Silent Thoughts

Silent Thoughts

Shared By Kerry   Australia

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Mike 1st Dec 2015 Manager
Thankyou for that lovely poem, you can see all that when a family member visits someone in care.....
jennifer 22nd Apr 2014 Coordinator
beautiful Kerry
Julie 21st Apr 2014 Lifestyle Worker
So beautiful ,thank you for sharing :)
Michelle 16th Aug 2013 Volunteer & Pastoral Care
Thanks Kerry Used it for our Newsletter Lovely Poem
Christine 2nd Dec 2012 recreation therapist
I will use this in our magazine .So very true Kerry
jacinta 28th Nov 2012 leisure lifestyle officer cert iv
Thank you Kerry , we have all had thoughts along these lines ,but you managed to put it into words .
Jennie 26th Oct 2012 PCA
What a beautiful poem, how very true.
Heather 25th Oct 2012 Recreation Activities Officer
Thank you for sharing this, I had goose bumps reading it.
dorothy 25th Oct 2012 diversional therapist
thanks kerry
Marie 22nd Oct 2012 AIN / Leisure
Thank you.
Maureen 20th Oct 2012 activities officier
A beautiful poem that my residents enjoyed
talita 17th Oct 2012
Thank you Kerry for sharing this beautiful poem!
Kerry 14th Oct 2012 Recreational Coordinater
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