How to Conduct an Activities Survey

How to Conduct an Activities Survey

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A Guide for Activity Coordinators working in Senior Care.  Ask your clients for feedback regarding your Program and how to improve it. Survey template included.

If you find that interest and enthusiasm in programmed activities is waning, it may be time to revamp your Activity Program!

Activity Coordinators should consider conducting a survey of residents to seek feedback on Activity Programs annually or bi-annually.

Gather feedback and improve your Activity Program with the sample survey templates provided!


Mariann 1st Oct 2016
Wow !!!! Big help... Thank you
Talita 3rd Oct 2016
Thanks for the feedback Mariann!
Talita 23rd Aug 2016
Thank you Wendy!
Wendy 22nd Aug 2016
Just joined and I am loving, the information is so helpful thank-you.
Darla 16th Aug 2016
The Recreation Therapy program (Gerontology) is recently introduced in our facility. Your suggestion of survey and evaluation of programs is on track with offering the best choices in leisure. Our residents and clients deserve the very best activity and recreation choices that we can offer, and the information you have provided today is very useful and helpful.
Talita 23rd Aug 2016
Thanks Darla!
kirsten 16th Aug 2016
This is awesome. Thank you so much for refreshing my memory.
Talita 16th Aug 2016
Thanks Kirsten!
Alison 16th Aug 2016
We do annual surveys of our programs and resident satisfaction survey which includes all aspects of living in care. However i do like the resident lifestyle survey shown here which is placed into the accreditation outcomes too.
Talita 16th Aug 2016
Thanks for your feedback Alison.