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Claudette 18th Jan 2020 Caregiver

Things that go Together Quiz

I am starting a volunteer job in an Eldery home/hospital to support my upcoming Health and Wellbeing course. I am looking for activities ideas to occupy and entertain our residents. This is definitely one of the games I will be using. It sounds fun and creative. Thank you.
Mercedes 18th Jan 2020 Activities Coordinator

Hugging Day Voucher

I do love the variety of fun activities offered by Golden Carers. The instructions given for the activities are clear, simple, and easy to follow. I am so happy that I chose this site. Thank you, Golden Carers!
Jason 18th Jan 2020

20 Activities for the Visually Impaired

My client is blind and has autism and Asperger’s. he is 27 years old and very limited to do anything. Doesn’t speak many words and likes to lash out every now and then. Need help on this matter.just some fun things to do
Cazz 18th Jan 2020 Diversional Therapist

The Price is Right - Australian Version

Hi Melissa would you be able to email the individual pictures to me please.
Lawonder 18th Jan 2020 Life Engagement Director

How to Host a Mardi Gras Parade

Joining Golden Carers was the best decision I have made when it come to engaging my residents. It think that was money well spent. This site helps me complete my calendar with all kinds of different activity ideas to improve the lives of seniors living with this terrible disease and keeping the busy working on things is very helpful to them. Thank you Golden Carers.

Life Engagement Director
Lawonder Markham
simonne 17th Jan 2020 Support worker

Race Around Australian Trivia game

Excellent.. thank you :-)
Tara 17th Jan 2020 RAO

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Exercise Program

Music is one of the tools I use however sometimes it is hard for me to find good exercise music. Any suggestions. I also ask one of the residents to run the exercise and I assist with anyone who needs assist.
Lawonder 17th Jan 2020 Life Engagement Director

Pairing & Sorting

you can cut up playing cards laminate them and then start matching up the pairs.
Kathleen 16th Jan 2020 Recreation Worker

Giant Word Search & Crossword Puzzles

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Giant word search /crossword puzzles
Kathleen 16th Jan 2020 Recreation Worker

Modified Hedbanz Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Modified Hedbanz Game
Kathleen 16th Jan 2020 Recreation Worker

Sightseeing Scavenger Hunt

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Sightseeing Scavenger Hunt
Kelly 16th Jan 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

Music Bingo

There are free printable cards & you can also make your own cards then I use a spotify playlist for the songs
Sara 16th Jan 2020 Activity Director

Target Letter Game 3

my residents loved this one...any chance we could have some more. please....thanks
Alison 15th Jan 2020 Activities Co Ordinator

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Exercise Program

Props are a great way to add variety. I usually run an exercise session ahead of another physical activity. For example, if we will be using bean bags for our challenges, then we also use them for our exercises.
Judy 15th Jan 2020 Speech Language Pathologist

Create your own Word Search!

Thanks Susan for your help. I think you mean that I print the blank grid, fill in the words by hand, add my list by hand, etc. Is that what you mean? Thanks
Solange 15th Jan 2020 Diversional Therapist

How to host a High Tea Party

Hi Dee, we always had an activity going for at least half of the break. For instance, True or False games, Quizzes, read a short story, watch a TED Talk, read a few jokes, 'I Went to Market' type of game or reading some interesting Trivia. Having said, we did not interrupt if residents were interacting and the conversation animated.
Solange 15th Jan 2020 Diversional Therapist

Words starting with S Quiz

Hi Esther, Welcome to Golden Carers! Thank you for your kind words.
Sherlene 15th Jan 2020 Activities Coordinator

Elvis Presley Song Quiz

At our facility we will be having an Elvis impersonator coming on Friday January 17th. He is really good too.
Tonia 15th Jan 2020 Activities Coordinator

Hello, Oscar!

