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OmmieGames 30th Jul 2021

The Price is Right Game

I would love to do this activity with our residents.
Sr Katalina 29th Jul 2021 Occupational Therapist

Who Am I? August Birthdays

I really appreciate this activity because our seniors know these actors and actresses' names by hard! They did enjoy it very much!
Kathleen 29th Jul 2021 Activity Assistant

Ping Pong Eggs

great idea they would like this one!
Kathy 29th Jul 2021 Activity Director

Newsletter Template - August 2021

The template is a great ideal and huge timesaver thank you so much.
Donna 29th Jul 2021 Activities Director

Abayomi Rag Doll

I am going to try this. It will be a great activity for my african chair trip!!
Lil 28th Jul 2021 Minister To Senior Adults

Words Starting With Con #2

Just renewed my subscription for another year of fabulous resources for helping to keep senior adults young at heart! Thank you!
Hilda 28th Jul 2021 Daycare Organiser

Guess the Catchphrase

Julianne 28th Jul 2021 Activities Officer

Olympic Games Colouring Templates

Would like to get some ides for arts and crafts and colouring for Daffodils Day
Nancy 28th Jul 2021 Activity Program Supervisor

Target Golf

Love the target golf!
Karen 28th Jul 2021 Day Centre Manager

Coloring for Seniors - Vase

Do you have colouring for various religious holidays? Love the website. Thank you for all the useful ideas. Printed off the bingo sheets and laminated them, they've gone down a treat.
Janelle 27th Jul 2021 Carer/ Theraphy Assistant

Olympic Games for Staff

We had our own variation of mini Olympics today. We joined a staff member up with a resident and they competed as a team. We changed out tug of war and balloon between the knees and replaced them with 3 ring quoits and a 10 word search. With the backwards race the staff had to do the course and the resident had to tell them what direction to go. Everyone had so much fun. Thanks for the ideas
Sr Katalina 27th Jul 2021 Occupational Therapist

Olympic Games Colouring Templates

I love this website! full of ideas and in no time I can find new activities for our residents. I appreciate that and thank you so much for your hard work!
Terry 27th Jul 2021 Activity Assistand

7 Ways To Spice Up Your Newsletter

Does anyone have a sample of their newsletter to send me?

Terry Barth
[email protected]
Michelle 27th Jul 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator

Newsletter Template - August 2021

thanks, a template is a great idea. I don't want to use all the pages but I can not find edit template. could you give me some more info. Sorry not very computer literate. thanks Michelle
Gwyneth 26th Jul 2021 Volunteer

Find the Rhyming Words Quiz

Hello Ann from County Kildare, I am glad you like the rhyming quiz, Thanks for your comments Gwyneth
Angie 26th Jul 2021 Activity Director


We use bingo bucks so they can spend it in the bingo store. So everyone wins! If they don’t get any ping pong balls in any container then they get 1 bingo bucks for participating..
Nancy Glynn 26th Jul 2021

8 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays in Senior Care Homes

Cupcakes shaped in the number of their age.
Faith 25th Jul 2021 Healthcare professional

How to Decrease Problem Behaviors

Very Helpful....Thank you.
Ann 25th Jul 2021 HCA

Cooking Magic Scones

Sounds delicious and so easy to make too... Can't wait to try this recipe for myself
Ann 25th Jul 2021 HCA

Find the Rhyming Words Quiz

Love this simple easy quiz... Great for filling short blocks of time and everyone can have a quess too.
Jane 23rd Jul 2021 Executive Officer

Olympic Games Quiz

Thank you for the quiz. It will be used next week. It will be a great opportunity for residents to answer a variety a number of questions and also to reminisce about other sporting highlights.
Kathleen 23rd Jul 2021 Activity Assistant

Nine Letter Word Puzzles

so far the clients love the word games that I have been bringing in. Thank You so much for this. it does help me out a whole lot.
Maria 23rd Jul 2021 Community Support Worker

Create Your Own Quiz!

Love it!!!! Great idea .TY
Donna 23rd Jul 2021 Diversional Therapist

Balloon tennis

Balloon Tennis is very popular. We use fly swats as our bats and have a volley ball net. I love seeing the determination on the residents faces trying to hit the balloon over the net.
Kalina 22nd Jul 2021 Activity Director


Once someone makes a ping pong ball into the "cup" to win the money, does it get replenished with money for the next participant or is it first come, first serve and when it runs out, it runs out? Do you allow everyone to have a turn and if there is still money left in the containers, do residents get an additional chance?
Vicki 21st Jul 2021 Activities director

How to Overcome Common Dementia Challenges in Group Activities

Thank you for the great ideas! I have a resident in memory care who screams at other residents and staff when she is talking to them, and says things like “you’re an idiot I don’t understand you, I said I want Diet Coke!! She will scream to other residents to sit down, stop talking, she’s not playing the game right! I have talked to her about using an inside voice, instead of screaming. The care staff doesn’t know how to interact with her, and they get frustrated. Any ideas on how to handle her ??? Thank you!
Mosman 21st Jul 2021 Community Care

