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April 21st Feb 2020 Activities Coordinator

Create Your Own Quiz!

I absolutely love this, we have a weekly quiz which the residents love
Grace 20th Feb 2020

Words in Words Game

Woow. Thanks so much for all the fun tips. Will incorporate them into the care of the elderly hear. Kindly post more activities. I'm new in this area but the passion is massive.
Sunshine 20th Feb 2020 Activity Director

Valentines crafts

We made these but we tied them instead of sewing them. The residents loved them!!
Cheryl-Lee Beks Tinks Dan Cindy & Claude 19th Feb 2020 Recreational Activities Officer

Doll Therapy and Dementia

I am just starting to introduce "Doll Therapy" but now thinking I do like the name "Nurture Therapy". I have just got given a cradle today which I'm hoping to put into our quite room to assist with morning tea etc so the baby doesnt get given food or drink and get dirty.
I would love some ideas on possessiveness behaviours and allowing the baby to have sleeps so that daily routines toileting ,showering, meals can be continued.
As well as the person having a break so the baby isnt held for long periods of time so the person can interact with other activities and not becoming isolated with just the baby and the person. I have seen some positive beautiful outcomes but also more behaviours from the baby not letting others near them.
Also has anyone got any documentation/forms to assist with this form of therapy apart from the normal observations of the person. Im wanting to grab hold of any info possible to share with the rest of my colleagues.
Alison 19th Feb 2020 Activity Coordinator

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

With the calendar can we have regular events on repeat or do we have to enter it each month?
Christine 19th Feb 2020 Activities & Lifestyle Coordinator

Sensory Lavender Rice & Chamomile Dough for Dementia

We did this today, and the residents seem to enjoy it. We added in food colouring to change colour of dough for the extra visual sensory experience. Some of the Lavender Rice ended up in the Chamomile coloured dough but that’s ok, it’s about their creativity and engagement of any kind is better than nothing.
Shirley 18th Feb 2020 Welfare Village Officer

Find the Objects: - Sea Theme

I'm amazed at how much I find when I am at a loss for activities. This week and next definitely find the object will be my activity in Dementia.
Thank you Golden Carers..
Brenda Torres-Wells 18th Feb 2020

How to Conduct an Activities Survey

Thank you so much for providing this helpful tool. I also would like to request a copy of your annual survey.
This is a wonderful tool!

Thank you,
Heather 17th Feb 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator Manangatang

Famous Foursomes Quiz

thank you for the easy nursery rhyme quiz my residents love these.
golden carers is a great help to me giving me great ideas.
Eduardo 17th Feb 2020 Empleado

Famous Threesomes Quiz

Kelly 16th Feb 2020

Valentine's Day Hearts

Thanks Golden Carers for the wonderful ideas....I put a combination of ideas together. We cut out glitter hearts. I took a picture of a picture the resident had with their spouse or any family member. I then printed those and we pasted them in the middle of the heart. We then made hole punches around the edge of the hearts and the residents threaded ribbon around the perimeter of the hearts. We then taped them in the lobby for Valentines Day/Week.

Everyone loved it...the staff and the residents as they tried to guess who was who in the pictures.

they all wanted to keep the heart with their picture on it for their rooms.

From Canada
Zara 16th Feb 2020 Centre Manager

Valentine Bingo

The st valentines day dementia bingo activity was a great success.We have mostly middle stage dementia club members and this can be quite challenging at times, keeping everyone happy.
We found those most able to play helped the others which was a joy to see, they especially love a small winners prize .
thankyou once again
Jean 15th Feb 2020 Activities Provider

Armchair Travel To Greece

All prepared and packed to go to Greece on 2nd March. We take photos of the day and have created a scrapbook dedicated to Armchair Travel, the residents can browse through it and recall the day. Thank you.
Alison 14th Feb 2020 Chief Officer

Things I LOVE

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: An activity for Valentines. Things you love
Anne 14th Feb 2020 Activity Coordinator

Solve the Riddles

We love the riddles .... Keep them coming !!!
Kendra 14th Feb 2020 Recreation Therapist

Marble Sun Catchers

We made these and found they stuck to the plate. We used clear plastic bags and then put them and then put the glue on there. It took several days to dry but we cut the plastic down and they hang very nicely. A good end result!
Ann 13th Feb 2020 Lifestyle & Well-being Assistant