Why not interview a few residents also as the paps take photos on the red carpet ?
Dee 15th Jan 2020 Act. Director

How to host a High Tea Party

Do any of you do any events during your tea? We serve tea and sandwiches and cookies but do you play games?
Hazel 14th Jan 2020 Activity Leader

Lost in Translation Trivia

The residents, staff and myself haven't laughed so much for a long time until we read the "Lost in Translation" activity quotes, we continued to smile for quite some after the activity had finished.
Judy 14th Jan 2020 Speech Language Pathologist

Create your own Word Search!

I think it is awesome that you have a Create My Own Word Search! My mother-in-law needs the simpler format as the easy one that you have provided. I really like the choices that you provide such as words only forward. My mother-in-law does better if the words to be searched are listed in two columns (DOWN, ACROSS.) So, I have a question: Is there a way that I can make the list of the words in two columns, one for DOWN and one for ACROSS? The other thing I noticed that when I searched for my words I used a green pen for the words that were DOWN and a red pen for words that were ACROSS. So my second question is there a way that I can add color to the words list? Thanks so much!
Esther 14th Jan 2020 Leader

Words starting with S Quiz

I've just joined and I am amazed!!! Everytime I go to this site I find more and more that I didn't see in previous visits. This will provide our Seniors Church group with many hours of fun! Thank you for all the fun things on this site!!!
Judy 14th Jan 2020 Speech Language Pathologist

Find the Hidden Objects - Farmyard

I like these Find the Hidden Objects pictures! Unfortunately the pictures that are more hidden from view are too difficult for my mother-in-law with how form of dementia is progressing at this time. I hope to use it in the future for other folks. Thanks.
Diane 14th Jan 2020

Games for People Living with Dementia

I recently played the game Barrel of Monkeys with my mom, and she loved it! She was engaged the entire time we played. On her turn she was well focused, and on my turn she suggested moves and encouraged me the whole time. <3
simonne 13th Jan 2020 Support worker

Sip and Paint

Someone explained to me once that you get a simple picture from internet (clip art or similar with thick lines and simple picture) print onto A3 then trace it and put it onto a large canvas.. put dots of paint into the sections of picture for resident to follow. They then over the black lines in thick black pen and tidied up painting if need be. They also painted over canvas afterwards if not wanted.
Lori 13th Jan 2020 Activity

Name Bingo

Do you have them mark one letter at a time or multiple
Lee White 13th Jan 2020

Sweetheart Tree

Hi Janice ,
What I did to make mine is I found some branches attached to a thick trunk ,which I then after cleaning it off set into a pot with plaster of paris ,once set I painted it ( I did ours white) or you could leave it natural ,then the residents decorated it with assorted leaves ,flowers ,snowflakes etc each season .Hope this helps
Janice 13th Jan 2020 Life Enriching Director

Sweetheart Tree

I love this idea, but I am having difficulties finding a Cherry Blossom Tree (faux). Thought about making one out of the stems…cost too much. Checked with Costco and they no longer carry this type of tree. Any suggestions???? Thanks.
Cazz 12th Jan 2020 Diversional Therapist

The Price is Right - Australian Version

Hi Melissa,
I would like the individual pictures please :)
Sinead 9th Jan 2020 Social Care Co-ordinator

Winter Reminiscing

Doing a winter activity- leaf collages.
Cheryl-Lee 9th Jan 2020 Recreational Activities Officer

Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks

Awesome idea I can't wait to put some scrapbooks together with old magazines.
I got a lot of old calenders donated, I am in the process of laminating and I am putting a variety of suggested questions for reminiscing sessions which they love.
I then put up to 10 pics in each folder for group sessions or one one ones.
Thankyou Golden Carers for inspiration.
Marina 8th Jan 2020 Diversional Therapist I/T

Waitangi Day Craft Activity

We made this last year, it was a wonderful activity. We made it over a month, and residents would paint or crayon in the feathers when
they had nothing to do. When it all came together the colours look wonderful. Marina, Aranui
Sofia 8th Jan 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

