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Shelley 29th Apr 2016

Posted in Open Sesame

we have also tried putting these on a wooden board, it is a material men are used to and like to hold
Remya 28th Apr 2016

Posted in Tips for One-on-One Visits with Seniors

I tried playing word games solving puzzles. Chatting with them. Some help in foldings or sorting more of a functional activity. Generally it can be 5 to 10min. But even if you had a chat it can be social and emotional support.
Heather 27th Apr 2016

Posted on the Forum

I am interested in finding out what policies are in place in other aged care facilities with regards to happy hour. We have a mobile happy hour trolley for those who do not wish to attend. One of my concerns is that our residents are becoming frail and their dietary requirements are changing and the activity staff with the mobile trolley are leaving alcohol and nibbles and are not always advised of dietary changes. I am concerned that the lifestyle staff are putting the residents at risk as well as themselves should there be an incident.
I welcome your thoughts, opinions and policies.
Julianne 27th Apr 2016

Posted on the Forum

Would like some more ides on theme days, I have just recently put on a BBQ with residents all siting outside & enjoying our beautiful gardens with music playing in the background. Another staff member bought some of her pets & children in all went very well. This left residents talking about this for days. Since than I have put on Hawaiian Day, ParisTrip,Mad Hatters Party next week we are of to North Africa e of our cooks would like to help me out with food being moroccan. Each theme has all the decorations and music to suite the theme.your idea of Western party and going to sound really great so I'm going to do this thank you for all the good ideas I'll let you know how I go .if anyone else has got any other ideas of theme days I would be interested to hear from you
Mike 27th Apr 2016

Posted in Fun Riddle 29

Thankyou so much these riddles are a hit : )

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