Hollywood Stars Bingo

We have recently printed this out for our Day Respite Program because the other Lifestyle Assistant was goind 'crazy' doing the Bingo with numbers. Poor lady - she's been doing the numbers one for sooooo long. Having another option has just given her some respite from the mundane. It's so important to look after ourselves. Thanks for giving us another option.
PS Our participants love it too
Linda 13th Feb 2020 Activity Organiser

Valentines crafts

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Valentines crafts
Arlene 13th Feb 2020 Activity Director

13 Ways to Incorporate Math Into Your Activity Calendar

We are doing a ton of math sheets ( about 3rd grade) division, multiplication, addition, etc. The residents are having so much fun doing the math and when they return it to me they get a small treat and at the end of the month the resident that returns the most math papers will get a special prize. I have had residents that that normally don't participate requesting more math sheets daily. In March we are doing Math March Madness, where all activities will be dealing with numbers of some sort. I will also be placing decorative random numbers throughout the building and then we will have a number "OF THE DAY" the first one to find the daily number will get a prize, this will encourage them to walk around more to find the number.. March is gonna be fun!!
Solange 12th Feb 2020 Diversional Therapist

Famous Threesomes Quiz

Thank you Lisa, your feedback is very important to us.
Diane 12th Feb 2020 Recreation Team Leader

Celebrity Bingo

Thank you so much for the activity ideas. so very helpful and my residents love them all.
Lisa 12th Feb 2020 Activities for Seniors

Famous Foursomes Quiz

This is brilliant!
Lisa 12th Feb 2020 Activities for Seniors

Famous Threesomes Quiz

This is fabulous....just fabulous!
Jacqui 11th Feb 2020 Leisure And Lifestyle Coordinator

Word Ladder #5

I am loving everything Golden Carers has to offer. The printable calendars are a huge hit and the activities make planning so easy. Thanks Golden Carers!!
Julie 11th Feb 2020 Diversional Therapist

Create Your Own Quiz!

Great idea. Our community receive a news paper once a week. I make a 10 questions quiz from the paper of the week. The residents need to have a read of the newspaper prior to the quiz, works great in ways.

We can have the quiz as a group activity or I give out the quiz so the residents can look for the answers in the newspaper at their leisure and then go through the answers together at the next group quiz session.
jennifer young 11th Feb 2020

Rhyming Riddles #9

Thank you for all your free activities, it is a nice addition to my other activities.
Mary 11th Feb 2020 Trainer,Assessor Aged, Community,Disability

7 Ways To Spice Up Your Newsletter

Love your newsletter tips and I would like to add some time ago residents and I organised a current affairs group where we discussed issues specific to the cohort. These ranged from seating required around their place of residence in the community to encourage walking and rest without sitting on fences to laws, regulations, tax and rights. These could be intercepted into newsletters to support knowledge of the aged sector and what the specific government representative actually does. They could even introduce a Dear Minister column. I know how empowering the residents felt. Kind regards Mary from NIET.
Pamela 11th Feb 2020 Activity Coordinator For Older People

Indigenous Australian Dot Paintings

Many thanks for your continued variety of activities available . I write a weekly newsletter and include , birthdays of clients , the weather , a wordsearch or quiz and short humorous stories or poems , they all go down well . I also add if any visitors are coming to the centre and what activities are offered each day for them to have a go at . We have children from a local preschool and school children who do activities with the older generation . There are so many things to do and thanks to golden careers I can plan ahead and make informative and interesting letters each week
Phil 11th Feb 2020 Retired Engineer

Match Songs with Artists Quiz 5: 1960s

We play music every time I visit my elderly friends. I have a Beats Pill and I subscribe to Spotify so they can choose any song, artist or genre they want. We love it. It was country and the Beatles this morning along with Glen Miller and the soundtrack from High Society.
Great fun
Deborah 11th Feb 2020 Activity Co Ordinator

Valentine's Day Poster #1

Love this site starting my new job tomorrow this had given me so many ideas
A great help
Carol 10th Feb 2020 Activities Coordinator

