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Karen 23rd Oct 2020 Activity Professional

Gratitude Jar

Great idea for a Gratitude Jar. Its an activity to build Positivity for Residents and Caregivers!
Elizabeth 22nd Oct 2020 Manager Of Recreation And Volunteers

Fads of the 1940s and 1950s

Thank you so much Golden cares,the resident enjoy all the activities ,we have so much fun doing it, make my work so much enjoyable getting all the new activities every time.
Thank you!!!
Jane 22nd Oct 2020 Day Service Supervisor

This Day in History for Seniors: October

I am absolutely thrilled to have found this site and my colleagues and I use the resources daily.
I have noticed on two pages this month - talking about Roger Moore and Joan Fontaine - they were described as "Fashion Designers" rather than actors. Obviously a massive amount of work goes into these so its easily crossed out - but thought you would like to know.
Congratulations on building a site that just keeps on giving!!
Marlene 22nd Oct 2020 Lifestyle Assistant

A 2020 Christmas Poem

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: A 2020 Christmas Poem
Leisure and Lifestyle Team 22nd Oct 2020 Aged Care Assistant

AFL Bingo

Looking forward to using this at the weekend..........helps when I'm not very familiar with AFL teams etc etc..........
Thank you
Sur 22nd Oct 2020

Balloon Games

Hi my name is sue been working with dementia for three years then rotated to age care on other side so love balloon tennis with the dementia so love it and they love it a little different on the other side a little harder to please so I try and use a lot of humour and I think I’ve won their hearts was a cleaner for 35yesrs had work accident so they put me over there and I love it insurance company finally paid for course as the nurses said have to be qualified there three years without ticket must be doing something right
Pauline 22nd Oct 2020 Activities Coordinator

Old Wives Tales #1 - True or False?

Love this site thank you x
Hanneke 22nd Oct 2020 Manager Services

Newsletter Template - November 2020

Thank you very much Talita! Really appreciate it
Sarah 21st Oct 2020 Senior Carer & Welfare Officer

BBC Reminiscence Archive

LOVE this, thank you!x
Karen 21st Oct 2020

Optical Illusion Fun #2

Fantastic optical illusions! Thanks for sharing them with us.
Barb 21st Oct 2020

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thank you for your hard work! This song lyric list is amazing!
Christin 21st Oct 2020 Activity Director

Optical Illusion Fun #2

Optical illusions are great!!! Thank you
Marlene 20th Oct 2020 Lifestyle Assistant

Guess the Christmas Carols

Thank you so much Talita for your encouraging feedback re my activity. Appreciate if so much !

Marlene Laporte
Evangeline 20th Oct 2020 Registered Manager

8 Ways to to Encourage Friendships Among Residents

Thank you so much for this :)
At our care home we have 'Getting to know you' session.
Turn to the person on your right, shake their hand, introduce yourself an talk a little about yourself. This has been so lovely t see residents engaging more with each other, especially after a little encouragement.
I will definitely be trying some of your ideas :)
Thank you
Evangeline Girling
Registered Manager
Ralphland Care Home
Susan 20th Oct 2020 Recreation Director

How to make Twiddlemuffs

Hi- maybe this is a dumb question, but are there any videos of HOW the residents/ patients actually use them/ respond to them? Are the residents wearing them as cuffs on both arms? I work full-time in memory care assisted living and think a few fidgety types would enjoy...but for how long, I wonder? I assume they are personalized/ washed with their laundry? Anyone with day to day experience?
Colleen 20th Oct 2020 Lifestyles

Reveal A Picture Guessing Game

Virginia, this is fantastic. In the process of making several for our residents. Thank you so much
Faye 20th Oct 2020 Recreation Coordinator

Name That Show Visual Quiz

Well done activity
Virginia 20th Oct 2020 Activities Specialist

Reveal A Picture Guessing Game

Hi Susan and Susan! It is a reveal a picture game. You make a customer/residents pick a number and you open that up and will eventually reveal or give them a clue of what the picture is behind those tiles.
Monica 19th Oct 2020 Manager Of A Charity For Seniors

Newsletter Template - August

I would love to receive more newsletter templates. The August template is superb.
I am especially interested to cover the winter months - October, November, December - January , February, March.
Many thanks
Karen 19th Oct 2020 Activity Professional

4 Cozy Drink Recipes

Great recipes and just in time for a flavorful afternoon treat! Doing my November calendar and will add this these tasty Autumn beverages! Thank you again!
Karen 19th Oct 2020 Activity Professional

COVID-19: Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Hello to all. I’m new to Golden Carers and thankful for many new activity ideas. This Karen is from New Jersey. I work in Pennsylvania. When I logged in before it said Michigan.
Shirley 19th Oct 2020 Act Director

Gratitude Jar

hi , I'm New I just join I need some ideas for November, December 2020
thank you
Susan 18th Oct 2020 Recreation Director

Reveal A Picture Guessing Game

hi- I don't really understand how it is played. Is this like a tile matching game where there are two hidden pairs and they have to find the matching pairs? Your description was kind of vague. Does this game work for memory care residents?
Teresa 18th Oct 2020 Activites

This Land is Our Land Display Board

Over the top wonderful in so many ways. Everyone has a story to share regarding where they are from, cultural highlights and all the memories that will come out with this activity! Thank you Jill ; )
Teresa 18th Oct 2020 Activites

