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katherine 4th Jul 2020 Leisure & Lifetyle Coordinator

18 Snippets of French Trivia

Thanks so much! All great ideas and activities :-)
Paraskevi 4th Jul 2020 Lifestyle And Leisure Coordinator

Arm Chair Travel with YouTube

Do you do power point presentations?
Sharon 3rd Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator

Newsletter Template - August 2020

this news letter template is fantastic please add more ... thankyou for all these wonderful extra tips for us all to enjoy
activity coordinator
Solange 3rd Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist

How to make Twiddlemuffs

Hi Geetaa, how nice of you to make the twidle muff. Chose a care charity of your choice and post it to them or better, visit the facility and give your generous work to a resident that does not have family or receive many visitors. I send love your way for your kind gesture.
Kerrily 3rd Jul 2020 Lifestyle Staff

Target Letter Game 1

That's my question, too. lol
Donna 3rd Jul 2020 Personal Carer

The Price is Right - Australian Version

This is great, Thankyou :)
Wendy 3rd Jul 2020 Activity Convenor

True or False Lollipops

I have done this with true or false I put T on one side and F on the other side of a tongue depressor to save the confusion of two sticks. It worked really well.
Jill 2nd Jul 2020 Activities Director

Newsletter Template - August 2020

Can we see one page news letters.
Thank you
Geetaa V Sharmaa 2nd Jul 2020

How to make Twiddlemuffs

Hi, I have just finished making my first twiddle muff :). Where can u drop it off or mail? Please advise
Diane 2nd Jul 2020 Activity Officer

Anagram Quiz

Great game
Fione 2nd Jul 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

Newsletter Template - August 2020

Fantastic Resource
Many thanks for sharing
Maurice 2nd Jul 2020

Newsletter Template - August 2020

Hi Yolanda!

That's so lovely, glad to hear it :)

The easiest way to delete a page in Microsoft Word is to

1. Download the file from Golden Carers
2. Open the document
3. If you can't edit the text, click "Edit Template" at the top of the screen
4. Now, find the page/content you want to delete
5. Click and drop the content with your mouse to highlight this content
6. Press Delete on your keyboard

That should be it! Let me know how you go.
Yolanda 2nd Jul 2020 Activities Coordinator

Newsletter Template - August 2020

I have just signed onto your wonderful site, The information is amazing.

As for the newsletter, is there a way to delete some of the pages, We won't necessarily
put all the information in our newsletter.

Thank You
Mary LYnn 2nd Jul 2020 Activities Director

16 Snippets of Italian Trivia

I just LOVE the multicultural section of this fabulous website. I work as a Activities Director at a day service facility and we are currently closed due to COVID! I am mailing/delivering personalized packages to our clients. We have clients of many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Adding pages of color-printed information from their country really brightens their day. The family members/care givers are delighted to see a spark in their loved ones eyes when they see and read about their history. I am becoming so educated myself learning all this. It will help me when we get back to work striking a spark in our clients eye when I reminisce with them about their culture. I seriously can NOT get enough of this fantastic site. xoxo :-)
Gregory 1st Jul 2020 Activities Officer

Movie Titles with Colours in Them

My pleasure Talita!!
SandrA 1st Jul 2020 Retired/carer

Short Story: The Disappearance of the Mona Lisa

We did the scavenger picture yesterday it worked really well. I collected all the junk drew the template and left Hubble to it. When he was satisfied I took a photo tipped all the junk off and then I recreated it using glue ,my husband Hates getting messy
Sunya 1st Jul 2020 Activity Director

Newsletter Template - August 2020

Yes please include more newsletter templates. Thanks
Lesley 1st Jul 2020 Home Manager

Newsletter Template - August 2020

How do I access the monthly newsletter for July please
Lesleah 1st Jul 2020 Christian Science Nurse

Newsletter Template - August 2020

Newsletter templates are helpful in at least two ways..
They are idea-inspiring as well as useful just as they are for us to adapt.
Please include more templates?

Thank you!
Taylor 1st Jul 2020 Activity Director

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

I love these calendars but is there a way to add different backgrounds besides the few that are already available?
Sarah 1st Jul 2020 Engagement Worker

Newsletter Template - August 2020

Hi, I'd also love to see more. Thanks for sharing x
WENDY 1st Jul 2020 Activity Manager

Newsletter Template - August 2020

I would love to see more newsletter templates as I think this is an awesome resource.
Maurice 1st Jul 2020

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Taylor,

We really do need to add this feature! It's been on our todo list for a while, I'll see what we can do :)

Technically this is possible to DIY with the Word Document version, however, it's a bit fiddly playing with backgrounds. I'll try to build it into this calendar system directly to make it easy!
Christine 30th Jun 2020 Support Worker

Create Your Own Crossword!

Thank you for the `Create your own Crossword' template, I have just used it to make a `Chocolate' crossword for World Chocolate day. Golden Carers is a wonderful resource
Vanessa 30th Jun 2020 Care Worker

Play dough crafts

I use Allison's soft play dough recipe and also add essential oils and colour match colours to oils (yellow to lemon, peppermint or spearmint to green etc) and the residents in my dementia unit love it, their imaginations go into overdrive. I love your idea Marina and am definitely going to try it.
Hamsa 30th Jun 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator

Newsletter Template - August 2020

I love love love this ... sometimes I run out of ideas .. please I would appreciate it every month :)

Newsletter Template - August 2020

This is awesome would love to have it each month.

