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Mariann 29th Jan 2022 Director Of Activities

Valentine Bingo

Thank you!! My residents love all the different games that I have been getting from Goldencares. I can't wait to try the Valentine's Bingo with them. They are going to be so excited.. Thanks again..
Ann-Marie 28th Jan 2022 Activity Corordinator

Craft Bears with Moving Parts

I am so happy with the variety of activities available to use.
Thank you
Nancy Reil-Riojas 27th Jan 2022

The Benefits of Coloring-in for the Elderly

Hi Susan, sorry, I did not locate your reply until today. Our small city is Schertz, Texas, zip code 78154. We are located about ten miles northeast of San Antonio, Texas. Mother, now 93, has completed 170 sketches, 17" X 14", since I last communicated with your site. By the way, because of your site, we discovered she could draw in the Fall of 2020. She lived her entire life not realizing she could draw! I would very much appreciate any help you can offer so that I can enter her works in some sort of competition. I have searched the internet for drawing/ sketching contests for elderly adults over 70, 75, 80, 90, and even older, however, have been unable to locate one. Thank you, Susan. Nancy Reil Riojas, January 26, 2022.
Carman 27th Jan 2022 Activities Coordinator

Dice Bingo

Hi Linda
My residents take one turn each and they cross off one of the numbers for whatever they roll. It doesn't have to be a one first, just whatever they roll and there will come a time that they won't be able to cross something off because they have crossed off all of that one number but still need other numbers, Everyone will revamp a game to whatever works best for their residents.
Sonia 26th Jan 2022 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator

Submit an Activity

I added to existing Quiz... thanks it was great to have a start to build on.
Gwyneth 26th Jan 2022 Volunteer

Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Thanks for your feedback Kristen. Glad to hear you enjoyed them. Regards Gwyneth
Gwyneth 26th Jan 2022 Volunteer

Finish the Old-Time Song Titles

Thanks for your feedback Adriana. Regards Gwyneth
Laurie 26th Jan 2022 Activity Coordinator

Balloon Games

We use our noodles, which I have cut in half and hit the beach ball. They really get into it and are so compeitive reaching for the ball. Great form of exercise
Diana 26th Jan 2022 Activity Director

How To Review Your Activity Calendar

My biggest issue is they always complaining there's not enough activities and I add more to the calendar, and they only want to assist when Bingo is provided, I have tried aromatherapy, coloring, weekly package with reading and coloring material, still getting complains and unhappiness, any ideas what else can we try?
Melissa 26th Jan 2022 Activities Director

Hedgehog Book Art

This was so fun! Thank you for the idea and the ability to recycle our old Readers Digest! PERFECT!
Adriana 25th Jan 2022 Recreation Supervisor

Finish the Old-Time Song Titles

Our seniors love this game after each question,we sing the song - so much fun
Edlira 25th Jan 2022 RN

Valentine Bingo


This is such a great idea. Would it be possible to upload it as a word document, I work for an ethnic center and will need to translate it into the appropriate language.
Thank you
Clarie Dennis 25th Jan 2022

Sweetheart Tree

These are such great ideas!

Thank you for sharing them!!

Stephanie 25th Jan 2022 Activity Director

Residents’ Rights Bingo

I guess I don't understand how the Rights go with the bingo game? Are there cards with Rights printed on them?
Linda 25th Jan 2022 Activities Coordinator

Dice Bingo

Hi sorry to be a thicko but am I presuming correctly that you must roll a one to be able to start the game and then no more crossing off until you get a 2 etc x also dis you give residents one roll of the dice per turn or let them have more x thanks for your help in advance
Julie Smith 24th Jan 2022

5 Fun Technology Activities for Residents

Could you give me some ideas for those residents in nursing home with dementia when they are in lock down.

Kristen 24th Jan 2022 Life Enrichment Manager

Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Saummya 24th Jan 2022 Activity Manager

True or False Word Game

Thank you so much!

Gwyneth 23rd Jan 2022 Volunteer

Alphabet Quiz #3

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: ALPHABET QUIZ
Vaibhav Tare 23rd Jan 2022

21 Neurobic Exercises

Its wonderful to find this activities, expecting many more...
Life 23rd Jan 2022 Life Enrichment Director

Balloon Tennis


We like doing another form of balloon tennis. With Balloon Ball the group sit in a circle and need to work together to hit the balloon in a basket ( it's a fold up organizer). It take teamwork and is fun and we laugh so much.
Gwyneth 22nd Jan 2022 Volunteer

Nursery Rhyme Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: NURSERY RHYME QUIZ - followed by the nursery rhyme of each question. you can recite or sing the nursery rhymes. Some words may differ fom what you know. .
Melissa 22nd Jan 2022 Activities Director

Wacky Wednesdays

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Wacky Wednesdays
Connie 21st Jan 2022 Activity Director

Blank Slate Word Game

Fun Game. Everyone could participate at different levels.
Michelle 21st Jan 2022 Activity Coordinator

Valentines crafts

Very pretty. Definitely going to do this one next month. These also can be made larger and use fabric glue. None of my resident are able to sew anymore. Thank You!
Clare 21st Jan 2022 Retired

