Catalina M Seymour - Activity Leader

I just want to let you know, I really am glad to be your member. I am learning so much with your information and I create daily activities with your help. My residents are so happy and this means the world to me. Thanks to you all.

Catalina M Seymour
Activity Leader
United States

Sally Hagy - Volunteer

I just love love love this site - each time I'm glued to the many and awesome ideas to engage with our seniors. I recently downloaded some of the crossword puzzles and these seniors are fabulous to work with. That is just the tip of the iceberg. In this new chapter of my life, as semi-retired, I am so enjoying my time with seniors and watching them light up; I feel I've found a new niche. It's extremely gratifying. As to the cost of membership, it came out of my pocket - I rationalised that it was only about $3/month, less than many magazines. So keep up the GREAT work!!! Thanks again Golden Carers!!!!!

Sally Hagy
United States

Traci Pareti - Activity Consultant

I have been sharing your resource information with my clients. Your customer service is truly exemplary."

Traci Pareti
Activity Consultant
United States