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Jean 8th Aug 2020 Activities Provider

Armchair Travel to Brazil

Thank You for this, we can afford to do a trip every month.
Monica 7th Aug 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Words that start with 'Th'

This site is amazing, the quizzes are wonderful
All of the activities tie in with a new program that will be starting at our facility called move and groove.
Nicki 7th Aug 2020 Live In Carer

Cars Quiz, Trivia and Word Search

Wow this is amazing thank you!
Ann 6th Aug 2020 Lifestyle & Well-being Assistant

Who Am I? August Birthdays

Love this activity. My Participants did too. Thank you
Leonie 6th Aug 2020 Community Support Worker

Jokes for International Beer Day

My clients have a great laugh at the jokes. Keep them coming.
Michelle Shields 6th Aug 2020

50 Activities for the Elderly in Lockdown and Isolation

Our residents are also in lockdown and in their rooms. I have given craft and scrap booking activities out to around 10 residents and I’m purchasing more scissors etc to make packs for others. With only 2 lifestyle staff to 120 residents it’s overwhelming. A lot are just feeling lonely and are happy for the company, but with so many and just two of us it’s hard, especially as all the care plans and paper work is still required. Now they have requested we assist with feeds. So typical of age care not to employ more people instead just stretch the already stressed staff into covering other areas. So overwhelmed and undervalued
SandrA 6th Aug 2020 Retired/carer

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease

Two years ago I made a fiddle muff for my husband who thought it was"a load of rubbish" now two years later he loves it, I think we just have to be aware of the progression of the illness. I LOVE THIS SITE. We do a quick activity every day and a big activity, about an hour, once or twice a week. There are so many ideas no-one needs to be stuck even with little or no money Thank-you so very much. Not all work but no reason to give up.
chanel baker 6th Aug 2020

The Price is Right Game

I will try these games with my residents seems like lots of fun
Sherlene 6th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator

Three Clues - What Do They Have In Common?

Thanks for the new activity. Going to use it today!
Hanneke 5th Aug 2020 Manager Services

Newsletter Template - August

I have said it before but I have to say it again: I LOVE THIS!
We just released our first ever newsletter and this template made it so much easier and saved us so much time, thank you.
I would love to see the newsletters that were created with this template to share ideas with each other. Our newsletter is attached
Maria 5th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator

Beer Hummus

I am a relatively new activity co ordinator in a age care facility. I have found golden careers a great source of information and wonderful ideas. Thank you
Diane 5th Aug 2020 Recreation Team Leader

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

Once again thank you so much to allowing us to share all the wonderful ideas that are on golden carers, it is so helpful and inspiring and they give our residents so much fun and the feeling of achievement once we have completed them and it is great that we can spread the days out and do a lot over time rather than in one session.
Sue 5th Aug 2020 Activities Co-ordinator

Old Wives Tales #2 - True or False?

The residents really loved this, Is there an 'old wives tales' #1 or any more coming?
Leanne 5th Aug 2020 Activity Director

Talk like a pirate day!

when you say "we have riddles & clues" for the treasure hunt activity, was that just the person that suggested the activity or does Golden Carers have riddles and clues?
Andrea 5th Aug 2020 Administrator

Finish the Sayings and Proverbs Game

My residents absolutely adored this activity! I wasn't sure if they would enjoy it but they definitely did. We have some visually impaired residents so I read the first part of the phrase/saying out loud and they finished it. I was very impressed with how many they knew!
Nikki 4th Aug 2020 Supoort Worker

Newsletter Template - August

This is great, such a good timesaver. Thank you
Jenny 4th Aug 2020 Retired

Cowboys Wordsearch

This site is amazing and has brought so much joy and fun to our residents. There is such a variety of games, quizzes and activities which has resulted in an improvement of the wellbeing and communication between many residents, especially those who were feeling low and isolated during this difficult time of Covid-19
Lisa 4th Aug 2020 Activity Director

Three Clues - What Do They Have In Common?

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Three Clues - What Do They Have In Common?
Oak Trace 3rd Aug 2020 Lifestyle Coach

This Day In History For Seniors: August

I am having the same issue...I thought my printer just didn't like me.
Mitzi 3rd Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator

Silhouette Pictures

Thanks for sharing!
Solange 3rd Aug 2020 Diversional Therapist

15 uplifting activities for people with limited mobility

Hi Mary, I am very sorry for your troubles. I hope you get better soon. Meanwhile, a media device propped up near your bed could stave off boredom. Also, you could 'travel' with Golden Carers in the "Armchair Travel' activity on a large TV. You could also have a positive and enthusiastic person to talk to, read you the news (good news!), or if you are an animal lover you could have a kitten to cuddle or a dog visiting you. I hope you find strength with each day; and that each day brings you closer to a full recovery. Sending love your way.
Mary Lister 3rd Aug 2020

15 uplifting activities for people with limited mobility

I am bed bound and can only lay on my right side 22 hrs. a day. Can not sit up at all due to double sciaticas. What can I do for stimilation in this confined pisition? Thank you!
Solange 3rd Aug 2020 Diversional Therapist

Number Plate Quiz

Really good activity and as Kerry said, you can put it away for a few months and do it again. Thank you for sharing Gail.
Maurice 2nd Aug 2020

This Day In History For Seniors: August

Hi Jo!