Valentine Bingo

Thankyou Sara for the Valentines Day Bingo, I'm a bit confused though, as to what to do!!! Do I print out the full pages and laminate, one per resident each game and then print out and laminate small cards sufficient to match to the different pictures? Then the 'caller' calls the names on the big set and residents try to get a line or complete set?? Sorry to have to have it spelt out!!
Donita 21st Jan 2022 Director

This Day in History for Seniors: January - 2nd Edition

Love this! I have residents who are in quarantine, so these will make a nice addition to my little room to room care packets!
Christine Marie 20th Jan 2022

How to host an Olympic Games Theme Day

This is perfect! Exactly what I was looking for! Awesome and fun activities. The kids will have a blast!
Gwyneth 20th Jan 2022 Volunteer

Finish the Old-Time Song Titles

Thank you Jacqulyn, glad you love them, I love the old songs, all the best, Gwyneth
Jacqulyn 20th Jan 2022 Activity Program Coordinator

Finish the Old-Time Song Titles

Nancy 20th Jan 2022 Activity Director

Unexplained Trivia

loved it. so creative! i am not a creative type so i need people like you in my life to help my residents have awesome things to do while they're in covid isolation.
Sara 20th Jan 2022 Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator

A Day at the Office Bingo

I actually don't use a generator, I do it manually using Microsoft publisher. I'll share my template here, the first 16 pages are the bingo cards and starting on page 17 is where I put all the images for the calling cards. If you have any other questions let me know!
Gwyneth 19th Jan 2022 Volunteer

Baby Boomers Music Quiz 5

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: MUSIC of the 50'S/60'S QUIZ
Maria 19th Jan 2022 Sheltered Housing Activities Coordinator

How to Form a Resident Choir

Love this idea - thank you, I will definitely be using this on Sheltered housing : - )
Rebecca 19th Jan 2022 Lifestyle Coordinator Resthaven Port Elliot

A Day at the Office Bingo

Your Bingo activities are great Sara. Would you be willing to share the Bingo generator/template that you use? I would love to contribute to this site and have had a few requests / ideas from our residents. Much appreciated!
Kathryn 19th Jan 2022 Activities Assistant

Jokes for International Beer Day

Adriana 19th Jan 2022

This Day in History for Seniors: January - 2nd Edition

Hi, I highly recommend a 3rd addition. The residents at the home I work at enjoy reading these everyday.
CECILIA 18th Jan 2022 Social Support Group Coordinator

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: SOPA DE LETRAS
Alison 18th Jan 2022 Diversional Therapist

Find The Hidden Objects - Library

Thanks really appreciated these Residents have enjoyed all print outs of word search and hidden Objects while they are unfortunately in lockdown in rooms . Have a great day :)
Vicky 18th Jan 2022 Activity Co Ordinator

How to Form a Resident Choir

I have just started one at our home , I must say it is a real bonding experience. We practice once a week and have another resident on keyboard …. We’re not X factor but we certainly enjoy it x
Amanda 18th Jan 2022 LSO

How to Form a Resident Choir

We started our choir last year. Initially it was for Christmas carols at our Residents Christmas Parties. Families were invited and it was a success. The residents thoroughly enjoyed it, that we have continued it and looking forward to Australia Day as we have started singing Aussie songs and performing at our Aussie Bbq.
We are so happy we started this as it was a small group and now more and more residents have joined.
Peehu 18th Jan 2022 Social Support Team Leader

Sing-Along with Picture Cards

This is a great idea as we are now restricted to meet in groups with our clients, one of our just organised program is a virtual singing group. We meet online with the use of our digital devices. Most of the participants have no experience in singing but one of their family member are into music but they didn't bothered to try.
They joined because they want to give themselves a go and they treated this as their outlet to meeting someone even just online.
Leo 17th Jan 2022 Activity Co Ordinator

Spot the Differences Contest

These have gone down so well with my residents! Have you got anymore? I've run out already:)
Rosita 17th Jan 2022 Activities Assistant

Air Dry Clay Scentables

There are so many activities available with outcomes that please the residents in my care.
They look forward to what each day will bring with anticipation and expectation and are never disappointed. Thank you so much.
Gwyneth 17th Jan 2022 Volunteer

Occupations & Conversations

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: OCCUPATIONS GOOD CONVERSATION TOPICS
Kristen 17th Jan 2022 Activity Director

14 Delightful Easter Egg Stuffers

So cool!
Kristen 17th Jan 2022 Activity Director

Easter Bingo Prizes

So simple but so sweet!
Kristen 17th Jan 2022 Activity Director

Spring Bonnets

This is beautiful!
Kristen 17th Jan 2022 Activity Director

Optical Illusion Fun #2

This is amazing! Gonna put it on my calendar!
Deborah 16th Jan 2022 Diversional Therapist

Tactile Reminiscing Ideas

Dementia care - I use the Kinetic Sand which comes with its own tray for easy use and cleanup. I do this as a one-on-one activity and we use the moulds to create a sandcastle, unicorn, turtle and crab. I also have a bag of shells that I collected from a local beach and we decorate the sand with those and reminisce about our days at the beach. Then we have a cone icecream.