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Marion 1st Mar 2024 Self Employed

Upside Down Picture Quiz

I love this game, I want to play it but the pictures are far too small for my residents. Can you make them bigger? I would suggest this for all your games. Thank you.
Marissa 1st Mar 2024 Recreation Director

Show & Tell Reminiscing

Love it
Stephen 29th Feb 2024 Lifestyle Facilitator

April Fools Day Crossword

Each time I print off I get a different puzzle ... is this part of the April Fool's trick?
Lifestyle 29th Feb 2024 National Registrated Diversional Therapist

World Day of Prayer Posters

Thank you i love all the posters you do, it helps so much. I dont need to go and design something from scratch taking a lot of time to do so. Your posters are wonderful
Anna-Laura 28th Feb 2024 Manager

Paper Carrots Door Decor

Nothing says, "Spring is here!" quite like a batch of carrots. I'm so thankful the groundhog predicted an early spring for us. I'm sure our members will have fun with this one.
Lisa 27th Feb 2024 Activities for Seniors

Who Am I: US Presidents

Can you put the name the president on one page?

I can't print all of the pages.

I want to have them all on one or two pages if possible

Thank you!
Lisa 27th Feb 2024 Activities for Seniors

Guess the Famous Guitarists Picture Quiz

This is absolutely wonderful!

Thank you - please keep them coming.

I use all of these.
Tony 26th Feb 2024 Nurse

NRL Tipping 2024

Hello, I believe there are 27 rounds as was the case last year for your tipping spreadsheet.
Lisa 26th Feb 2024 Activities for Seniors

Summertime - Coloring Templates

Lisa 26th Feb 2024 Activities for Seniors

Spot the Differences - Camping

This is fabulous! Thank you
Michelle 26th Feb 2024 Social Opportunities Director

Things Your Mother Told You Reminiscing

Lovely activity --thank you for the suggestion!
Lisa 25th Feb 2024 Activities for Seniors

Animal Word Scramble

love this!
Ennis Road Care Facility 24th Feb 2024 Activities

Jokes to Share

These are great! Thank you.
Janelle 24th Feb 2024 Carer/ Theraphy Assistant

Read-Aloud Audience Participation Story #10

My residents loved this so much they now want to dress up and make it into a show for the other residents. Thanks so much for sharing.
Lisa 23rd Feb 2024

The Envelope Game

How do they roll a one if using 2 dice?
Marissa 22nd Feb 2024 Activity Coordinator

Match Pets with Staff Game

Our residents enjoyed this so much and it was a great way for them to learn about our staff members. Thank you for this great idea :)
Gwyneth 20th Feb 2024 Volunteer

Alphabet Letter Sequence Quiz

Thanks Vanessa glad you enjoyed it Gwyneth
Janelle 20th Feb 2024 Therapeutic Recreation

Chinese New Year Bingo

When I made this it was for a nursing home with different levels of functioning.

This Day in History for Seniors: March

Is there a Spanish March version for this day in history?
Mary 20th Feb 2024 Activities Coordinator

Whiteboard Memory Match: Calendar Edition

I often use out dated calendars for games and matching challenges .
Iris 19th Feb 2024 Coordinator

This Day in History for Seniors: April - 2nd Edition

Hi everyone! Very excited becoming a member and using all theses great ideas for my residents.
Omayra 18th Feb 2024

In-House Ice Cream Truck

I love it!! how did u find it in amazon? thank you!! such an amazing idea!!! ❤
Kim 18th Feb 2024 Life Enrichment / Activities Services Director

Late Blooming Artists

I read and enjoyed
Andii 18th Feb 2024 Recreation Therapist

Chinese New Year Bingo

I recommend you do black line drawings and include Chinese characters. Some of our complex care seniors, including fairly high-functioning Cantonese-speaking ones, found this too hard to follow and most could not recognize the drawings for what they were, which are very cute but also more difficult for older adults with visual impairments to recognize. Thanks for offering this fun option, though.
Carolyn 17th Feb 2024 Occupational Therapy Assisstant

Hungry Hungry Residents

Great idea with Olympics coming up this year
Steph 17th Feb 2024 Leisure And Wellness

Name the Animals Quiz

Great game. Especially with the reveal. I would love a version with less obscure animals for my residents living with dementia, some simpler guesses to give them confidence to keep playing.
Shilmoni 15th Feb 2024 Occupational Therapist

