Which Prime Ministers served under George VI during World War II?

Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill

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