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Lorraine 22nd Jan 2023 Elder Care/Activities Director
Our folks love this. Our best showing so far was with the word "fireplace". We got 70 words!!!
Talita 30th Jan 2023
Thanks so much for your feedback Lorraine! Often the simplest games are the most fun!
Lori 1st Dec 2017 Activity
Do u have to use all the letters in the words to make new words
Talita 4th Dec 2017
You don't have to use all the letters Lori, that way you have many more words you can form.
Ellen 25th Feb 2015 Lifestyle Assistant
This is a great game the residents in our facility love it. we sometimes write their name on the board and the group see if they can make up to 50 words out of that name.
Lorraine 19th Sep 2014 Recreational activity officer
I've been doing this for awhile but another way is to go through the alphabet with flowers, names, insects, animals and so on.
Vicki 5th Mar 2014 Planned Activity Worker
I work in a Planned Activity Group and as we have different participants each day we make it a competition between each day. We will do a word relating to any special events eg: Melbourne Cup, New Years Day, Queens Birthday Weekend.
It connects all the groups in some way and starts some great friendly competition.
Patricia 9th Jan 2014 Co Ordinator
I like the 9 letter words! Gave the clients word search, while they were doing that I did a few 9 letters on the board, a few were quick to leave the other, try those out & back to word search. Ballerina was one not picked up quickly.
Rosalind 26th May 2013 Assistand D/T - AIN
I have been doing this for a while I find this a good activity for our residents even those in our high care unit.But I add a twist I make a sentence with the words we have created on the board just to change it up.Making sure there is one persons name to start it off.
Coralie 28th Apr 2013 Diversional Therapist
I do this activity every week. We had a list provided by someone, but now the residents are providing the words themselves. Once we are finished the residents look at all the words on the board and try to guess how many words they found. The person who gets the closest gets a prize.
Josephine 3rd May 2013 RAO
Hi I have started this activity for a couple months now. The Residents especially from Low Care and some from Demenit unit love this activity and look forward to every Thursday afternoon. We set up the Activity at afternoon tea time as this attracts more Residents. Our Residents also find the Words they want to use. We have not give out any prizes as this is a combined effort. Each week they try to beat the amount of words they got in the last weeks. This truly has been one of the successful Activities for this Year.
Kathy 13th Feb 2013 Recreational therapist
I do this activity every week, and prior to the activity, I get all the possible words that can be made. As an extra incentive I give a small gift to the person who can choose the longest word possible from my list.
talita 7th Jan 2013
Thanks Joanne for sending in these ideas!
Joanne 5th Jan 2013 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
We do this and call it Build a Word...the residents love this activity
talita 17th Dec 2012
Thanks Heather for submitting the Word Games activity - this is a great idea!