Gentle Chair Exercise Bingo

The pictorial hand outs are simple and effective for older people to follow. Really enjoying the hand outs.
Thank you
Vanessa 15th Feb 2024 Activity Coordinator

Alphabet Letter Sequence Quiz

This was a brilliant quiz, it got everyone involved and thinking cups on. Well done.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amber 14th Feb 2024 Activities Director

Hungry Hungry Residents

Soooo fun! We are definitely going to do this.
Birgita 14th Feb 2024 Activity Director

Black History Bingo

Thanks for making these pictures that are very useful for my activity Black History Month.
Gabriele 14th Feb 2024 Lifestyle & Program Manager

Artist Impression - Amedeo Modigliani - Alice

Our retirement home has over 90% Seniors who are from Italy, they love the Quiz about their country.
Thanks for your variety of games, quiz, activities, and paintings.
Helen 14th Feb 2024 Company Director

The Great Weekly Quiz-off

Thankyou Hacienda at, we are really glad you enjoyed the questions.
Helen 14th Feb 2024 Company Director

The Great Weekly Quiz-off

Hi Tiffany, we have one quiz/week but we don't worry if people answer one or all of the questions. some of our patients do the whole quiz every week, staff do it with patients, families do it when they come to visit. Usually the questions spark conversations in the lounge.
I will pass any feedback on to the gentleman who wrote this quiz as he is a wants to write more.
Marianne 13th Feb 2024 Recreation Worker

Armchair Travel to England

I have so enjoyed the great resources Golden carers provides. Our recreaction dept. have benefited from so much you have offered. Armchair travel is great our nursinghome residents and staff love our armchair trips. Thankyou.
Tiffany 12th Feb 2024 Activity Director

The Great Weekly Quiz-off

So just some clarification how many questions do you do per week. Let's say Monday thru Friday would you do a new questions each day or just one for the week.
Hacienda At 10th Feb 2024 Community Life Director

The Great Weekly Quiz-off

This is a perfect potluck quiz. Not too simple, not too hard. THANK YOU! More! More! More!
Jodi 9th Feb 2024 Manager Adult Day Center

Word Chain Group Activity

I use the site every day we are open!! We love the trivia quizzes. It really tests their memory!
Social 8th Feb 2024 Client Liason

AFL Tipping 2024

I finally found this. Thank you.
Amanda 8th Feb 2024 Life Enrichment Assistant

Christmas Bulb Dice Game

Do the residents win something if they get them all crossed off?

Musical Bingo - Name That Tune

thank you Katie
Brenda 7th Feb 2024 Activities Specialist

American Football Teams - Fill in the Blanks

I really love the activities that you have on here, as do my clients. I do want to let you know that for the NFL teams, Washington is no longer Redskins, they are now Washington Commanders.

Please keep these great activities coming!!
LaNora 7th Feb 2024 Manager

The Great Weekly Quiz-off

OMG there is so much to look at and to help me find all kinds of stuff to do with my residents. I am so excited to get started. Thanks for doing this web page.
Tara 7th Feb 2024 Life Enrichment Manager

Hungry Hungry Residents

Fabulous - this is on next month's activity calendar!
Katie 7th Feb 2024 Activity Organiser

Musical Bingo - Name That Tune

Hi, I have made a playlist on my phone and I play the music through that .

Musical Bingo - Name That Tune

How do you make the sound work when playing Bingo Card Way?
Tracy 7th Feb 2024 Lifestyle Assistant

Hungry Hungry Residents

Thank you! this is fantastic and definitely on my next calendar too.
Janine 6th Feb 2024 Program Manager

Super Bowl Sensation Party Inspiration

Am able to use this for the first time in Australia for an Aussie who loves NFL. Thank you
Nicole Grimm 5th Feb 2024

How to Make Sensory Blankets for Dementia Care

Hi, is it ok to make the blanket without the stabilizer? Should you use thicker fabric without the stabilizer? Thanks!

Rhonda 4th Feb 2024 CNA/Homecare Provider

Conversation Hearts Game

What type of work did you do?
What career would you have chosen if you had it to do over again?
How many siblings did you have?
Who was your favorite TV personality?
What was your favorite subject in school? College?
Name a famous person you would have loved to meet? A famous person you had a crush on?
What was the name of your classroom crush? Classroom rival?
Name the make/model of your first car.
Where was your best vacation?
Hilde 31st Jan 2024 Ergotherapeute

Conversation Hearts Game

Dank je, goed idee