A well-established Volunteer Program can be a priceless asset to any residential facility. The well-being of residents and staff is enhanced and enriched by people contributing their energy and talents to improve the lives of those in need.

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Dionne 4th Jan 2019 Activity Director
By next November I have to have the residents trained in HIPPA, Resident Abuse, Fire Safety, Disaster Planning, Dementia, CPR, and TB testing, Is anyone doing this yet and if so do you have any suggestions where to start? I know I am going to lose volunteers of this. HELP!

Dionne Rose
Susan 29th May 2017 Activity Director
Another thing you may want to consider is having resident volunteers
you have to be careful when doing this
There could be some residents who are bored and would like to help you
Consider their strengths so they will be able to help you do what they are capable of and feel good about it
When my volunteer team was low in numbers I had a lot of resident volunteers however that got to be a problem because every resident thought he should be a volunteer especially when we had an our volunteer breakfast
What happened was that some of the higher functioning residents were upset because they felt that some of the residents should not be volunteers
Luckily I straightened it out saying
That every person has strengths and are helpful in their own way
Anyway this is something to consider
Susan 29th May 2017 Activity Director
Do not get discouraged it is hard to find Quality volunteers
Also remember a volunteer is a Volunteer and occasionally they have other commitments that interfere with volunteering but give them leeway especially if they're good
I have found a good time to recruit volunteers is when you are honoring the volunteers you already have
I help this gives you some further information
Debbie 12th Apr 2016 Co-ordinator
Very helpful, Much appreciated
Talita 15th Apr 2016
Thanks Debbie!
Darla 8th May 2014 Recreation and Rehab Manager
Excellent! Appreciated. Darla Spiry
Cheryl 7th May 2014 Activities Coordinator
This is great! Thanks for posting.