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Team
I love using your monthly calendars but wondered if you have thought about making available a weekly calendar. Individual plans can be included on a personal calendar so they know whats coming up specifically for them as well as other group opportunities available
chers Carol
Gail 10th Feb 2020 Lifestyle Team Leader

Easy Group Cooking Ideas for Dementia Care

Thanks for the ideas and activities that are safe, easy to follow and simple for our elderly residents, they look forward to cooking and reminisce about helping their parents or cooking with their children, we have also used your wonderful craft ideas and many more, lots of fun.
Blessing 9th Feb 2020 Recreational Therapy

14 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

Am very happy to join this wonderful community. Could you please provide further information on black history poster .Thanks.
Catalina M 9th Feb 2020 Activity Director

How to Host a Mardi Gras Parade

I am very thankful for all your help to encourage our residents to participate with your amazing programs, I practice one by one most of the time. They love card games, and holidays adventures.Thank You.Baldwin Gardens Nursing Center.
Catalina. A.D
Gwyneth 8th Feb 2020 Volunteer

Numbers, Numbers and More Numbers

I have no photo yet, but I am so glad that at last I have joined Golden Carers, I have'nt stopped looking at all the activities, I'm amazed, blown away, thank you all. I am Welsh from South Wales UK but living in Australia NSW I have at last joined the League of Nations. did'nt realise that so many countries were involved in this wonderful website. Thanks again Gwyneth
simonne 7th Feb 2020 Support worker

Sifting and Sorting Bins for Dementia Care

What are the themed boxes please?
Sandra 7th Feb 2020 Residential Activities Officer

Gentle Chair Exercises DVD

Hi, when will the dvd be back in stock please?
Owen 7th Feb 2020 Retired

Guess the Celebrity

Well done Gillian of Canada. I can appreciate the amount of research that went into putting together this power point. And I also cogratulate you on having the initiave to think of it for the use of others logging in to Golden Carers. I shall certainly try it out myself on my fellow group at Tawa Redwood Club in New Zealand.
Vivian 6th Feb 2020 Leisure & Lifestyle Coordinator

Armchair Travel To Greece

Thank you this will be our next destination. We went to Spain last year
Solange 6th Feb 2020 Diversional Therapist

Old Wives Tales - True or False?

Thank you, Cate, for the feedback. We really appreciate it.
Solange 6th Feb 2020 Diversional Therapist

Pressed Flowers

Thank you, Ann, for your kind words.
Emily 6th Feb 2020 Activity Director

Valentine's Day Poster #2

I can't get mine to print correctly? It is cutting off half of the page?
Ann 6th Feb 2020 HCA

Pressed Flowers

I have just come across this brilliant site and I think it is amazing. Such great ideas and lots of feedback too. I am planning on developing my knowledge in this area as I am passionate about those living with dementia. As a longtime HCA I have learned a lot from my clients and am never happier than when seeing a smile on their face. Thank you.
Cate 5th Feb 2020 Diversional Therapist

Old Wives Tales - True or False?

I love the Golden Carers web site as I get some great ideas, such a great resource!
Edna Sparkes 4th Feb 2020

This Day In History For Seniors: August

Looking forward to downloading to share with friends @ Stanbridge House, Banbury, where I live...
Karen 4th Feb 2020 Activity Co-ordinator

It Happened in February Quiz

This is now my "go to" for all quizzes and trivia! I cannot tell you how helpful it has been!
Thank you!
Julie 4th Feb 2020 Lifestyle Officer

Beach Reminiscing

I do this too Dianné...I also ask to give me 20 things you would find at the beach. It's fun especially with the dementia residents
Spiros 4th Feb 2020 Community Care Worker

Armchair Travel To Greece

Arm chair travel to Greece , Absolutely Excellent Activities.
Diane 4th Feb 2020 Activity Coordinator

Nursery Rhymes Quiz 4

I'm so happy that you included the rhymes along with the quiz.. we always get stuck on the wording when saying the verses out loud. Thank-you!
Sherlene 4th Feb 2020 Activities Coordinator

Your Role in Discharge Planning

Thank you so much for the information. I have always felt out of the loop when it came to discharge planning. Now you have given me some ideas. I really like the packet idea. Thanks again!! #Ilovegoldencarers