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Janaya 28th May 2017

Posted in Balloon tennis

To further spice up this motor activity. I tossed three balloons, at varying intervals, and all of the same colour, into the circle. Any balloon within reach was "fair game" the result was hilarious laughter and controlled 'chaos' - with balloons shooting everywhere.
At first, I threw in balloons of all different colours, but found our dementia patients could only focus on and track one coloured balloon.
Tossing in one then.. two, then... three of the same colour,
solved the problem fantastically.
Amy 25th May 2017

Posted in Reminiscing with Vintage Photos

Great resource! We would also be interested in British pictures.
Thanks so much,
Mary 25th May 2017

Posted in Cooking for Italian Day - Cannoli Dip

I am going to try this activity. I have been looking for easy cooking activities.
Morgan 25th May 2017

Posted in Look & Listen

We do this at my facility in Wisconsin as well. We call it Show and Tell a Story. We have had a resident bring down rosary beads that her niece who is a nun gave her that were blessed by the Pope, a resident brought down a gorgeous drawing that she had done as she is a well awarded artist. One resident brought down a pin of her mother's that had the birthstones of her and her siblings on it. Another brought their class picture from her one room schoolhouse and had us guess which one was her.
We also encourage staff to bring things to share as it lets the residents get more of a peek into the lives of the staff members that are caring for them daily.
Maggie 24th May 2017

Posted in Down Memory Lane with Autograph Books

I had this session this morning with my residents and it was a huge success. One of my residents still has her autograph book and showed it to me this afternoon. It was given to her by her mother in 1934. What a wonderful memory to have for herself and to pass onto her family. We are going to use this idea for a craft session as well.
Thanks for the great idea.
Madeleine 23rd May 2017

Posted in Balloon Games

Thank you so much for the balloon and fly swat game suggestion. We have played it with our clients and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did we. A packet of three fly swats costs two dollars and a bag of balloons another three dollars so it's an inexpensive way to have fun.
Lorraine 23rd May 2017

Posted in Down Memory Lane with Autograph Books

What a great idea with autograph books reminiscence session. I will use this session in our next group activity.
Kylie 23rd May 2017

Posted in Favourite TV Ads

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Favourite TV Ads
Morena 23rd May 2017

Posted in Songs for Seniors Quiz

Hi, Solange, That is really great, and fantastic work. is a big job to create Senior song lyrics, Well done!!!

Sancha 23rd May 2017

Posted in Balloon tennis

Played this recently with my Dementia Residents round the table (8) and they all had such a fun time will definitely do it again. Lots of laughs from both the nurses and Residents playing and watching. Thanks for the ideas. Love Golden Carers. Cheers!
Kelly 22nd May 2017

Posted in No Sew Lavender Scented Sachets

sure to be a winner for our seniors week in August
Solange 22nd May 2017

Posted in Things that go Together Quiz #2

Hi Kelly, thank you for your feedback. There will be 'Things that Go Together" with pictures soon. We are working on it. Cheers.
Kelly 22nd May 2017

Posted in Things that go Together Quiz #2

Is there a similar game, with pictures?
theresa 21st May 2017

Posted in Ten Ideas to Celebrate International Biological Diversity Day

this is great, I use all the resources from this site, its such a relief to have so much help and great ideas for care facilitys. thankyou lots
Jane 21st May 2017

Posted in Word Game

Hi there is so much to choose from I'm printing things every night love the sound of this game so off tomorrow to buy a white board only been doing activities for one and half months it seemed so easy when I was cleaner to play odd game or quiz but full time a different matter the golden carers are brilliant.
Lisa 20th May 2017

Posted in Reminiscing: I remember my Dad

I just joined and I love it already!!!!
Joanne 19th May 2017

Posted in Ocean Themed Sing-Along with Lyrics

Just going through some other songs, if you google ocean songs there is a whole list and the website also has some easy songs. You could also extend this to some river songs as well.
Jessa 19th May 2017

Posted in Sample Activities Calendars

there were calendar templates that I have used for April and May that had nice pictures on the bottom. I could choose M-Fri and different formats. I cannot find it on the site anymore. Maybe I forgot where they were hiding? Anyone know what I am talking about?
Kaz 18th May 2017

Posted in Creative Button Tree

Am planning an Autumn themed programme and there was the idea for creative button trees, just perfect.

All that fun of painting the trees and tree talk.

Buttons also tell stories.
I think many of us have button jars or our grandmothers' did, so I look forward to some lively conversation.
Virginia 18th May 2017

Posted in 'A' My Name Is...

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: "A" My Name Is....