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Anita 11th Feb 2016

Posted on the Forum

Clipart has heaps of good pictures/symbols to use. You just need to find the right word to bring them out. Think American sometimes helps as they word things differently. No offense to the American either lol x
leanne 11th Feb 2016

Posted in Romantic Couples through the Ages

Thanks for the answers, very much appreciated
Patricia 11th Feb 2016

Posted on the Forum

I am wondering if anyone has some ideas relative to breaking the ice and getting to know
one's participants.I am beginning a job as an activities coordinator in a large day program
for the frail elderly in an urban area and want to start off on the right foot! Any words of
wisdom or suggestions would be most welcome.
Rachel 11th Feb 2016

Posted on the Forum

Where do you find the armchair travels?
Kim 11th Feb 2016

Posted on the Forum

Take some sweet pictures of your residents playing activities, frame them and set them around the community. My residents and their families love it. Change out the pictures monthly if you can.

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