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Pensionar/Voluntary Worker From Western Cape, South Africa

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Romary 21st Mar 2017 Pensionar/Voluntary Worker

Be The Change You Want To See

This is an excellent article. I believe it happens more in places where the dementia clients are amongst the elderly folk who do not suffer from this disease. Caring for dementia clients is a completely different way of helping someone, and the needs of the carer to know this, require specific training, love of their work, a huge supply of patience and dedication. We are all different and this is more so with those suffering from any form of dementia and particularly Alzheimer disease.
Romary 28th Feb 2017 Pensionar/Voluntary Worker


Hi Genevieve, I go with Solange's idea of Church community boards. Perhaps you could enquire if there are 'ladies meetings' held on a regular basis and offer to give a talk on the group homes and ways you particularly need volunteers. The same would work at the other clubs in the area. Sometimes help comes from the most unexpected sources!. All the best.
Romary 28th Feb 2017 Pensionar/Voluntary Worker

How to Support Mentally Alert Clients in Mixed Group Environments

So often staff caring for long-term clients in a facility, are lacking in the training for Dementia/Alzheimer clients and unfortunately this latter group is 'forgotten'. Understandably those clients who are fortunate not to suffer from Dementia would resent sharing facilities, as they too are likely to have no understanding of AD. The ideal situation is separate facilities - but then we do not live in an ideal world, and in too many cases 'care of any sort is better than no care.'

Thank you for sharing the ideas of activities in a mixed group. it is so necessary to know how to cope in a situation like this and I think your ideas of including the 'reluctant' participants is brilliant.

Romary 3rd Feb 2017 Pensionar/Voluntary Worker


Good Afternoon,

I live in the Western Cape, South Africa and we have a very active Alzheimer Support Group in our city. Our members are people who have either supported an Alzheimer spouse or client in the past, or are supporting one or more at present. Some, like myself, have been touched by Alzheimer. My darling sister-in-law had Alzheimer's and a very good friend of mine was diagnosed with early Alzheimer's some years ago.

I am one of the facilitators of our group and our group year begins next month with monthly meetings after a 2-month break. Alternate meetings we arrange a speaker on a particular relevant subject and on the months in between we have a more relaxed meeting where carers or visitors can ask questions or express views. We have a clear understanding that what is said in these meetings is confidential, so many folk will open up their hearts.

In the past we have had speakers on Communicating with a client/spouse; Healthy foods suitable for the person; An Occupational Therapist; Lawyers on legal implications when the client can no longer see to the finances; A visit to an Alzheimer Care facility; a Doctor advising on Ageing with Dignity; a visit to a local research facility who have helped many of the people diagnosed with this disease;

We are planning new subjects for this coming year and I was wondering if you had ideas about something different we could arrange a discussion on or about. Alzheimer Disease is much the same throughout the world and the difficulties that come with it would be much the same.

Thank you for sending your newsletter. I am finding it most enjoyable.
Mrs Romary Wegerle.