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Whether it be for mental strength, physical strength or just something fun for the elderly to participate in, you will find great ideas that cater to a wide variety of needs and interests.

The activities found on this website have been developed specifically for aged care.
All activities are ready to print and use, complete with downloads and the instructions you need to get started straight away.

Sensory activities work well for elders that have suffered a stroke or those with dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. Sensory activities are also good for elders with poor vision. Reminiscing activities will stimulate and engage the elderly as they recollect and share memories from the past. Outdoor activities such as gardening can still be enjoyed by senior citizens with alternative methods to make it easier for them.

It is important for our elders to know that just because they are getting older; it does not mean that they cannot still enjoy meaningful aged care activities. Male specific activities are provided focusing of gender specific interests men will often gravitate towards and enjoy. Building projects, cards and some competitive social engagements are a few examples of ways for men to make some new friends and stay active.

Enjoying life is something that every elder should be able to do. Even those that are bed ridden can enjoy doing arts & crafts, playing games, participating in music activities and participating in group events.

A wide range of aged care activities and resources are provided that are suitable for all settings. This includes Nursing homes, Assisted Living, Retirement Communities Respite Care, Alzheimer's Care, Home Care and Day Care Centres.

If you are an activity professional working with the elderly, you will find the aged care activities on this website invaluable.

Browse through the directory of aged care activities and documentation for aged care!!

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Jodie Wynne - Assistant in Nursing
Jodie Wynne
Assistant In Nursing

“I absolutely love this website. I check my emails everyday hoping for a newsletter. The information and activities are the best, I use them all the time :)”

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