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sally mcnamara 4th Apr 2020

Free Music Playlists for the Elderly

looking for songs with lyrics. TY

Gloria 3rd Apr 2020 Recreation Assit

Solve the Riddles #4

Thanks for the good stuff!
Liz 3rd Apr 2020 Leisure And Life Style Officer

Coronavirus: 18 Activities for Dementia Care

I ran a Leisure and Life Style department, yesterday we did, Special effect photos with our residents at the Grand Total cost of $4. I went to KMart and brought a $4 string of small LED lights ( Like the kind that you would put in a empty wine bottle to use outdoors )
I put aluminum foil on the wall ( about 2 meters is needed, needs to cover the whole head area in the photo), behind a chair sitting on a 45 degree angle, had our residents sit on the chair in a room with about 1/4 of the normal light level. I gently wrapped the LED lights around their heads and draped around their necks and then took photos with no flash. The low light means that the light from the LED's bounce off the Al foil and gives an awesome effect on the photo. We had a blast doing this and its so cheap! We then emailed the photos to their family members and got some great feed back from them.
Restvale 3rd Apr 2020 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator

Coronavirus: 18 Activities for Dementia Care

Great ideas. Thanks everyone for them and keep them coming. Remember we are all doing a fantastic job no matter how big or small it is. Keep up the great work.
Lisa 3rd Apr 2020 Diversional Therapist

Coronavirus: 18 Activities for Dementia Care

Great resource thank you.
Megahn 3rd Apr 2020 Activities And Program Manager

Coronavirus: 18 Activities for Dementia Care

Great Thank You !
joyce dupree 3rd Apr 2020

Coronavirus: 18 Activities for Dementia Care

I teach Sunday School at our nursing home here in Columbia, Louisiana. I have one class of dementia and they are wonderful. I was wondering if you have any bible activities?
Darla 2nd Apr 2020 Recreation Therapy Manager (former Activity Coordinator)

Armchair Travel to Mexico

Wonderful idea. We listened to music, drank watermelon Margaritas, each used a maraca instruments along with music, and watched the armchair travel to Mexico. At the conclusion of the videos, we identified the foods (on screen - thank you) relayed the Trivia, and , played more music to end the program.

When all the limitations have concluded, we plan to add sombreros stored in our Recreation Cupboard, and to make a layered salad for all to enjoy with soft shell triangles, and hard shell corn chips, And to print off the beautiful art work on heavy cardstock paper and watercolor the paintings.

There were many cheers from our residents for this activity. Perhaps we will be able to present again for Cinco D' Mayo on May 5th!
Sue 2nd Apr 2020 Nurse

Covid-19 Message for Family

Oh my goodness this activity has been an amazing success. We have 89 treasured residents, some low care some high care. We have been taking a picture of each resident, some chose to wear fancy hats while waving or blowing a kiss. I printed them out roughly drivers licence size, then stuck the picture on the message template. The residents then wrote their messages or asked us to write it for them. Once completed, we then scanned them and emailed them to the families and within minutes we had return emails from family absolutely delighted and thankful for them and the benefit for the residents and their families has been huge. Because we are in lockdown due to Covid 19 and for the protection of our residents, they have not been able to receive visits from family.
Thank you so much to you all for this amazing activity.
East Grampians Health Service 2nd Apr 2020 Resident Support Co-ordinator

Armchair Travel To Greece

Absolutely loved armchair travel to Italy. Our residents enjoyed the videos, music, food and activities. Our activities room looked wonderful with Italian banners and images. We added percolated coffee and plan to hold armchair travel each month. Everyone is looking forward to travelling to Greece.
Thank you.
Lidia 1st Apr 2020 Community Support Worker


Thank you so much for your wonderful resources. I am able to deliver lots of activities to my clients who are self isolating to keep them occupied. I am so grateful for this site.Cheers, Lidia
Solange 1st Apr 2020 Diversional Therapist