Armchair Travel to Turkey

Love this resource. It is well researched and so many activities to chose from. I like how everything is already set out like a lesson plan to the last minute. Thank you for these!
Angie 21st Jul 2021 Activity Director


You are welcome! I hope they enjoy it. My residents are ready to play it again next month!!
Cheryl 21st Jul 2021 Activities Assistant

Quality Improvement Action Plan Template

Thank you this is very helpful!
Julie 21st Jul 2021 Leisure & Lifestyle

Balloon Games

We cut up Pool Noodles into 3 - they make great hitting sticks for balloons - colourful too
Tina 21st Jul 2021 Caregiver

How to Celebrate Lighthouse Day

love all your crafts
can you send more any ideas
Kathleen 20th Jul 2021 Activity Assistant

Prize Walk

great idea! I will have to try this. thank you!
Eileen 20th Jul 2021 PCTL-Respite Manager


Thanks for sharing this wonderful activity Angie. We will be trying this with our respite clients next week.
Phyllis 20th Jul 2021

7 Drawing Activities for Seniors

Thank you!
I look forward to utilizing creative ideas to inspire daily activities.
Lisa 19th Jul 2021 Activities for Seniors

Words Starting With Con #2

Thank you! Like this a lot
Gwyneth 19th Jul 2021 Volunteer

Short Easy Exercise Routine

Thanks Kim it is an enjoyable exercise and a good one for this cold weather, all the best Gwyneth
Kim 19th Jul 2021 Leisure & Health Coordinator

Short Easy Exercise Routine

This is a cute rhyme! Im going to try this as a quick warm up exercise routine whilst the group are waiting for something else - sneaky add-in physical activity!
Soné 19th Jul 2021 Lifestyle Team Leader

Olympic Medals

Using gold chocolate coins us also very fun.
Matthew 19th Jul 2021 Clinical Support Officer

2020 Tokyo Olympics Posters

These Posters are wonderful and really add to the Olympic themed fortnight that we are hosting. Is it possible to have these posters (or even just 1 main one) as a clipart or outlined version where patients can colour them in/paint them?
This would be beneficial for those who are unable to participate in the games or would like to just contribute to the decoration aspect.
Overall, we really love these posters!
Faith 19th Jul 2021 Healthcare professional

Wandering and Dementia

Very informative...Thanks.
Monica 18th Jul 2021 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Sports Afternoon

We have game that has scores written on a big square of material (needs to be tough material) and we throw beanie bags at the numbers.
You can give prizes for high scores or for the first one to reach 100.
You just to put the numbers on, but they must in squares that are marked on the material (like a grid).
You just fold the game up when you're done.
Gwyneth 18th Jul 2021 Volunteer

Add a Rhyming Word Quiz

Thanks Ann, all the best to you and your residents. Gwyneth
Faith 18th Jul 2021 Healthcare professional

150 Describing Words to Use in Care Plans

Very helpful. Thanks
Valerie 17th Jul 2021 Lifestyle Assistant

Nature Collage with Gum Nuts and Leaves

I recently did this activity at the aged care facility where I work. I collected most of the materials from my 10 acres. We bought some artist white canvas frames in different sizes and I had printed off some pictures I had found to give the residents bit of an idea. The residents then proudly displayed them in the main lounge
Virginia 17th Jul 2021 Activity Director

How to Overcome Common Dementia Challenges in Group Activities

Hi Jordan, I had a similar experience with residents being hurtful to others in the group. I then started a group for the alert & oriented with a weekly topic usually about what Alzheimer's and dementia are and what the reality is for those who have this diagnosis. Education on a topic they may not understand can be most helpful. This helped them have more tolerance for those who could not keep up or slowed down the group. They actually started helping with the groups.
Margaret 16th Jul 2021 Assisted Living Coordinator

This Day in History for Seniors: August - 2nd Edition

My resident love this day in history, and the different stories. I also like reading to those who cannot see enough to do it on their own. They also love the newsletter that I have started with your template. Should have done this sooner. Love this program. Thanks
Faith 16th Jul 2021 Healthcare professional


Thanks for sharing Angie,I'm sure our residents will love it.
Solange 16th Jul 2021 Diversional Therapist

How to Overcome Common Dementia Challenges in Group Activities

Hi Jordan, this problem is common in care facilities and unfortunately, there is no widespread protocol to deal with it as yet. In some facilities management gets involved and sets up specific guidelines and procedures for reporting resident-to-resident mistreatment. It is important to understand the contributing factors. Have you tried to match the person with mind-like residents in a separate group? Also, observe the resident and praise him/her enthusiastically when you see her doing something nice to another person. Behavior-specific praise is powerful; praise and thanks to the person for what he/she did right. Another strategy is to appeal to her empathetic feelings to ‘help’ you to run a craft/social group session. If everything fails, involve the management. Good luck!
Hayat 16th Jul 2021 Recreation Officer

Memory Tray

It's beautiful activities thanks Liza to sharing !!!
Lori 16th Jul 2021 Guest Services Manager

Christmas Pantomime: Sleeping Beauty

This is absolutely golden! I have already planted the seed and the whole management team are on board for xmas 2021!