Whiteboard Word Game

Whiteboard Word Game

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Katya 14th Jul 2018
I am pleased that the replies are positive about the game. You are absolutely correct about how the game should be played Solange. I hope that it goes down well with your residents. I also do it as a quiz as some people cannot read the whiteboard because of poor eyesight. I just follow the same principle but I just go through the alphabet instead and for example ask each person to name 2 animals beginning with the letter a and then just carry on until z. I do the same with clothes, food, places of interest, names, famous people, musical instruments etc.

Solange 13th Jul 2018
Hi, Kaye, I assume that you write the month of July, for instance, on the board in a vertical manner. Then you ask participants: Can you think of countries starting with the letter ‘J”? (Japan, Jordan, Jamaica) then you ask: How about food? Can you think of food starting with the letter ‘U’? Udon, U-No bar (chocolate). And so on with animals starting with the letter ‘L’ and women's names starting with the letter “Y”. It is a good brain game.
Kaye 12th Jul 2018

I don't understand how to play the latest Whiteboard Game.

Have you omitted some steps?

Kind regards,

Kym 12th Jul 2018
I do a similar game called "Fives" Pick a five letter word and write down the side and then have 5 categories across the top. We then have to find 5 items under each category.. Gets the brain cells working!
Christine 11th Jul 2018
Thank you, what a great idea. To encourage participation we could also use the name of a group participant down the whiteboard as set out above and use the categories as listed above or choose different categories. Thank you for sharing
Laurie 10th Jul 2018
I play a similar game. It's actually a game my children grew up loving called Scattergories. We roll a die that has letters of the alphabet on it and then there are lists of items that must all start with the letter rolled. My residents love it. For example. Letter D is rolled. Items that must start with the letter. Boys name, something in a refrigerator, place to go on a date, fruit, university etc. Each person has to come up with a different answer and you can't use the same answer twice.
Cindi 8th Jul 2018
Great game, everyone loves a mind stretcher and this one gets them thinking, remembering and laughing - Thanks!
Katya 5th Jul 2018
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