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

Hi Madeline, thank you for taking the time. Your feedback is really appreciated.
Marlene 1st Apr 2020 Carer/activities Officer

Covid-19 Message for Family

Easter Cards to family or grandchildren as they are very missed.
Sharon 1st Apr 2020 Activities Director

Flowering Tree Drawing

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Corona Virus: Look out the window flowering tree drawing
Emily 31st Mar 2020 Activity Director

COVID-19: Taking Care of Your Mental Health

i needed this! Thank you
Sue 31st Mar 2020 Therapy Assistant

Rainbow Guided Meditation

Just reading this post, I felt so relaxed. I can imagine using a slow, calm voice and putting us all to sleep! Looking forward to using it. Thank you for adding it.
Cindy 31st Mar 2020

How to Support Residents in Lockdown

At our skilled nursing facility we did a “spa” day where we used the hairdresser room to wash , dry and curl residents hair who don’t utilize the hairdressing services. It really lifted their spirits!
Madeline Beese 31st Mar 2020

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

Thank you for all the ideas I work for an adult day care center and need all the ideas I can get,
AJ 31st Mar 2020 Activity Director

COVID-19: Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Thanks for the reminders. I think most of us are caregivers by nature and forget to take care of ourselves!
I would say the biggest thing for me is having several FaceBook groups that are supportive, giving each other ideas and lets us know that we ARE NOT ALONE. Its great to see the Activity Professionals supporting each other during this difficult time.
Thank you Golden Carers for all you do for our peeps!
Peace and health from California!
Lori 31st Mar 2020 Rehab Director

14 Delightful Easter Egg Stuffers

Thank you for these brilliant ideas. You keep me hopping every month. Thank you so much!
Airinne Ryan 30th Mar 2020

COVID-19: Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Keep well and follow good advice....
Jenny 30th Mar 2020 Lead Activities Co-ordinator

Fish Wonder Word Finder

Fun to compose. I look forward to the residents response.
Solange 30th Mar 2020 Diversional Therapist

Artist-Impressions - Toulouse-Lautrec - Bruand

Thank you, Julianne, your feedback is really appreciated.
Julianne 30th Mar 2020 Lifestyle Assistant

Artist-Impressions - Toulouse-Lautrec - Bruand

Love these, they are excellent
Andrea 29th Mar 2020 Lifestyle Assistant

This Day in History for Seniors: April

I have been volunteering at an Aged Care Facility for 3 years and have just been given the job of Lifestyle Assistant, then the world went crazy!! I would like to thank you for all your ideas, I have just completed the April Calendar with lots of your wonderful ideas to fill in the gaps where I would have been taking the residents on bus tours/outings. Thank you so much, I am already looking forward to May and all the wonderful activities I can share with them.
One activity we play on a regular basis is Hang Man. We play on a huge white board and I play the part of the executioner pretending to be sad when they get the answers right (they are very good) and the little man 'gets away'. The laughter that it inspires is truly wonderful to hear and they get a small prize for freeing him. :)
Danine 29th Mar 2020

15 Virtual Activities for Residents in Isolation

I am planning to pilot some virtual cookery sessions to the care home where I usually work! I can't wait to do it and will update you with how it goes.
Veronna 29th Mar 2020 Program Manager

Sensory Salt Garden

Can sand be used instead of salt? Would sand still absorb the food color and fragrance of the oil?
Deidre 28th Mar 2020 recreation therapist/carer

Endangered Species Art Templates

thankyou for your suggestions and ideas. We are in lockdown, and are implementing individual activities. great ideas..
Snjezana 28th Mar 2020 OTA

15 Virtual Activities for Residents in Isolation

Thank you so much..this is amazing ❤
Alison 27th Mar 2020 Activitycoordinator

Motivational Quotes

Golden carers are always top of the game
Denise 27th Mar 2020 Careworker

Nursery Rhymes Quiz 4

Thankyou Carole
I am going to use this activity next week. Everybody loves nursery rhymes, and they have been around for a long time. Thank-you great idea.
Adelina 27th Mar 2020 Lifestyle coordinator

