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marilyn 24th May 2017

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Someone posted a link to Scouts with regards to more read aloud stories, can't find it. Can anyone help please?
Morgan 24th May 2017

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One thing that I have found that works with a lot of lady residents is hand massage with a lightly scented lotion and painting their fingernails. Also I have a collection of books that have short stories about animals in them that residents enjoy.
Morgan 24th May 2017

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Hello all!

I am writing to ask about ideas of what to do during a coffee social. We play bingo twice a week, and after bingo we always have a coffee social. On Fridays along with our coffee we have a snack. My administrator would like to see something more go on during this coffee social. Her suggestions included trivia and reminisce. The problem I am running into is that my residents just really enjoy talking with one another during this time and do not really want to participate in more than chatting and catching up with each other.

Thank you in advance for any ideas that you might have!
Madeleine 23rd May 2017

Posted in Balloon Games

Thank you so much for the balloon and fly swat game suggestion. We have played it with our clients and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did we. A packet of three fly swats costs two dollars and a bag of balloons another three dollars so it's an inexpensive way to have fun.
Lorraine 23rd May 2017

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What a great idea with autograph books reminiscence session. I will use this session in our next group activity.
Morena 23rd May 2017

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Hi, Solange, That is really great, and fantastic work. is a big job to create Senior song lyrics, Well done!!!

Kim 23rd May 2017

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Hi Carla, if your resident has high level dementia it will be unlikely that you will get long term response. However try engaging each day with an activity of interest to them. Search their history, work , sport, hobbies and hone in on one that is practical for you. Repetition and consistency will be a key. Good luck and take care of yourself.
Sancha 23rd May 2017

Posted in Balloon tennis

Played this recently with my Dementia Residents round the table (8) and they all had such a fun time will definitely do it again. Lots of laughs from both the nurses and Residents playing and watching. Thanks for the ideas. Love Golden Carers. Cheers!
Barbara 23rd May 2017

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Hi Carla. Have you tried music? Find out what special songs or style of music that your resident will enjoy. Use percussion instruments to help them get into the music. You could make some instruments in a craft activity, such as empty pringles can with rice or dried beans. would sound like a rain stick.
Peggy 22nd May 2017

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Hello, with the cooler weather fast approaching I am looking for alternative ideas using warm water/flannels as part of pamper and sensor therapy. We have pamper Fridays for both men and women providing nail care/ hand massage using tea tree oil and lemongrass oil that the residents appreciate and enjoy. Has anyone used lavender oil on warm flannels for over the face relaxation on residents? Delicate skin and irritation are concerning when attempting new ideas and would love to hear any successful ones. Thank you.
Solange 22nd May 2017

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Hi Carla, don’t be too hard on yourself; I am sure you are doing your very best to engage your clients. However, there will be always those who do not respond for reasons of their own; which eventually may or may not be revealed. Some people are by nature alert and others lethargic; theses are traits difficult to change. To alleviate social isolation here are a few ideas to try:
- Keep informed of new activities, Residents' meeting and outings. Don’t give up!
- Schedule room visits to listen to them. Elders thrive in being 'listened to'.
- Encourage and support residents’ family to visit more and facilitate visits.
- Enlist their 'help' in activities; everybody likes the feeling they 'are making a difference'. Washing dishes, peeling potatoes, hanging washing.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Cheers.
Matthew Flinders Home 22nd May 2017

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Hello, I was wondering what other facilities do for World Elder Abuse Day? It's obviously not something people celebrate but is something that should be brought to people's attention. Any ideas would be appreciated. Lani
Kee Ling 22nd May 2017

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I am having a hard time finding decent performers to come to our centre for singing and other activities we usually book for a hour but mostly the ones we have had come over the last few years haven't been able to get our residents toes tapping, sadly the last few have left our residents with their fingers in their ears. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas. Leanne RAO
Kelly 22nd May 2017

Posted in No Sew Lavender Scented Sachets

sure to be a winner for our seniors week in August
Solange 22nd May 2017

Posted in Things that go Together Quiz #2

Hi Kelly, thank you for your feedback. There will be 'Things that Go Together" with pictures soon. We are working on it. Cheers.
Susan 22nd May 2017

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Ho about "The Man Cave"
or Manly Times or
It's a Man Thing
Kelly 22nd May 2017

Posted in Things that go Together Quiz #2

Is there a similar game, with pictures?
theresa 21st May 2017

Posted in Ten Ideas to Celebrate International Biological Diversity Day

this is great, I use all the resources from this site, its such a relief to have so much help and great ideas for care facilitys. thankyou lots
Jane 21st May 2017

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Hi there is so much to choose from I'm printing things every night love the sound of this game so off tomorrow to buy a white board only been doing activities for one and half months it seemed so easy when I was cleaner to play odd game or quiz but full time a different matter the golden carers are brilliant.
Lisa 20th May 2017

Posted in Reminiscing: I remember my Dad

I just joined and I love it already!!!!