An easier Valentine's bingo game for residents living with dementia!

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Susan 20th Aug 2020 Activity Director
Hi Adele
I am fairly certain you can use some of these activities
You probably will have to modify some of them
Also find out what he used to like to do and see if you can modify that activity
If you need help adapting and modifying a specific activity let me know
Adele 21st Aug 2020 Activity Coordinator
Thank you Susan
Adele 19th Aug 2020 Activity Coordinator
Hi Im looking for activities for a partially sighted and hard of hearing resident, any suggestions would be welcomed.
Susan 3rd Feb 2020 Activity Director
Do you want to copy the pictures or the text or both??
Nasrin 2nd Feb 2020 Lifestyle
Please how can I edit on PDF file .
Seems very useful resources for the Aged care community.
Lori 29th Dec 2019 Activity
This Valentine’s Day for dementia is awesome do you have any other dementia Bingos
Vickie 23rd Jan 2019 Site Manager
Do you have to be a member?
I am site manager / activity coordinator for senior center is this the right site or is this more for adult day centers
Solange 23rd Jan 2019 Diversional Therapist
Hi Vickie, to take full advantage of our resources you should become a member. Golden Carers caters for Lifestyle Managers, Activity Coordinators, and Activity Professionals in all settings.
Catalina M 7th Jan 2019 Activity Director
You are so adorable increable wonderful my residents love your card games.
Talita 12th Jan 2019
Thanks so much for your support Catalina!