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The poster should be creative; let participants use their flair and imagination to decorate and add proverbs of their choice. The following instructions are just an idea; encourage participants to create their own.


  • Construction poster or cardstock poster as large as you want.
    (The poster in the photo is 20 x 26 inches or 50 x 65 cm.)
  • A small piece of construction paper in a contrasting colour (for centre circle).
  • Ruler, glue and pencil
  • Fabric ribbons or paper ribbons, or thin strips of coloured paper.
  • Good quality coloured pencils or paint
  • Brushes


  • Let participants choose the religious denominations they would like to represent on the poster; eight denominations are required. (Try to include religions represented at your facility).
  • Download templates and hand them to participants to colour or paint.
  • Divide the poster into 8 parts: use a marker or pencil to divide in the middle, then into quarters and finally into eighths.
  • Glue ribbons on top of lines.
  • Arrange one religious symbol in each segment of poster with their respective names.
  • Glue centre circle and write something inspiring. (Encourage residents to find a suitable saying or phrase to suit the centre circle).
  • Decorate poster as you wish.

Note: Try to incite participants to come up with a few words for the centre circle. Here are a few ideas.

Proverbs promoting tolerance

  • We are one family
  • Our Differences are the Source of Our Strength
  • All People are Good at Heart
  • Tolerance is the best religion
  • Love Thy Neighbour
  • Peace on Earth
  • The World is My Country, Mankind My Brethren
  • Let’s Share our Similarities, and Celebrate Our Differences.

Files included:

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13 Religious Symbols

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