Jokes 2

Thanks for the jokes can't wait to share some of them with our residents this afternoon.
claudia 7th Jan 2020 RAO

Egg Carton Bingo

We added a new feature to our Egg Bingo game and it's a lot of fun! I bought 18 small fish nets in the $2 shop (the ones for fish tanks, see the picture) and each resident or client try to catch his or her own ping pong ball when is call. We bounce the ball in the center of the table towards the client. They help each other, they clap when somebody gets the ball, they tease each other and interact a lot . It's a lot of fun!
Donna 7th Jan 2020 Diversional Therapist

Valentines Day Sensory Kit Inspiration

Absolutely love this site. I have a lady who's just started work at activities I have introduced her to some of your activities on the site and she is doing a wonderful job and absolutely loving it as much as I do thank you so much go Goldencarers
Diane 5th Jan 2020 Memory Club Volunteer

Modified Beer Pong

Hi we put a couple of sweets in the cup instead of fluid
Mohammed 5th Jan 2020 Slp

Aphasia Activity Ideas for Activity Coordinators

thank you ,it is awesome
Hannah 4th Jan 2020

What's In the Bag

Excited to try this with our Alzheimer's patients!
Vivian 3rd Jan 2020 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator

What's In the Bag

I have done this with items to smell , fresh lavender, a mixture of herbs, lemon rind, clove of garlic and an onion we had some great and weird answers which created lots of laughs.
Solange 2nd Jan 2020 Diversional Therapist

Christmas Pantomime: Snow White & the 3 and a half Dwarfs!

Congratulations! What a great idea to include photos of the 'actors' in the Program. You are a champion!!
Solange 2nd Jan 2020 Diversional Therapist

Client Assessment: Getting to know your Client

Hi, I can think of three: 1 Confidentiality 2 Complaints 3, Residents’ Rights. They all have their own Policies & Procedures. If there is a problem with any of the above expert/professional help is required.
simonne 1st Jan 2020 Support worker

How to Evaluate Care Plans & Write Quarterly Reviews

Thank you for this information. Really useful.
Rebecca 1st Jan 2020

Holiday Movie Recommendations for the Elderly

Hi there- In Ohio showing a movie is an activity---FYI
Nikki 31st Dec 2019

Client Assessment: Getting to know your Client

I'm stuck someone please help me last question to submit my unit

Organisations use procedures to standardise the processes for coordinating services for older people. What procedures would you expect to find to describe how to liaise with experts? List at least three processes that might have their own procedure.
Pauline 31st Dec 2019 Retirement Home Manager

Christmas Bingo

It’s a great bingo game, thank you for your instructions and your ideas!
Margaret 31st Dec 2019 Retired Teacher

Choose Your Own Adventure Books

What a great idea! Do you have any titles they especially liked? Are you using the Young Adult books? Thank you!
Solange 31st Dec 2019 Diversional Therapist

End of Year Message 2019

Hi Laura, that you very much for your kind words. Have a safe and prosperous 2020!
Gina 31st Dec 2019 Leisure And Health

Christmas Pantomime: Snow White & the 3 and a half Dwarfs!

We performed 'Snow 'White and the Maybe Seven Dwarfs" with resounding success. Our facility had never had a pantomime performed before, and the residents, staff, family and friends really enjoyed it. There was so much laughter and audience participation the wonderful cast forgot their lines on occasion, add libbing which added to the fun. We printed programs for everyone then handed them out on arrival to enhance the theatre experience. It included photos of the staff and their roll in the panto. It also had the words to the songs we chose which was more suitable for our residents.
As you can see by the title we changed a few things ( we ended up with eight dwarfs as more staff wanted to be part of the fun) including parts of the dialogue which worked well.
Thank you Golden Carers for all that you do to inspire and motivate us to try something different and fun.
Jacqulyn 31st Dec 2019 Activity Program Coordinator

Cultural Presentation

I've had it 2 times a year. Third week in February and/or in October, if I don't get too busy.