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Normah 17th May 2021

20 Activities for the Visually Impaired

Hi - I stumbled on this site while searching for activities for my 22 year old special needs son with multiple disabilities. He is a cerebral palsy person (diagnosed at 1 year old), had stroke at 7 years old due to hemorrhage, became blind after the operation then wheelchair bound after his scoliosis operation. He is now staying home and I'm at a loss as to the type of meaningful activities I could get him involved. I am now looking at making play dough with him. He generally listen to music for most part of the day.

Appreciate any ideas, please. Thank you.
Neha 17th May 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator

1 - 90 Bingo

i'm trying to print out bingo cards but i'm looking for 15 nu in 1 sheet and i'm after 36 sheets
Janelle 16th May 2021 Therapeutic Recreation

DIY Scattergories Game

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed!
Jan 14th May 2021 Activities Coordinator

Food Riddles Quiz

Residents loved this!
Sara 14th May 2021 Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator

Sports Bingo

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Sports Bingo
Lori 14th May 2021 Activity

Animal Bingo

What do the things under the bingo mean a3 a4 Tabloid what do those things mean
Kemi 14th May 2021 Engagement Lead

COVID-19: Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Hi everyone, It feels so good to be here!
My name is kemi, I am the engagement lead at St Catherines Nursing Home in Letchworth garden city.
I enjoyed reading this article Taking care of your mental health. Thank you Haley for your thoughtfulness though I have always practised most of the stuff mentioned especially putting off house chores to watch the television or just do nothing. lol.
Julie watson 14th May 2021

Planning a Movie Night for the Elderly

Can someone tell me what they watched the film on was it a large TV, I would love to get a big white screen to show it on but not sure how this would work, Thank you
Pauline 13th May 2021 Activities Coordinator

Newsletter Template - August

I would like an august 2021 template please, I am doing our magazine quarterly and have just successfully created the May to July one using your template. thanks
Whitney 12th May 2021 Director Of Recreation

Stained glass windows

love this idea! gonna definitely try this with my residents!
Raffaela 11th May 2021 Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Armchair Travel to Mexico

Thank-you Maurice for these helpful tips and additional information.
DT 11th May 2021 National Diversional Therapist

Mothers Day Bingo for Dementia Care

Played Mothers Day Bingo today. Great activity thank you and kept people engaged for a full hour. However most of the participants found the pictures and writing too small, so I will reprint on A3 for next year.
Birgita 11th May 2021 Activity Director

Word Ladder #6

These are very interesting and helpful activity plans for my Resident. Thank you very much.
Nathaniel 11th May 2021 AL/IL Recreation Director

14 Interview Questions For Hiring Activity Staff

Great article, recreation and activities is difficult to to find staff for. Often seen as "entry level" without promotion potential, it was a struggle to find ANY applicants prior to the pandemic. Most of the applicants we got were people who didn't have any experience with seniors, but were looking for: 1. career change, 2. getting back into the workforce after time off, or 3. work schedule that compliments their family schedule (stay at home mom/dad). The last four people we hired lasted less than 2 months, with a few of them lasting a week. What worked at other companies, previous companies I worked for would transition the more "outgoing" staff into the recreation program. Care aides, housekeepers, dining servers; the staff who have the "it" factor, they light up a room when they walk in, and work well with seniors. Although we hate to steal staff from other departments, those who are outgoing often thrived in their new role as activity "ambassadors," and saw how promising a career in senior recreation can be.
Ann 11th May 2021 HCA

Spring Party

Thank you for the super ideas and tips... I even get excited reading about all the wonderful events you bring us.
Heather 10th May 2021 Life Enrichment Aide

Sports Afternoon

This sounds amazing. I am going to try this. My residents are really active. So it would be a good challenge.
Julie 10th May 2021 Activity Coordinator

Try a New Brew

I am going to try this with the residents. this week
Kevin 10th May 2021 Activity’s Assistant

How to Plan & Implement an Induction & Orientation Program

I’m returning to work within the health care network
It’s a joy to find this site for me. After a total knee replacement I was afforded the opportunity to be on the patient side of the system and along with this new perspective I’m excited to affect some change as I return to the work of a Dementia & Alzheimer’s activities assistant.
This tool provides me a new perspective from outside of my current experience which I gained from having my Mother living through this disease and I wanted other adult children of Dementia or Alzheimer’s residents to know everything is going to be Alright
Gwyneth 9th May 2021 Volunteer

Finish the Song Line Quiz

Thanks Vicky for your comments, I notice that you are from England, I am Welsh . nice to meet you, all the best, Golden Carers is a wonderful web site. I am a volunteer sending activities in and also enjoying the web site very much. Regards Gwyneth
Josephine 9th May 2021 Activity Coordinator

Animal Bingo

Brillant, music Bingo is also great
Angela 8th May 2021 Lifestyle Aged Care

Mothers Day & Mothering Sunday Posters

I love this site. I used the Mothers day posters as placemats when i did a special happy hour.
The residents ended up taking them home with them which make them happy.
Janita 8th May 2021

12 Creative Employee Appreciation Ideas

Great ideas thankyou
Louise 8th May 2021 Lifestyles Lead

VE Day Posters - Victory in Europe

Great to find something quickly, for V.E. Day. Great resource
Leah 7th May 2021 Social Worker

Sports Afternoon

I am with you, I plan to put this program onto the Activates Calendar once we open.
NICOLA 7th May 2021 Activities Coordinator

Sports Afternoon

I am definitely going to try this one out for our active games session.
Vicky 6th May 2021 Activity Co Ordinator

Finish the Song Line Quiz

Thank you great idea , simple but effective .
I play name an animal with no horns ect but never tried a singing game x
CHATS 6th May 2021 Recreation Programmers

The Benefits of Eating Spinach

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Benefits of Spinach
Wendy 5th May 2021 Activities Coordinator

Wonky Words Game

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Wonky words game
Solange 5th May 2021 Diversional Therapist

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

Hi Debra, that's so impressive. Congratulations!
Maurice 5th May 2021

Armchair Travel to Mexico

Hi Raffaela!

