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Carol 1st Mar 2018
I do this and call it Namaste Care(Google it if you are not familiar with it)
I put on quiet classical music,light some oil burners usually with lavender essential oil,hang fairy lights around and dim the lights.
I offer Ponds face cream(it's been around for years and most recognise the smell.)
Then we offer manicure and finish with lavender hand cream.
For those who are fairly unresponsive, I offer a Swatch of different textured materials,glass people's in nice colours,marbles and those beautifully coloured small lizard type animals. I think they are stuffed with sand. You do have to watch the no-one puts the hard thing in their mouth.
Talita 3rd Mar 2018
This is lovely Carol, thanks for sharing your ideas
Matthew Flinders Home 18th Feb 2017
Hi Jackie,
I was wondering if you could share the procedures documentation with me too. I am wanting to do pamper days in our facility and this would be very helpful. Thanks
Michelle 14th Jun 2015
Hi Jackie,
I currently run a "Pamper Me" program and this procedure template sounds just what I need. Please seen a copy, greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Christine 22nd Apr 2015
Hi Jackie,

I would also appreciate your procedure for this activity.

Thank you,
Josephine 24th Feb 2015
Hi Jackie, you can count me in on your template - if you are able to email to [email protected] I would be very grateful.
Maria 23rd Feb 2015
Hi Jackie, I'll also be grateful for your template in infection control.
Thanks a bunch
Rhonda 22nd Feb 2015
hi Jackie, could I have one of your templates for infection control many thanks Rhonda
ruth 16th Apr 2014
To cover infection control with foot spa use the coloured scented bags from one of the cheap shops place in foot spa before filling gives aromatherapy at same time as foot bag for each resident wash with hot soapy water between residents.
Kathy 15th Apr 2014
Hi Jackie, I would like to see the document template as well please....some great ideas here
Loreta 14th Apr 2014
Hi Jackie would you share your template for us if you dont mind? Thank you.
Jackie 13th Apr 2014
We have a procedure process documented on each activity - the process from start to finish is documented. This will include goals, equipment, the area, staff needed & infection control measures. This is also evaluated.
These procedures are very useful for people that are unfamiliar of how to set up the activity.
This will be sufficient evidence for Audits if needed.

Springhaven 31st Aug 2017
Hi jackie ,
Could you sent me a copy of your templates to [email protected]
Lea 28th Mar 2014
You have nailed it Rosina !
Rosina 14th Feb 2014
using everyday infection control would be sufficient, new bowl for each resident, new wipe all for each resident, bowls placed in sterilizer after each use, staff to wash hands before attending to next resident, all this can be documented in progress to reflect engaging resident and pampering session attended and infection control procedure
Maria 14th Jul 2012
I would like to have, a infection control procedures, to put in place for the bowls, micro-face washer, etc. so than I'll be abel to follow & show the Health department during audits.
Solange 20th May 2010
Hi Heather,
What a great way to pamper the residents!
Well done.
Heather 19th May 2010
We have a pampering day at least once a year and we get staff and volunteers involved. We have 3 or 4 foot spas going and then give foot and hand massages, someone painting fingernails, a hair dresser doing blow waves, a local masseuse doing neck and shoulder massages and some times we get one of the girls from the local pharmacy to come in for an hour and do facials. Some times we even got some of the local church ladies to come and do some flower arranging while everything else is going on. This day is always a great success. Takes a little time organising.

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