How to Support Mentally Alert Clients in Mixed Group Environments

How to Support Mentally Alert Clients in Mixed Group Environments

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Activities for groups of clients with mixed cognitive levels can be harmonious and effective. Many activities can be created, compiled or adapted with different layers of difficulty, so everyone has the opportunity to participate.

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Karen 30th Mar 2017 Lifestyle Lead
I really find one of the best things for our more Mentally Alert Clients can be to have them assist the others, or even get them helping out with the activity. That way they really feel that they are contributing and (For lack of a better phrase) not being "lumped in" with all the others. I have also developed some great find a words that are 'hard', 'harder' and 'hardest'.
Romary 28th Feb 2017 Pensionar/Voluntary Worker
So often staff caring for long-term clients in a facility, are lacking in the training for Dementia/Alzheimer clients and unfortunately this latter group is 'forgotten'. Understandably those clients who are fortunate not to suffer from Dementia would resent sharing facilities, as they too are likely to have no understanding of AD. The ideal situation is separate facilities - but then we do not live in an ideal world, and in too many cases 'care of any sort is better than no care.'

Thank you for sharing the ideas of activities in a mixed group. it is so necessary to know how to cope in a situation like this and I think your ideas of including the 'reluctant' participants is brilliant.

Talita 6th Mar 2017
Thank you for your feedback Romary, it is very much appreciated.