Playing Bingo: History, Rules & Bingo Calls

Playing Bingo: History, Rules & Bingo Calls

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Bingo has an incredible following and is played enthusiastically across many countries. Bingo terminology is witty, cheeky, and entertaining!

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Elizabeth 22nd Feb 2019 Recreation Officer/AIN
We played the Valentines Day Bingo for Valentines Day, it really made the residents think and concentrate, it was definitely something different,
Susan 8th Sep 2016 Activities Co-ordinator
I play every week I bought a set of bingo cards copied the numbers onto a grid on A4 sheet so the numbers were as large as possible and just photocopy a sets of sheets from my original. Originally I had a laminated set but found it very messy and time consuming between games, I also added a few numbers to make the game a bit longer. I had originally bought a game were each number was a memory reminiscence prompt but found residents wanted to get on with the game and no chatting they have become very competitive! I have a basket of small items such as soap or shower gels etc for prizes.
Talita 12th Sep 2016
Hi Susan, yes sometimes it's best to keep things simple isn't it! A basket of small soaps etc for prizes is a great idea. Thanks for your feedback!
Rosemarie 29th Apr 2016 Diversional Therapist
My residents would play every day if they could! I have compromised by having this activity on Monday afternoons and every second Thursday. By far the most popular activity. At present I have a palliative resident who gets wheeled in on his bed to play! We have a small cup which they take pleasure in winning each week and sometimes a group travels to another home to join in with their games.
Debbi 15th Jul 2015 Teacher
I know of a facility who tried to cut down the number of times bingo was played each week, the results? A revolution, the residents where not happy! However to spice things up the RAO had different callers from the group and different styles.
Allison 8th Jul 2015 Activities Coordinator
My residents love Bingo, I often use their unit numbers when I'm calling, eg Judy's door 24
I'm banned by the residents from using the traditional Bingo calls as they don't like them! They just want to play and take it really seriously. It's a pity but it's their game after all!