I tried the B&W version and it was working, did you have trouble? Can you try again and let me know what happens if it's still not working for you?
Lori D 2nd Aug 2020 LNHA

Wonderful cooking aromas

You might try overnight oatmeal in the crockpot. We measure out all the ingredients and place in covered containers. The nursing staff on the night shift pour them into the Crock Pot and set it on low. The residents awaken in the morning to the smell of the oatmeal with cinnamon and apples, or you may use other fruits, nuts or spices of your choice. It seems to stimulate their appetites for breakfast. We use the bead machine also and It makes it seem more homelike to me, when mothers and grandmothers would bake and prepare those wonderful homemade comfort foods.
Lori D 2nd Aug 2020 LNHA

Cup and Saucer Table Decorations

We made these for our annual "Mothers Day Tea" The ladies are able to invite two quests each for the Tea. Each place setting had a cup and saucer arrangement with a thank you for attending the event that the residents and their guests were able to take with them as a keepsake. We also used all shapes and sizes of Tea Pots and filled with flowers like the cups and they were used as centerpieces on the tables.
Nasrin 2nd Aug 2020 Lifestyle

More French Trivia

this is absolutely amazing as this month we are hosting Armchair travel to France and this is worth enough to use in this event. Thanks
Latonia 2nd Aug 2020 Activity Assistant

Armchair travel with Google Maps

Is there any way we can do this during COVID

Marion 1st Aug 2020 Diversional Therapist

Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience for Seniors

Hi Everyone
Can anyone help ,l need thing on Pakistan for our travel of our resident got her nose out of joint .we have been to India on our travel day.
Jenni 1st Aug 2020

15 Activities for Loners and Introverted Seniors

I've only just found this page. Just wanted to say it's refreshing to see an acknowledgment of loners and introverts in Senior Care. I'm not there yet, but have often wondered how I'd cope. I'm not keen on groups or joining in on organised activities. My interests haven't aged appropriately and I'd be really bored with board games, craft sessions and movie nights when I'd rather listen to rock music and chat with all generations.
Kathleen 1st Aug 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

This Day In History For Seniors: August

Thanks for these. we read them everyday, just before morning tea, and during the current situation we have used our youtube and whilst having morning tea have watched a clip on something that we read about for the day.
the residents are thoroughly enjoying this.
Candy 1st Aug 2020

Rhyming Riddles #9

Thank for the free activities!! I'm a homemade aide, and its great to have this resource for clients with Dementia/Alzemiers.
Jean 1st Aug 2020 Activities Provider

This Day in History for Seniors: September

We will also make good use of this activity over morning coffee, Thank you
Evangeline 1st Aug 2020 Registered Manager

'Bored Board' Brain Training for Seniors

I absolutely love this idea and can be easily tailored to suit the seasons and have used a very similar board before. There are so many amazing, wonderful ideas on this site . Thank you so much
Laura 1st Aug 2020 Regional Manager Of Life Enrichment

Guess the Profession Quiz

Great guess the profession quiz. I just wish it wasn't all He statements but more inclusive to he/she.
Sherry 1st Aug 2020 Activities Assistant

This Day In History For Seniors: August

Where are the answers for the word scramble at the bottom? Anyone know?
Gwyneth 31st Jul 2020 Volunteer

Split Pairs Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Split pairs
Robyn 31st Jul 2020 Diversonial Therapist

Artist Impression - Amedeo Modigliani - Beatrice

I did a practise today i think it turned out ok thank Golden Carers
Mercedes 31st Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator

Sunflowers Poster Group Activity

This is so beautiful! Can't wait to share it with my group. Thank you!
Sandra 31st Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist

Decoupage Wooden Hangers

Ohhh I love this idea
Kelly 31st Jul 2020 Activities

Anagram Quiz

These are awesome! Thank you for doing these!
Cheryl 30th Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator

This Day In History For Seniors: August

My residents love these! Thanks so much for creating them!
Omaha, NE
Gwyneth 30th Jul 2020 Volunteer

Pot Luck Quiz 12

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: POT LUCK TRIVIA
Sandra 30th Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist

Silhouette Pictures

Thank you Talita
Pearl 30th Jul 2020

20 Activities for the Visually Impaired

Hello, my grandmother is legally blind but can still see a little bit (for example if the text is really big). It’s hard to understand what she’s going through but I want to be there for her and make her experience better. I was wondering what activities, tricks, ways around this, independent tasks etc that anyone recommends that could make things more enjoyable/easier for her?
Danielle 29th Jul 2020 Recreational Activities Officer

The Yellow Quiz

My residents had a lot of fun answering this quiz.
Jo 29th Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist

This Day In History For Seniors: August

Nobody panic!!!! I went to the color version and it worked!!!
Jo 29th Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist

This Day In History For Seniors: August

I love these so much as do my residents. For some reason I cannot print out Augusts edition. Am I doing something wrong? It only prints the first page, nothing else. Thanks for your help.
Gwyneth 29th Jul 2020 Volunteer

Whose Turn is it to Wash the Dishes Game

Hello Brenda, Best to stick to the method stated, Hope your clients will have as much fun as ours, we do have a laugh. All the best. Take care.
Trudy 29th Jul 2020 CQI & Education Co-ord.

My Favourite Things Singalong - Senior Version

I love reading all the poems and riddles to my residents ,they get a good laugh out of them