Count Down to Noon!

31st December

Count Down to Noon!

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Calendar: New Year's Eve

The elderly won't stay up until midnight to wish each other a 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'! Don't let that stop you from celebrating the passage of the year.


Marion 5th Jan 2015
It was a great event with the count down. The staff let off party poppers and we sang Auld Lang Syne and raised a glass of bubbly grape juice and wished everyone Happy New Year.
Marion 5th Jan 2015
We did this. We had poppers at the end of the countdown, sang Old Lang ... and had sparkling grape juice for the Happy New year toast. A great idea.
Helen 1st Jan 2015
Well our NYE part at noon went off well. They enjoyed the finger food, drinks, old time music, disco ball, party blowers, balloons and the countdown. We had all the residents, from low care through to the high care and dementia wing too. We had mobile and non mobile residents dancing in chairs, beds etc. They also loved the treat of pizza and ice cream for lunch after the party.
A Huge Success for our home. Thank you for the wonderful idea.
Lynne 30th Dec 2014
I've just read this and going ahead with the balloons tomorrow. Thought to bring a large fitted sheet. I must admit we have many pylons and cross beams within our main lounge area. Tie each corner of sheet cross ways with fishing line, post a staff member on each corner and tip in unison at appropriate time. I hope this sounds accurate as sometimes it is hard to image other peoples instructions. This will be done after our live entertainment and will include low, high and dementia units. Happy New Year to All and thanks for sharing your ideas. Lynne
Alexandra 30th Dec 2014
We are having a new years day party with most of the suggestions here being used.

We are also prompting residents to write or for us to write down their wishes for the new year for themselves or their families and pinning them to our noticeboard.

We're also going to prompt a "year in review" discussion on topics of events and happenings over 2014. Focusing on the good news! We'll see how it goes!
julie 30th Dec 2014
I make a dvd of all the events, concerts, special nights, birthdays etc which residents have done through out the year and in the afternoon we have nibbles, drinks and watch it together. Families now come in to share that time with us.
Gail 30th Dec 2014
I have organised this as well for tea time with some games like bingo - I am just not sure how to attach the sheet to the roof so it pulls away
Helen 17th Dec 2014
Well our party is going ahead. I have all the decorations organized, have the music and light show sorted and am planning a special lunch for the residents after our Noon party. Will post the results after the party. Everyone is very excited, both residents and staff.
Helen 20th Nov 2014
I think this is a great idea? Has anyone done anything like this before? I am filling in as the DT at my nursing home over Christmas and New Year and was thinking this would be a great thing to try this New Years Eve. Anyone have any ideas, my home is all High Care.

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