There are a few ways you could do this:

1. I've created a YouTube playlist with all the YouTube links below, using this link you could easily and quickly access any of the clips with a laptop plugged into a TV/Projector.

2. If you the clips on a USB and you don't have internet connection, then the only way I'm aware of doing this would be to download those videos to be played offline. I'm not sure what is allowed, but if you search "download youtube video" in Google you'll find a few places that do it.

I hope that helps!
Debra 5th May 2021 Resident Service Coordinator

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

The wall large enough for our spring tree was brick/concrete. So our tree kept falling :(. Today the spring tree was transformed into a Spring Wreath. It's right by the elevators where residents and guests can see it frequently. Turned out beautifully!
Raffaela 5th May 2021 Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Armchair Travel to Mexico

How can I download the video to my USB key
Francita 4th May 2021 Well Being Coordinator

10 Activities to Celebrate VE Day in Lockdown

I've just decorated the lounges with newspaper clippings and the silloute solider. We will be having afternoon tea followed by old classics war songs followed by a film.
Jean 4th May 2021 Activities Provider

Animal Bingo

Thanks for all the picture Bingo. I do a couple of rounds with regular bingo and then as the residents begin to get 'tired' we break for tea then do a round of picture bingo before breaking for the day.
Jean 4th May 2021 Activities Provider

Armchair Travel to Hawaii

Thank you. This is going to be a fun day with a care home that smells like a pineapple.
Maurice 4th May 2021

Create Your Own Slideshow!

Hi Kerrily!

Thanks for the feedback. Have you had a chance to test out one of the slideshows yourself yet?

The font is quite large, especially when considering that the group event is usually done on a larger screen, like a TV or projector.

That being said we will see what we can do here, and image quizzes are already being worked on behind the scenes :)
Kerrily 4th May 2021 Lifestyle Staff

Create Your Own Slideshow!

I like this idea but I'm wondering if the font can be bigger, and maybe pictures would help some residents? (I've never made a slideshow before)
Laura 4th May 2021 Life Enrichment Director

Cooking for Italian Day - Cannoli Dip

This is perfect for my limited functionality folks.
Margaret 3rd May 2021 Life Enrichment Assistant

Chair Yoga

I would love to know what the specific chair yoga exercises you are using, do you have an instructions sheet for this activity It sounds wonderful!
Nacol 3rd May 2021 Activity Director

Emoji Bingo

I love these ideas. We will definitely be playing the Emoji and Bunker bingo at our facility. Thanks for sharing.
Shadi 2nd May 2021 Recreation Aid

Jokes 3

Actually ..... i cant really read most of those jokes, especially that most res attending my programs are ladies. The jokes are sort of inappropriate .
Marlene 2nd May 2021 Lifestyle Assistant

Armchair Travel to Portugal

I had a great time organising the Arm Chair travel to Portugal. Thanks Golden Carers for all the information provided ... it made is so very easy for us to plan this activity.

To make the activity a lot more interesting and memorable for our residents, I decided to dress up as an air hostess and welcomed all the residents to activity. We checked them at the immigration spot we set up, we checked their passports and then led them to their respective seats as provided to them on their boarding passes !!! Our chef turned out some great food too which was served by us air hostesses!!

While the residents were enjoying their meal, the armchair travel to Portugal was played for them to watch on you tube.
When all this was happening, we the lifestyle girls ran away for a few minutes and dressed as local Portugal girls and soon came out dancing to the Portuguese music .... It was awesome seeing our residents faces light up and enjoy the moment... some of our residents joined us in dancing too.

Right until today our residents still reminisce about the way we hosted this activity...

Robert 2nd May 2021 Carer

Words starting with Par

Pitched just at the right level. Excellent activity.
Roslyn 1st May 2021 Lifestyle Co Ordinator

Volunteer Work Record

Hi there, I was trying to print out the Volunteer work record but I am unable to open it. Has anybody been able to open it at all?
Maurice 1st May 2021

Biological Diversity Poster #3

Hi Teresa!

Yes - you can now print any activities in several paper sizes :)

11 x 17 is called Tabloid. Directly above the "Download & Print" button is a new paper size bar, just click the size you want before clicking the button.

Let me know how you go!
Teresa 1st May 2021 Activites

Biological Diversity Poster #3

Hi all, are there any posters available to print 11 X 17 for special days each month?
Sara 1st May 2021 Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator

Song Pictionary

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Song Pictionary
Sara 1st May 2021 Lifestyle Enrichment Coordinator

Animal Bingo

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Animal Bingo
Tommy Greene 30th Apr 2021

Words in Words Game

This is a great activity i use a variation on this at least twice a week.
I use the 9 letter wheel containing a 9 word within the wheel. A vowel in the center and the remaining letters around the edge. Then come up with words with four or more letters..
15 words average 20 words very clever 30 or more genius
Christina 30th Apr 2021 Recreation Progammer

Armchair Travel to Brazil

I have been having fun with these trips! Thank you!