pauline 21st Jun 2016
There are some great singalong cd's that you can purchase such as Max bygraves singalong the war years ,Vera lynn and Toni almond they come with there own song book . I download lyrics to mixed cds like crooners and we singalong with the cd . Dvd singalongs are great too such as golden memories and some karaoke ones .
jean 18th Feb 2015
does anyone have the words to these songs ?? thanks Jean.
jean 18th Feb 2015
does anyone have the words for some old time song for sing along
Maria 2nd Mar 2014
yes!...great idea I never like the "babysitting" culture that we can spot everywhere...I rather motivate "Inspire Me" with meaningful activities. Please give me ideas for only high care residents. Only three can sing or whisper melodies.
Great site.
sarah 10th Dec 2010
hey guys was wondering how i go about setting up my own little music theropy group. any ideas would be greatful :)
Solange 2nd Jul 2009
I agree Lauretta, the smaller the group the better!
Lauretta 1st Jul 2009
This is so simple but a really good idea for any therapsist working with high care and attempting small group therapy. There is a need for therapists to be encouraged to do small groups rather than be expected to look after larger groups which often ends up just "babysitting"