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Shannon 25th Jun 2019 Activity Director

Name the Car Logos Visual Quiz

Oh my goodness i hit the jackpot and had amazing results in the mens name the cars emblem, they absolutley loved it This sight is great for all functions and levels of ability thank you so much.
Susan 25th Jun 2019 Activity Director

Age Appropriate Activities in Senior Care

Hi again Colby
I just want to add that it seems like you’re a great activity person
It is not easy to find somebody who is as interested in the residents as you are
I hope you continue to enjoy your job and get pleasure from the residents
Sometimes staff are frustrated and they take it out on you
Don’t let it get you down
Susan 25th Jun 2019 Activity Director

Age Appropriate Activities in Senior Care

Hi Colby
Age appropriate to me means activities that people enjoy doing
The facts on this have changed over the years
If you do something in the residents seem uninterested and complain then this is not appropriate for this group
Now people talk about a person centered activities instead of age-appropriate
Especially in a memory care unit things that seem childish may be appropriate as long as this is written in their notes
I have had surveyers observing activities and did not see the whole thing then commented that they didn’t think it was appropriate
Luckily I documented that the person enjoyed doing what they observed

I know your boss is very busy but should pay attention to what you say sometimes it is difficult to approach them to explain yourself
This article on golden Carers may help you
Colby 25th Jun 2019 Activity Aid

Age Appropriate Activities in Senior Care

That means a lot to hear that. thank you!
Joanne Anthony 25th Jun 2019

Peanut Auction

Hello all,

Update on original post, I no longer use actual peanuts, we now use a point system. Everyone received 50 points, my activity assistant keeps track on a sheet of paper how many "points' they use on an item that they wager & win on, and subtracts the amount from their balance. She lets them know their balance at the end of an item up for bid. A lot easier way of doing things rather than collecting tokens, peanuts etc.
Solange 25th Jun 2019 Diversional Therapist

Planning a Movie Night for the Elderly

Hi Colby, Pixar movies have become all-time classics enjoyed by children and adults. Despite being made for children they have captured the hearts of multiple generations with their focus on parenting, relationships, kindness, loyalty, and bravery. Pixar movies are very appropriate for elderly people.
Maurice 24th Jun 2019

Free Music Playlists for the Elderly

Hi Jeff,

You might want to try the Spotify links again, I tested them and they are working for me. If you login to your Spotify account you should be able to start listening to them right away.

Copyrights on music changes constantly and is different for each country, so keeping the YouTube and Spotify lists updated is only something we can do periodically. The playlists were between Spotify and YouTube were close to the same, so you can see what was removed in Spotify.

Hope that helps!
Solange 24th Jun 2019 Diversional Therapist

Age Appropriate Activities in Senior Care

Dear Colby, it is so sad that this sort of situation still happens to Activity staff. You were not wrong with your choice of movie; your director failed to observe that the residents were content and that interference was not necessary. This is what Activity staff do best: elicit a positive response from residents via various activities which often involve reminiscing and revisiting the past. I am sorry this happened to you. Your hurt reveals a person that is very caring and good at your job. I hope that things improve in your workplace for you.
Maurice 24th Jun 2019

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Adele,

We've just added the new backgrounds which were updated on Toolkit, so you can start using them with these downloadable templates too :)
Maurice 24th Jun 2019

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Raquel!

The best place to start is the video on using these calendars :)

Once you've tested them out, let me know if you have any specific questions, happy to help.
Solange 24th Jun 2019 Diversional Therapist

Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

Hi Jenny, the amount of gel should be about 1cm or 1/4 inches when the pouch is resting flat.
Some people put a little more, it is up to you.
Raquel 24th Jun 2019 Activities

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

New in here ,i dont even know where to start ;)
Lisa 23rd Jun 2019 Activities for Seniors

Father's Day Jokes

Lisa 23rd Jun 2019 Activities for Seniors

Funny Short Stories #3

Sally 23rd Jun 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator

Reminiscing: How to Create a Memory Board

This is a great program to do leading into July 1st new standards, person centred care is what it's all about, I love the idea of other staff being involved gleaning the information to get to know their residents
Catherine 22nd Jun 2019 Activity Coordinator

Song Lyrics from Around the World

Great thanks , for all your hard work x
Colby 22nd Jun 2019 Activity Aid

Planning a Movie Night for the Elderly

Is Pixar movies ok for skilled residents? Like finding memo, monsters inc, etc.
Doreen 22nd Jun 2019 Life Enrichment

Old Wives Tales - True or False?

