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Karen 30th Mar 2017

Posted in How to Support Mentally Alert Clients in Mixed Group Environments

I really find one of the best things for our more Mentally Alert Clients can be to have them assist the others, or even get them helping out with the activity. That way they really feel that they are contributing and (For lack of a better phrase) not being "lumped in" with all the others. I have also developed some great find a words that are 'hard', 'harder' and 'hardest'.
Kathleen 30th Mar 2017

Posted in Dealing with Grief: How to Cope when clients pass away

Thank you for this wonderful article Del.
Our Adult Day program has lost four of our seniors already this year. On top of that, one of my co-workers lost an Uncle and my other co-worker lost a very dear friend of the family to a MVI recently. We have all been struggling with our own grief in our own way. I am giving each of my staff a copy of this and we will be talking it over at our staff meeting next week. Our client losses were not expected so were a double blow to us and our clients.
As a group we make small photo albums for the families of their loved ones time with our program, and have everyone sign a card of thanks to the family for sharing their loved one with all of us. We pass the photo album around our group and reminisce as a way of healing with our program attendees. They are encouraged to write down a funny memory or a special moment they remember of the person who has died. We put these in the book as well. This helps all of us heal and the families like the books too. I think as caregivers we often forget to take time to grieve ourselves. That is why I so appreciate your article. It is grounding. Thank you.
Lalaine 29th Mar 2017

Posted in How to Conduct an Activities Survey

This is great! it gives me lots of ideas and information. Thank you for creating and helping us. Everything are here, I wish it will give us more so we can improve our activities cater for elderly.
Thank you
Melanie 29th Mar 2017

Posted on the Forum

Thank you so much Brian this is a great help.
Brian 29th Mar 2017

Posted on the Forum

Hi Karin would also be interested sound like a great idea both email and snail mail, we are a small facility in country New South Wales Australia.
My contact is [email protected]
Hope to hear soon.
Regards Brian.
Brian 29th Mar 2017

Posted on the Forum

Hi Trish
I work in a facility in country NSW most of my entertainment I source from local church groups and schools usually free or minimal cost .
Brian 29th Mar 2017

Posted on the Forum

Hi Mel I'm doing the same at the moment from scratch , big job! the form I'm using is our own don't know if its the same everywhere but here is the breakdown.
was the venue suitable
were there adequate resourses people and equipment
was the length of activity suitable to the residents abilities & needs
did the the residents enjoy the activity(rated 1-5 1 being most enjoyable)
could the activity be improved if so how
all yes or no with comments.
Is reviewed every 6 months but I think as with my care plan reviews just document they have been reviewed and no changes needed or record any changes.
hope this helps.
Sarah 29th Mar 2017

Posted on the Forum

I am looking for new ideas for our activity calendar, what would be good ideas to incorporate people living with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or multiple personalities? I see lots on here for dementia and Alzheimer and I figure someone has some wonderful ideas out there for this! Thank you in advance!
Terri 28th Mar 2017

Posted in Dealing with Grief: How to Cope when clients pass away

I too can only say thank you with all my heart. I was just saying today to a colleague how do you cope as we spoke of a resident who was coming back from hospital palletive care. We spoke that it feels at times that you are in a constant feeling of grief as we see residents that you love and care for pass on.
I will be taking your article into work tomorrow to share. Thank you again.
Kay 28th Mar 2017

Posted in Horsing around

My therapy mini wears Build a Bear sneakers when she is in facilities where she walks on laminate or tile floors. Works like a charm!!
Melanie 28th Mar 2017

Posted on the Forum

Can anyone tell me how they do an activity evaluation thanks so much mel
Sue 28th Mar 2017

Posted in Dealing with Grief: How to Cope when clients pass away

THank you so much for this timely article.
A month ago our family experienced the heartache of losing our young officer and his young friend in a tragic accident. My nephew was the driver and fell asleep at the wheel. Both were killed at the scene. I never had a chance to say goodbye to him, and my sister has been brittle dealing with her own grief and heartache.
TOday, I sat with one of my elder friends as he passed on. Family was not able to be with him, so I took my ukulele and sang hymns and read psalms. I felt honored to be part of his going on. In our dementia unit, such passing is a blessing as the latter stages of the disease take away life vitality. As his life departed, I asked him to tell my nephew how much I love him and miss him.
Later when family arrived, they felt so appreciative that I was there in those moments.
But the blessing is mine. This fine man had spent his life serving the church and shared a year with us and much joy.

With grief, I try to remember the joys.
Kath 28th Mar 2017

Posted in Dealing with Grief: How to Cope when clients pass away

Thank you, so much to say about this and how needed it is, all I can do right now is say thank you.
Del 28th Mar 2017

Posted in Dealing with Grief: How to Cope when clients pass away

Del has submitted an article: Dealing with Grief
Ria 28th Mar 2017

Posted in Rock on Rock Craft

Hi. I was just wondering what type of glue would you use for rock on rock projects. Also, where do I buy the rocks from?
Trish 28th Mar 2017

Posted on the Forum

Hi All
I am in desperate need of entertainment for aged care homes in the Ringwood area of Melbourne, if they are lower in price then we could give regular gigs. More expensive would be not as many bookings maybe 1 or 2 a year. Preferably musical, singing instruments etc!!!
Daz 28th Mar 2017

Posted in Be The Change You Want To See

Person centred care is about building relationships.

Its about making the lived experience enjoyable for all involved.

Kim 28th Mar 2017

Posted in Be The Change You Want To See

What a wonderful article. Last night I watched a program on the ABC relating to the mistreatment of special needs clients in a "care facility'. it made me sick, it made me cry and it made me angry. Most importantly it made me think about how I relate to the Residents in my care. I work in age care. Everyone of my residents are different to the next and should be treated as such, with dignity, respect and what used to be called common decency. I fear that person centred care will not become a reality whilst the Dollar rules the bottom line. We that work in this industry have to make it happen regardless and do the very best we can to provide a safe and fulfilling life for those in our care. Stand strong and be proud to support those in need.
Maria 27th Mar 2017

Posted in Sample Activities Calendars

Hi everyone, I am about to start a new program for our lower care residents and sun downing residents.
I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for some activities that I could start with.

Thank you,


Robyn 27th Mar 2017

Posted in Irish Carpet Bowls

talk about laugh, people kept coming into see what all the noise was about. we had potatoes that had a mind of their own, they would skip over other potatoes, go off the mat and role back on. so much fun