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Kim 23rd Oct 2018 Diversional Therapist

How to Seek Calm In Your Busy Day

Thank you, I have recently been discussing feeling burnt out and needing time out from DT pressures. I try to maintain free time on weekends and find it hard throughout the day so will put into practice some of your suggestions see how it works out!!!
Deb 23rd Oct 2018 lifestyle co-ordinator

Adopt a Friend

we have one of our local primary schools coming to our facility and they do knitting and reading with our residents had by all
Nellie 23rd Oct 2018 Volunteer Actually Director

Prize Walk

This activity sounds like fun. Will implement it in November calendar!!!
Thank you so much Deana!!
Nellie Palmer
Nellie 23rd Oct 2018 Volunteer Actually Director

What is a Grandparent?

This will definitely bring smiles to my residents. Thank you so much for posting it!!!
Nellie Palmer
Susan 23rd Oct 2018 Activity Director

Create Your Own Sudoku!

Could you make a blank sudoku template so residents could make their own to share with others?

It is the same idea as a blank word search template

A 3x3 template is good for those with dementia
Diane 23rd Oct 2018 Social Worker

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Karen, I love the rubber mat idea! I also wondered if some of the men might do it with the little cowboys and Indians you can buy by the bag and use them. I think they would stand up on the suction cups and make it more "manly".....or a bunch of ball bearings.
Tracey 23rd Oct 2018 Activity Coordinator

Adopt a Friend

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Adopt a friend scheme
Susan 23rd Oct 2018 Activity Director

Create Your Own Sudoku!

Wonderful brain stimulating activity
Leticia 23rd Oct 2018 Activity Director

Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

I tried all of this Sensory pouches for my residents and they really enjoyed them thank you Golden Carers
Susan 22nd Oct 2018 Activity Director

Hidden Equations Number Search #3

Great great great
Pat 21st Oct 2018 Volunteer

The Power of Touch in Senior Care

I have a couple of afternoons dedicated for hand massage and manicure which I have found to be very successful in calming residents who are aggravated and tired. I will offer my two hands and give them the option of accepting me and they do. Some relaxation music and a hand rub keep them connected as well as keep them calm for a long time. I have the care managers join in this beautiful ritual ; some do the manicure..
Catalina M 21st Oct 2018 Activity Leader

Thanksgiving Bingo

Thank you so much for sharing bingos games of the seasons. We enjoy our Halloween game and they get special candy for a full card.
rosalie 20th Oct 2018 leisure & health assistant

Melbourne Cup Quiz II

Thank you for all of the ideas here for Melbourne Cup. The residents particularly love the quiz and trivia sessions.. excellent for resources ..
Susan 20th Oct 2018 Activity Director

The Power of Touch in Senior Care

I think touch may help stimulate an elder's brain as well
RACHAEL 19th Oct 2018 Enliven Host

Rearrange Letters - Summer Theme

Every Wednesday I have a group of elderly come to my home for the day. We have morning tea, then while I prepare lunch I give them 'Brain Gym', which I print off from this site.
I just took 2wks off to spend with my grandchildren and when I had my group they all said they so missed the 'Brain Gym' and the lunch of course.

So THANK YOU for this helpful site, it does make our life simpler and exercise the brain.

Cheers Rachael
JANET 19th Oct 2018

Christmas Bingo

Great! Thank you
Jenny 19th Oct 2018 Caregiver

Words in Words Game

Love your ideas! I’m new at activities and am wondering about seasonal or holiday crafts with residents who have very different ability levels with scissors, etc. Help please! :)
Sherlene 18th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator

Sip and Paint

Thanks for the Sip and Paint idea. My residents really love it. I have a social worker that volunteers to lead the group and she makes the drawings ahead of time on the canvas. This is our second time doing this and it's going to be a monthly activity. Again thanks for the idea! Sherlene
Jacob Anou 18th Oct 2018

Client Assessment: Getting to know your Client

Where would you find a resident physical support needs profile template?
Maurice 18th Oct 2018

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Kayleigh!

Good news, we've just released two new Calendar features:

1. 7-Day Week and 5-Day Week Calendars
2. Landscape and Portrait Mode

I can recommend the 5-Day week layout in Portrait mode with a larger page size and a background image, it works really well :)

Let me know how you go!
Maureen 18th Oct 2018 Activity Organiser

Halloween Carols

Great idea
Fran 18th Oct 2018 Psychologist

Hidden Equations Number Search #2

Thank you!! Thank you! Thank you!! My seniors only kinda thank you! Greatly appreciate the addition of math problem solving!
Fran 18th Oct 2018 Psychologist

Autumn Alphabet Challenge

Excellent!! Will use as a group activity
Candice E Richards 18th Oct 2018

Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

Great Idea! Made several of these yesterday and they were a hit.
I picked up some fake "snow" (small styro beads) at the dollar store to use instead of sand. Used odds and ends of mini rubber bands, buttons, washers, flat marbles & paper clips. Hair gel, also from dollar store worked well, I added a few drops of gel food color for mixing by residents. The shaving cream was least favorite as it got thin quickly.
Kymberly 17th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator

