Socialization with peers in a group setting. Sense of accomplishment. Video included!

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Shirley 14th Nov 2012
The felt poppies seemed to work better than the crepe paper ones - the thinkness of the felt made the difference - a wonderful activity - Thankyou - Shirley NSW
talita 9th Nov 2012
What a great idea! Thanks for sharing your photo and ideas.
Joanne 5th Nov 2012
When I did the poppies for Remembrance Day I used them in a wreath (I used a Christmas one) I also made some more poppies to put in around LED lights for effect at my service.
Joanne 4th Nov 2012
Lucky for us the Christmas decorations are out now..hence how I got a wreath to reuse every year....will also find a photo and add later.
Marie 1st Nov 2012
What a great idea... residents will be putting them on a wreath, we are working on for Remembrance Day. I will post a photo when done.
thanks again.
Joanne 6th Jan 2011
I have made these and they looked fantastic on my table on a wreath for our Remembrance Day service last year...the residents also made crepe paper poppies to place on the table of Remembrance...thanks for the hints...
Rosalba 28th Apr 2010
i actually sat with the Residents where i work and we made Poppies for anzac day 1-2 wks prior and they turned out fantastic on the actual day i added Rosemary to it with floral wire and put one in each of there rooms as well as on the dining table with an Australian flag, it was a great activity, thank you.... will do alot more of this even for mothers day etc thanks Rose

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