15 Virtual Activities for Residents in Isolation

Thank you Golden carers!!
Dawn 27th Mar 2020

Covid-19 Message for Family

Love this!! Thank you!
P. Liliana 27th Mar 2020 Activities Coordinator

15 Virtual Activities for Residents in Isolation

Firstly, THANK YOU! Golden Carers has been invaluable during this global emergency. I wanted to add a couple YouTube channels that really have been very popular with my program participants:
4K Relaxation Channel → Landscapes, animal habitats, and nature sounds
Stay Home #WithMe videos → Can be found on YouTube home page
Candid Camera Classics
Thanks again for all your help. Stay Safe

Activities 27th Mar 2020 Activities

5 Fun Technology Activities for Residents

words with friends, is a fun scrabble App
Community 27th Mar 2020 Support Worker

15 Virtual Activities for Residents in Isolation

This is amazing thank you and the links are really good. Helpful for me and the people I support.
Lerah 26th Mar 2020 Lifestyle Officer

15 Virtual Activities for Residents in Isolation

thank you, it's a good help for our residents.
Pamela 26th Mar 2020 Therapy Assistant

The Magic of Being Silly

Download the Laughing Policeman from Itunes. You will have residents and staff in fits of laughter. I get everybody to laugh along with the song.
Mercedes 26th Mar 2020 Activities Coordinator

Paper Gratitude Tree

I am so grateful for Golden Carers. could not do without it. Thank you so much!!!
Gwyneth 26th Mar 2020 Volunteer

Funny Short Stories #5

Glad you enjoyed them!
Kay E 26th Mar 2020 Activities Coordinator

50 Activities for the Elderly in Lockdown and Isolation

I can only see one page when I try to download it, can someone please check this for me? Thanks!
Gwyneth 25th Mar 2020 Volunteer

4 Ways Celebrate Saint David's Day

Carole you seem very familiar with the Welsh Language, being Welsh myself it was lovely to see your activities : 4 Ways to Celebrate St, David's Day, I have been to St David's many times Are you Welsh because you seem to know a lot about Wales. It was an excellent page.
Diolch yn fawr (Thank you very much) Gwyneth
Community 25th Mar 2020 Support Worker

Name the Book from the Character Quiz

Thank you. Cant wait to do it at work. happy you like it too. :)
Community 24th Mar 2020 Support Worker

Name the Book from the Character Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Name the book from the character
Tracie 24th Mar 2020 Activities Co-ordinator

Covid-19 Message for Family

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Picture notes for family
Kristen 23rd Mar 2020 Activity Director

50 Activities for the Elderly in Lockdown and Isolation

We're doing multiple things!

Word searches
Crossword puzzles
Individual Crafts/Painting
Reading short stories
Individual Boggle sheets
Hallway trivia and answer
Nail painting
Hand massages
Virtual Skype calling
Children making cards
Hallway bingo: Sachem
Passing out lunch trays
Coffee Room to Room
Hallway Name that Tune
What’s in the Bag?
Lynette 23rd Mar 2020 Leisure And Lifestyle Assistant

Meteorology Quiz

I am a casual who is being considered for a permanent parttime position and turned up today with no instructions. This has helped me a lot. Thank you
Sharon 23rd Mar 2020 Movement And Music Therapist

How to Support Residents in Lockdown

Susan, I am located in Lubbock, Texas. Where you located? Is it against the rules to ask? I feel extremely isolated being in confinement with my husband. My email is [email protected] if it’s okay to share.
Sharon 22nd Mar 2020 Movement And Music Therapist

How to Support Residents in Lockdown

Thank you ,Susan. You made my day!❤️
Praise eddy omofurieta 22nd Mar 2020

How to Support Residents in Lockdown

Dear lord,please have mercy and restore good health to people affected with coronavirus