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Taryn 5th Jan 2015 Activities coordinator
I am wanting to start up a volunteer program at our community based aged care organisation. I am looking for people opinions on how to go about advertising this? Do you ask you volunteers to commit to a specific day? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
joanne 6th Oct 2014 Diversional Therapist Assistant
Thanks Solange! Just what I was looking for :)
Solange 18th Apr 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi Jan, what a great bunch of volunteer have you got! How clever of you to gather so interesting people around.Well done!
Jan 18th Apr 2012 Activities coordinator
I have just embarked on starting up a volunteers program. This handbook is a great idea and I will be adapting it for our home. So far i have volunteers coming in with their pets, a donkey, classic cars, poetry readings, singing, telling stories and just having chats... wonderful:)
Susan 9th Mar 2010 Lifestyle and Leisure Coordinator
Dear Golden Carers,
I have read your Volunteers Handbook and think it is great. I have set up a Volunteer hand book at our facility and would like to suggest you include a Confidentality Aggreement that is signed by the Volunteer and witnessed and is kept on file with the Police Check document. I also included a copy of Residents Rights for the Volunteers to read and keep.
Regards Sue