Mel Smalle
Activities Coordinator
Wendy 30th Jun 2020 Diversional Therapist

Newsletter Template - August 2020

Would love to have more newsletter templates. Wendy McAlpine
Angela 30th Jun 2020 Lifestyle Service Coordinator

Fun Riddle 21

Greatly appreciate the riddles, always love to give our residents something to laugh at.
Toni 30th Jun 2020 Activites Assisiant

Jokes - Children's Thoughts

what a giggle thank you
MARIA 30th Jun 2020 Activities Coordinator

Newsletter Template - August 2020

I would like to see more Newsletters. Great resource for Activities coordinators
kind regards
Maria Batchelor
Dixie 30th Jun 2020 CNA/Activities

Bird Seed Wreath

I used toilet paper rolls slathered with peanut butter and firmly pressed to n bird seed. And, hung with jute string
Gail 30th Jun 2020 Director

Newsletter Template - August 2020

I hope you are having a good day ! Please send July newsletter and June .
Josie 29th Jun 2020

Card Bingo

A good hygiene tip for everyone who uses normal playing cards is to purchase 'poker' grade cards. They are made from plastic and have larger numbers/suits printed on them. Therefore, easier for clients to read and easy to clean compared to the usual cardboard type cards.
Gail 29th Jun 2020 Activities Director

Newsletter Template - August 2020

looking for a July newsletter
Please and Thank you so much!! Love Love Love this website!!
Wanda Butterfield 29th Jun 2020

100 Movie Recommendations for Seniors

Will I have access to this program including movies even thought I am located in Bermuda?
Tammy 29th Jun 2020 Activity Assistant

Newsletter Template - August 2020

I would love to see more newsletter templates as I think this is an awesome resource.

Kindest Regards,
Tammy Potter
AL Activity Assistant
Christine 29th Jun 2020 Carer/OTA Assit

Aboriginal Words Word Search

I love this site and I am learning a lot from all of you. Thank you so much for all the advise and input towards the activities. I am doing a back to work programme helping with the acctivities. I was a carer/ cook for 25years but hurt my shoulder and have to find another job. I am enjoying been a activities assistant and I am so glad I was introduced to this site. Good luck and thank you everyone. xx Chris
East Grampians Health Service 28th Jun 2020 Resident Support Co-ordinator

Hang the Song Man

Hi Amy,
I have also found that our residents enjoy this version of hangman. We also include singers, actors, movie or book titles. Often staff become involved too. A great group activity which promotes involvement by many and lots of fun.
eg/singer - Elvis Presley AND
song - Wooden Heart
Book and movie - Gone with the Wind AND
Actor - Clark Gable
Francine Ector 28th Jun 2020

Finish the Sayings and Proverbs Game

I've recently became an Activity Director and was told about this site when I was taking the MEPAP courses. I LOVE IT!!!! It is so helpful especially now with the residents not allowed visitors and can't go anywhere. I'll be a member soon. Can't wait to see what fun things you have to offer.
Donna Wardzynski 28th Jun 2020

20 Activities for the Visually Impaired

i look after my 95 year old mother in-law who is virtually blind due to cataracts she is also almost deaf with hearing aids, mobility poor, becoming institutionalized is there anything i can do to stimulate her?
Gwyneth 27th Jun 2020 Volunteer

8 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays in Senior Care Homes

At our Day Care Centre we have a book of everyones birthday, volunteers and clients, so we celebrate birthdays every month, could be for only one, or sometimes for a few, - we have special felt birthday hats, which some of the volunteers have donated, with pretend candles on them, you can buy them in cheap shops, so everyone whose birthday it is , if they want to, no pressure put on them, wears the hats for as long as they want and everyone sings happy birthday to them, we have a sing a long, and with their cooked lunch they have a very special dessert, everyone looks forward to birthdays. Short and simple, but everyone enjoys themselves.

Gwyneth (volunteer)
Gail 27th Jun 2020 Activities Director

This Day in History for Seniors: July

Awesome website!! Glad I found you!!!
Christina 27th Jun 2020 Activities Coordinator

Create your own Word Search!

This was great. I did all the residents names. Great success
jana 27th Jun 2020

This Day in History for Seniors: January

thanks i am jana
Jo 26th Jun 2020 Activity Coordinator

Card Bingo

Card housie is very popular in our facility. We have dementia patients who may struggle to play and often call out whilst we are playing. I now have the residents who constantly call out or only want to watch the game call the cards out and I then repeat it for the other residents. This keeps everyone involved in the game.
Joe 26th Jun 2020

5 Myths and Misconceptions About Dementia

Thank you Molly for the informative post.
Where I come from some care workers need this education otherwise it is a big problem rendering care. Dementia is generally associated with all old people here, this should not be the case though. The cause of this in my opinion is lack of skills development from facility management to regular care workers. Because of the variety of diagnosis of clients in one facility, those not in management or higher in nursing care hierarchy will be ignorant and sometimes indifferent to this important aspect of the work.

I'll gladly share to relieve the pain it causes seeing elderly/client abuse because of ignorance and indifference.

May God bless all those actively participating to help a fellow in need.
Wendy 26th Jun 2020 Lifestyle

8 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays in Senior Care Homes

We celebrate the birthdays during the month for afternoon tea with cake and singing and then a movie after.
Myra 26th Jun 2020

Weather Station Activities for Seniors

I can see a good discussion on how their pets, horses, livestock reacted during storms.
Solange 26th Jun 2020 Diversional Therapist

Weather Station Activities for Seniors

You are quite right Myra. Birds also sense the drop in barometric pressure that occur before a storm and take flight. Excellent idea.