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Janet 10th Mar 2019 Therapeutic Activities
I like your variation.
Janet 10th Mar 2019 Therapeutic Activities
good idea!
Diane 4th Mar 2017 Recreation Team Leader
Awesome, sounds like fun, thank you
Suzanne 11th Mar 2016 Lifestyle and Volunteer Co-ordinator
I draw a large 3 leaf clover on the white board then put one word of a triplet in one leaf and ask residents to complete the triplet - eg. ready, set..., Tom, Dick....., lock, stock...,mind,, there....., man, woman... the list is endless
Talita 25th Feb 2016
This sounds like a fun game, great idea! Thanks Kathie.
kathie 24th Feb 2016 activities co-ordinator
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: St Patricks day quiz