Dance Hall Days Reminiscing

Sherri 17th Oct 2018 Activity Assistant

Sip and Paint

What type of clip art would be best? I have Beginner Crafts (low functioning) and Advanced Crafts (high functioning) Any ideas?
Dr. Roger 17th Oct 2018 Retired Music Therapist

How to Plan Music Activities for Dementia Care

As to finding appropriate songs....If you know the age range(s) of those being served you can select music from their formative years. I use “Spotify” (with very nominal prices for monthly subscriptions) and download the songs that correlate with those formative years onto old I-Phones that can be connected with small amplifiers. They can be stopped and started and repeated as often as needed.. Don’t forget, however, that using nursery rhymes and pre-K and elementary school songs are very welcome as are the lullaby’s sung for infants. My dementia residents love them all.
Diana 16th Oct 2018 Home Typist/carer

Doll Therapy and Dementia

My mum is well known for taking her ‘baby’ every where with her. Marvellous best purchase made for her
Margaret 16th Oct 2018 Senior Recreational Therapist

Noodle Ball

Hi there everyone,
We have started to do this exercise but we use fly swats and balloons. It is a great form of exercise and everyone in our day rooms enjoy it immensely. Actually some of our residents have gotten quite competitive. Works really well and very inexpensive to set up.

Elaine 16th Oct 2018 Activity Coordinator

Halloween Bingo

I printed this off last week and laminated the cards. I have to say it really was a great success. Some of my residents can manage the picture games much better than ones with numbers. It made a great talking point afterwards. We will be playing this throughout October. It was fab!
Jane 16th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator

Dance Hall Days Reminiscing

Amazing ideas. I have used so many of them. I am going to try this one now. Dance hall days. Well worth the membership. Thank you so much. You are an amazing support. Every week I look forward to seeing what new ideas you are posting. Thank you so much :)
Sara 16th Oct 2018 Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator

Christmas Bingo

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Christmas Bingo
Mallory 15th Oct 2018

Two Minute Activities for Dementia Care

This sounds exactly like it came from the Best Friends approach from David Troxel and Virginia Bell. We’re instituting that program this year. Very cool.
Debbie 14th Oct 2018 Recreation Therapist

Multicultural Sing-Along

Love it! Excellent!!
Susan 14th Oct 2018 Activity Director

Hidden Equations Number Search #2

I love these puzzles. I do not think you can find them anywhere else
Thank you Golden Carers
Susan 13th Oct 2018 Activity Director

Maths Quiz #1

Be sure to check out mathematics for the elderly
Many great ideas there
Susan 13th Oct 2018 Activity Director

Maths Quiz #2

Have you checked out mathematics for the elderly
It's a new activity this week
Many great ideas there
Susan 13th Oct 2018 Activity Director

Dice Games for the Elderly

Don't forget to check out mathematics for the elderly I included some dice games there as well
Susan 13th Oct 2018 Activity Director

Dice Games for the Elderly

That is great
You never know where are you getting something useful
Be open to all possibilities
Jodi 12th Oct 2018 Activity Offocer

Dice Games for the Elderly

A local made our markers out of empty shotgun cartridges they work a treat with this game and bingo as they are easy to pick up.
i found the game mentioned above where you can't role a 1 and the first to 100 wins. I have one lady who just keeps going and last week she rolled a total of 106 in one go my folk love this game and its a great time filler.
Jodi 12th Oct 2018 Activity Offocer

Modified Beer Pong

love this idea i'm going to give it a go, i think i might try coffee cups taped together then put the lids on as a signal that cup is out.
Paula 12th Oct 2018 Care Manager

Sample Activities Calendars

I have just joined particularly to get a good activity calendar / schedule.
How do i get to see or copy one of these templates? Nothing is opening when I click on an image, print or download only gives me a picture of the whole page.
Pam 12th Oct 2018 Activity Coordinator

Broom and Pumpkin Race

sounds like fun:) going to give that a try
Julie 12th Oct 2018 Lec

Halloween Bingo

How are you suppose to play it??
Jan 11th Oct 2018 Activities Officer

Maths Quiz #1

Thank you so much for Golden Carers. It is wonderful for residents to do so many great activities. The residents look forward to doing new and interesting things. Many thanks Jan
Carole 11th Oct 2018 Chairperson

Dance Hall Days Reminiscing

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Dance Hall Days
Angie 10th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator

Halloween Bingo

Ive dowloaded the Halloween Bingo for our residents . I have a few regular bingo players. Im sure your picture halloween version will enable more to join in .
Thank you so much Sara
Meagan 10th Oct 2018 DT

Halloween Bingo

Thank you for this!!
Tereza 9th Oct 2018 Day Program Coordinator

Rhyming Riddles #9

This is a great resource to have!