I am new and I am having fun with the new ideas and presentations.
Veronica Coleman 21st Jun 2019

Things that go Together Quiz

Just found this site and am so excited. Myself and two others run and organise a seniors group called Young At Heart. We are always looking for activities for mixed age and ability. This site looks like an answer to a prayer.
Also looking and finding here, ideas of simple craft ideas we can make for charity etc.
Thank you all for organising this site and making it free to print out.....a brilliant mine of fun and ideas for use for many.
regards and thanks from UK
Amy 21st Jun 2019

Peanut Auction

I do this every other month. I use plastic tokens. Residents earn them by attending select activities, bingo winnings, and returning surveys and such. They also get tokens just for attending the auction. I used to do it I have to do every other month! It also gets them reminiscing about going to auctions:
Nancy 21st Jun 2019 Recreation Therapist

Wreath Decoration for US Independence Day

life saver
Debra 21st Jun 2019 Sitter

4 Amusing Senior Stories

Love your short stories!! I sit around and read them aloud at different times throughout the day when the residents are bored and just sitting around. They love hearing them and I enjoy hearing them laugh
Kimberley 21st Jun 2019 Health Care Assistant

Seaside photography

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Seaside photography
Lisa 20th Jun 2019 Activities for Seniors

Australia: Reminiscing About Life In 1915

WOW! Just saw this article. Fascinating...THANK YOU!
Colby 20th Jun 2019 Activity Aid

Age Appropriate Activities in Senior Care

Hi I am new to activities, however it is my favorite job because it doesn’t feel like work to me. I found this website to help me come up with things and understand how to run activities better.
But what confuses me the most is the term “Age Appropriate”
I put on Peter Pan (it was a movie on the shelf) for the Memory care unit patients for some reminiscing (also it’s a classic and for most of them it came out when they were kids.) as I know keeping attention is hard with movies I meant it as a background so when we played touch volley ball intending to have fun and talk about the movie as we did that, I noticed residents pointing out parts of the movie and we discussed it as I noticed them remembering things from their past and getting to know them better. My director came in and told me the movie was childish. To turn it off and put on the music channel (And yeah I was a bit offended by that because I felt he wasn’t seeing what I was) later that week I walked in on the memory care unit and saw the nurses had PBS on for the residents (the teaching shows of ABC’s and counting. And the nurses also try to help them remember how to do those things. Another couple days later I came in on my day off and my co worker put on HOOK with robin Williams for the skilled floor to watch. (And I was just so upset) how is that any different then watching the real Peter Pan? How is watching something about someone’s memory being gone and that all you need to do is believe and you’ll get it back appropriate for those who have trouble remembering the time every two minutes?
I’m not grasping what I did being wrong. I’m not grasping how putting on a movie with sex scenes and violence is age appropriate while me putting on classics and even Finding Nemo that is educational but fun, childish. My boss is to busy to explain things fully to me except tell me he’s been doing this for over 20 years. And I know when I’m in a home I would want to watch things that I liked growing up so I try and repeat every day what movies do you like? What music do you like? And I try to get to know everyone better so I can please them and if I please a resident one day with something they enjoy but not another I will come in the next day and do what I know they like. I am so sorry for the long comment but I was hoping someone can fill me in on more detail of age appropriateness. Why hook is better than Peter Pan? Why is black and white films assumed to be a good go to movie when there is so many new ones out many haven’t seen before but love (like finding Nemo) my residents enjoyed that movie and was excited to see something family friendly they’ve never seen before. I understand I’m not going to please everyone but I sure am going to try to. Thank for the time and this article but I’d like to go into more depth in the term “Age appropriate”
Mallory 20th Jun 2019 Life Enrichment Director

School Days Reminiscing Cards

I have recently made these for care staff/nurses to do with the residents over the night shifts so they have a chance to bond and I made them on large postcards with big pictures on one side and the question on the other side. I love this list of questions!
Melissa 20th Jun 2019 Dance Teacher For Seniors

Alphabet Game

I teach dance to seniors with varying physical & cognitive challenges. For an alphabet game we make body shapes of the letters of the alphabet starting with the first letter of their first name. Staff & I help when needed. Then we move on to their favorite animals, making the shape of the first letter of their favorite animal. We all have fun with this activity. A wonderful book that I show them before we do this lesson plan is: The Human Alphabet/Pilobolus. Roaring Book Press, New Milford, Connecticut
Owen 20th Jun 2019 Retired

D Day Invasion Quiz

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: D Day Invasion Quiz
Jana 19th Jun 2019 Activity Manager Dementia Unit