Initials Whiteboard Quiz

Hello everyone :) I am new to your community have just begun to get familiar with all Golden Carers has to offer. Thank you to everyone that has contributed and I hope to come up with a new idea to share soon too. Your ideas are brilliant and has helped to open my mind up to possibilities that I had not considered before.
Gwyneth 17th Oct 2020 Volunteer

2 Gentle Exercise Routines

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: A nice relaxing little exercise for hands, fingers and toes. Enjoy.
Marge 17th Oct 2020 Respite Coordinator

Name That Show Visual Quiz

This is a great activity. We all loved it. Thanks for sharing.
Jen 17th Oct 2020 Recreation Therapist

Optical Illusion Fun #2

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Optical Illusion Powerpoint
Virginia 16th Oct 2020 Activities Specialist

Daily Devotion

Thank you, Stefanie, for this Daily Devotion activity. I will incorporate it on our daily activities.
Virginia 16th Oct 2020 Activities Specialist

Reveal A Picture Guessing Game

Happy to hear it worked for you, Erika! It can be used in a lot of activities. I do trivia games with this too, but instead of pics. I have letters hiding behind the tiles. I also do The Price Is Right, Bingo Board (so our customers don't keep asking which number has been called). It is unlimited what you can do applying pretty much the same technique. God Bless!
Hanneke 16th Oct 2020 Manager Services

Newsletter Template - November 2020

Is there a way to change the calendar back to start at the beginning of the week, Monday? It now breaks up the weekend which is strange. We would like to continue with the consistency that was in place already.
Kelly 16th Oct 2020 Recreation Coordinator

Read-Aloud: Audience Participation Story

This went over very well with our Residents. I was so happy to see how much they were enjoying this activity. When we finished up with the story the conversation and reminiscing started. They were also talking about how much fun they had and saying "when we do this next time". Thank you!
Carly 16th Oct 2020 Activities Coordinator

Reveal A Picture Guessing Game

I'm going to try this with a poster and post it notes as a low tech version, what a fabulous idea thank you
Dianne 16th Oct 2020

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thank you very much this is really helpful and appreciated.
Karen 16th Oct 2020 Lifestyle Manager

Melbourne Cup Horse Race Game

Hi, there is nothing at the link - how to make the horses :)
Erika 16th Oct 2020 Lifestyle Co-ordinator

Reveal A Picture Guessing Game

Thank you, Virginia. I tried this on Wednesday with my residents, it was great. Only one thing! I'll have to make the subjects more difficult as they were too good. Thanks again.
Kim 16th Oct 2020 Activity

Colour by Numbers

This Activity Was Fantastic Residents Found It Enjoyable And loved Seeing The End Result
Lyn 16th Oct 2020

15 Activities for Late-Stage Alzheimer's Disease

I am a fairly new caregiver with Home Instead. I have a client with severe Alzheimer's. I am looking for ideas to occupy her as she likes to wonder around the house. FYI I worked one day with her and I had her fold laundry. I was a preschool teacher and have ideas, but can use your input. I thought about adult coloring books, shoe matching, containers with lids to match, Legos to match colors and shapes, but I may have to bring whatever I do. I may ask a friend to make me bean bags. There is so much you can do with those, including toss into a basket or box. Music is another thing that came to mind. I asked if she danced, but only learned she liked to visit with her friends. Tomorrow I may try a tea party and include a doll she seems to like. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Rob 15th Oct 2020 Diversional Therapist

James Bond Films - Visual Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Bond - James Bond
Karen 15th Oct 2020 DT

Presidential Election Word Search

Love this site. Everything is so handy and helps keep the residents busy.
Shirley 15th Oct 2020 Act Director

Reveal A Picture Guessing Game

Thank you
Dawn 15th Oct 2020 Activities Coordinator

Balloon Games

We do something like this called Noodle ball. We take pool noodles and cut them in half to use to hit the balloons. Our participants love this game.
Megan 15th Oct 2020 Therapeutic Activities Services Worker

Name That Show Visual Quiz

I pulled them up from YouTube. You can also find short clips from the show and sometimes even full episodes! My folks loved seeing the clips and sang along to some of the theme shows
Keeley 14th Oct 2020 Recreation Coordinator

Name That Show Visual Quiz

Thank you for sharing!! Great resource
Cynthia G. Milan 14th Oct 2020

25 Ways to Show Gratitude To Volunteers

I'm going to sign up tomorrow when my ss check comes in
Karen 13th Oct 2020 Activity Professional

COVID-19: Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Hello to all dedicated Activity Professionals. In my personal self-care program, I practice taking my work ‘one day at a time’, and I add to that flexibility, patience and positive mindset. Not easy some days! Following strict guidelines put in place because of Covid is presenting challenges. Adapting to changes can be frustrating. I am grateful to be of service to my residents, families and co-workers. Never lose hope and faith that we will get through this challenge! Carpe diem
Marianne 13th Oct 2020 Activities Director

Seaside photography

What a beautiful idea...:)
Lil 13th Oct 2020 Minister To Senior Adults

Folk Songs Guessing Game and Singalong

Golden Carers has made my ministry so much easier! I loved it before COVID and now it's even more enjoyable with all your helpful activities! Thank you!
Virginia 13th Oct 2020 Activities Specialist

Reveal A Picture Guessing Game

You're very welcome, Talita!
Virginia 13th Oct 2020 Activities Specialist

Reveal A Picture Guessing Game

You're very welcome, Shirley! Glad to have shared something.