Wheel of Fortune or Hangman with Dice

Wheel of Fortune or Hangman with Dice

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Susan 2nd Oct 2019 Activity Director
Thank you Ruth
Ruth 1st Oct 2019 Activity Director
To make the game harder, use the number 6 as a “lose a turn” instead of assigning a letter to it.
Ruth 1st Oct 2019 Activity Director
For example: The word(s) to be guessed are “Carol Burnett”. The numbers 1-6 are assigned as follows:

C. A. R. O. L. B. U. R. N. E. T. T
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6

Use index cards to write the letter on. The numbers are written on the back. Lay the cards out and give a clue for the answer (famous female comedian). The first player rolls a die. You can either turn over every card with that number on it or just the next card with that number. The second player rolls the die. If a number is rolled that is not available the turn is over. Players may try to guess the answer as soon as their cards are turned over. The player who guesses the answer wins.
Christen 1st Oct 2019 Activities Coordinator
Great example. Thanks for posting!
Amanda 5th Oct 2019 Activities
Like your comment .
Christen 28th Sep 2019 Activities Coordinator
Agree with other comments— can you provide an example of this game?? Sounds fun!
Susan 23rd Sep 2019 Activity Director
Ruth can you give some specific examples because some members would like them
Much appreciated
Jeannette 21st Sep 2019 Life Enrichment Coordinator
I would love to have some example of this game!
Susan 12th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Sounds like a great idea