Funny Short Stories #2

A farmer was rocking on his front porch,suddenly he sees a black Cadillac driving up the dirt road. A man in a black suit steps out of the car, holds up a badge and announces " My name is Robert Duncan, I am from the United States Government Agriculture Department, I am here to inspect your land , and with this badge i have the authority to go anywhere I want ". The farmer smiled at the man, " you can inspect whatever you want, but I strongly suggest you stay away from Lot #3"
The Government official again held up his badge and declared "Did you clearly understand that with this badge I can go anywhere in the U>S>of A !"
The farmer calmly advised again, "I warned you, stay away from Lot #3"
The government official replied " Well you have raised my suspicion, and I WILL go inspect Lot #3", the farmer smiled and waved.
The Official drove to the land marked Lot#3, he walked into a clearing, seeing nothing, all of a sudden he heard a bull in back of the pasture starting to charge, he started screaming "HELP" and the farmer yelled to him "Show him your badge "
Gina 19th Jun 2019 Experience Coordinator


A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Limericks
Lisa 19th Jun 2019 Activities for Seniors

Funny Short Stories #2

Especially like the Senior Special joke!
Adele 19th Jun 2019 Diversional Therapy

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi there
I thought you have added more backgrounds. cant see them now :(
Shannon 19th Jun 2019 Activity Director

Maths Quiz #1

i was trying to find something with Math in it as activity i have a resident that was a math/ physics teacher and this is amazing thank you so much
Rob 18th Jun 2019 Team leader

Build a Word Tree - Word Association

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Build a Word Tree - Word Association
Yvonne 18th Jun 2019 Lifestyle Assistant

Client - Eco Map

Thank you for sharing Rob this is great idea
Owen 17th Jun 2019 Retired

Funny Short Stories #1

Great funnies, Can we have some more please. Owen
Lisa 16th Jun 2019 Activities for Seniors

Rhyming Riddles #15

Cheryl-Lee 15th Jun 2019 Recreational Activities Officer

Sensory Pouches for Dementia Care

Where did you find the plastic balloons??
Thank you in advance.
Carole 15th Jun 2019 Chairperson

Remembering Judy Garland

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Remembering Judy Garland
Sherrye 15th Jun 2019

Lucky Dog Card Game

We play this but with cards numbered one - six. Players push up two cards and then roll a large dice. If they roll one of the numbers pushed up its turned face down and push up another and repeat. If they do not roll one of the two- pass the dice to the next player. First to turn over all six is the Lucky dog Winner! They win a prize! I get really into the commentator roll! LOL
Kay 15th Jun 2019 Activity Director

Lucky Dog Card Game

We have been playing this game for a long time, but we play with pennies. Each resident has 10 pennies and I collect 1 penny from each player for each hand,The winner gets all the pennies in the jar for that round. so we play 10 hands. A lot of fun. the residents enjoy getting pennies when they win
Churchill 14th Jun 2019 Lifestyle

Lucky Dog Card Game

Yes we call this hoy one pack per four people
Julie 14th Jun 2019 Activities Coordinator

Lucky Dog Card Game

Sounds goo. I'm going to give it a go. Thanks
Solange 13th Jun 2019 Diversional Therapist

Client - Eco Map

Hi Rob, this is such an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing, I hope many Activity Coordinators devise their own adaptation of it. Brilliant!
Michelle 13th Jun 2019 Diversional Therapist

Client - Eco Map

love this.
Karen 12th Jun 2019 Activities Provider

12 Creative Employee Appreciation Ideas

Thanks for great information
Karen activities coordinater/Ireland
Erin 12th Jun 2019 Site Manager

The Price is Right Game

I work at a Senior Center in the U.S. I play this every few months with my clients and choose a decade from which to research prices. I use groceries, to clothing, to furniture. Each client has a sheet of paper and as I say the item, they write down a price they think it would have been. At the end of my list, I go back through and say what each item actually cost. I give a free meal ticket to the person with the most answers correct (or closest to the actual price). It has been a fun and entertaining way to spend an afternoon. I might try some of the variations listed above to switch things up the next time. Thank you!
Lorna 11th Jun 2019 Activities manager

Tips for Working With a Challenging Supervisor

Thank you, I really need this atm.
Charlotte 11th Jun 2019 Activities Coordinator

Autumn Guided Meditation

This is fantastic thank you I look forward to using this when Autumn comes with my residents, I would be very interested in any other meditation scripts you have!
Owen 11th Jun 2019 Retired

The Role of Leisure & Health Staff in Falls Prevention

Our staff at The Redwood Club in Wellington NZ insist that I use a walking frame when moving around as I am prone to falling, mostly because I have a balancing problem. Any ideas for help are always welcome and I read with interest the article above, most of which are common sense although carrying them through is sometimes hard.
I do appreciate help to stand up from a chair or walking up and down steps and playing some games at the club requires a friendly helper standing close by. But most people are mindful of when I need support and for this I am appreciative of their willingness to drop what they are doing to lend a hand. Thank you to the other residents and staff. Owen.