The Aged Care Workforce in Australia (Infographic)

The Aged Care Workforce in Australia (Infographic)

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Infographic : A Snapshot of the Aged Care Workforce In Australia. Data sourced from the 2012 national Aged Care Workforce Census & Survey.
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The total aged care workforce was over 262,000 in 2007.
By 2012, it had reached in excess of 352,000.
This number is expected to increase to more than 827,000 by 2050.
This will account for about 4.9 per cent of all employees in Australia.

The data for this infographic was sourced from the 2012 National Aged Care Workforce Census & Survey
In the census, the direct care workforce was separated into:

  • nurses
  • personal care or community care workers (including activities officers, lifestyle assistants etc)
  • allied health professionals such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

Our focus is on the second group - personal & community care workers.

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Mary Ebbott 1st Sep 2015
All Aged & community care workers should be registered as per all others in health care. this would reflect their responsibilities in supporting clients with multiple complex care issues. Continuous improvements have been neglected in the recognition of these workers which would assist them in remuneration. Governments have been seriously lacking in this area & industry is more focused on profit margins. We might hear about consumer lead focus but industry is empowered in self regulation of staff and the current delay to NDIS & Aged packages is clear evidence of the impotence of actions of our current government & any opposition is deafening.
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