Janine 2nd Aug 2016
I love the sound of this as I can hear their laughter now, cannot wait to try it
Kylie 19th Jan 2016
this was a great hit. lots of laughing
Lesley 15th Jan 2016
We used the Left Right game with our Secret Santa gifts at our Christmas Party. Everyone had a gift (to the value of $5 - wrapped up) . As I read the Left Right story they had to use their gift and pass along to people next to them. Much laughing as people had to pass their gift, with a few getting mixed up.
Lisa 1st Dec 2015
I have done that game before and with the right clients it is so much fun and a huge giggle!
Patricia 23rd Nov 2014
Hi Kimberley, no instructions needed, give each person a lolly for example, whatever! Keep passing it to either person on left or right. Janelle, I wanted a bit more fun for ours & decided to google, got some great games, will be using them this week. I downloaded a word bingo from here, have had a great time with that. If things gets quiet & say I call the word "halt" get them to put hands up if have it & give them a sweet. No prizes at the end as sweets have gone, makes for a fun game, amazing how many hold their hands up all through the game. This is the best site I have ever come across! So much for everybody.
Janelle 31st Oct 2014
Hi Kimberly
Like you I couldn't find the instructions so I Googled 'left right game' and lots of variations came up. I'll definitely be adding it to my activities programme. Hope this helps.
Kymberly 6th Sep 2014
Hi. Where's the instructions? :)
Jacqueline 30th Jan 2014
Yes I played this game last year for Valentines day with a version of a love story and the residents thought it was great fun at the end they all had a have-a-heart ice cream.
Patricia 29th Jan 2014
This could be changed to something else, I am sure! If we have a dull day, weather not much will certainly go for it! I put a little chocolate with a scratchie on it as a special for a change, they thoroughly enjoyed it!
Linda 28th Jan 2014
that will definitely be included this Christmas:) we did a similar game for a wedding shower - it was hilarious, with the MC (me) unable to continue reading, as i was laughing so much at the chaos that the table was in trying to figure out left and right!
Patricia 28th Jan 2014
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