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Joan 7th Feb 2023 Activity Coordinator

Israel Travel Posters

Love the activities
Katharina 7th Feb 2023 Diversional Therapist

Guessing Game - Who Am I?

I think the game is great but don't understand why you have princess Diana in with stars of the silver screen. Otherwise a very good game.
Marta 7th Feb 2023 Activities Officer

Silhouette Pictures

This project was a hit!! Thank you!!
Susan Delmaire 7th Feb 2023

Lucky Dog Card Game

We call this game Pokeno!
Lin 6th Feb 2023 Caregiver

15 Activities for Late-Stage Alzheimer's Disease

Thank you all sooo very much for your helpful suggestions! I care for a man who has just entered into late stage Alzheimer's disease. His attention span is extremely short and it has become quite difficult to keep him content and engaged.
I plan on trying several of the ideas many of you have mentioned! Thank you again!! This is an invaluable resource!!
Tasha 6th Feb 2023 HCA- Assistant Manager

Pollock-Inspired Spaghetti Art

You could also try to use a yarn and drag the yarn to create some beautiful work.
Helen Sparrow 5th Feb 2023

Sensory Stimulation for Dementia Care

I am a potter and have volinteered to do some pottery with the residents. We are first making a bird by manipulating the clay into shape. (You need fairly soft clay). The next week they are to paint the pieces. While the pieces are still leather hard I will inser a nichrome wire u shape into the clay. This can be made into a hanging decoration.
Marlene 2nd Feb 2023 Lifestyle Assistant

Valentine's Day Poem

Hi Kammi,

Thanks for picking up on that ! I will rectify soon and upload it once again.

So glad you liked my poem.

Thank you,

Roxanne 2nd Feb 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Spot the Difference - Accident

Awesome...I love these. Thanks for the idea
Karen 1st Feb 2023 Activities

Valentinstag Bingo (German)

What a great site.

Thank You
Kammi 1st Feb 2023 Enrichment Coordinator

Valentine's Day Poem

I adore the poem! If its possible could you edit where it says May we love grow more each day? I believe that's a typo.
George 31st Jan 2023 Majestic Entertainer

A Day at the Office Bingo

Just wanted to know if you laminated the 16 bingo cards and gave dry wipe marker to the players then you could wipe and use again .
Please let me know what you people think..?
Sister Joseph Marie 31st Jan 2023 Religious

Origami Valentine's Lily

Great craft
Sister Joseph Marie 31st Jan 2023 Religious

Shoe Bingo

Thanks so much...really neat.
KAREN 31st Jan 2023 Co-Ordinator - Semi Retired

Memory Tray Game for Teams

Great idea, thank you
Wyndley 30th Jan 2023 Activities

I Love You in different languages

I was really stuck for ideas for Valentines day activities. Not any more! Thank you.
Glenys 30th Jan 2023

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Great songs, residents loved this guess the song activity thanks so much for sharing your hard work ;)
30th Jan 2023

AFL Tipping 2023

That you so much for this! New to the role and in a new village and just got a request this morning and so glad I have something to follow!!
Maurice 30th Jan 2023

Armchair travel with Google Maps

Hi Teri,

To the best of my knwoeldge, right now the only way to do this on Youtube with zero ads would be to purcahse a YouTube subscription.

Hope that helps!
Lizzie 30th Jan 2023 Activities Leader

Chinese New Year Dragon and Chinese Marine Dragon

Hello, we made these for Chinese New Year and my residents loved them. We hung them up in the main entrance for visitors to see. They went down very well. Thank you for the templates and idea. X
Amanda 30th Jan 2023

Memory Tray Game for Teams

Hi I actually do a different memory tray game with our very elderly residents thought I'd share it with you all .
So I place items like Coleman mustard tin and carnation milk tin, old coin, Bag of sweets , Chocolate cutlery,on tray .etc
I pass it round and repeat each time what is on tray ! Then I cover with a towel and remove an item and the residents have to try and remember what's missing X
Alicia 27th Jan 2023 Arbor Terrace Willistown

Black History Bingo

I was really excited when I saw this - I love the idea, I just wish there was more than 7 playing cards, I'm going to have way more than 7 residents attending this activity
ALISON 27th Jan 2023 Activity Co Ordinator

Dignity by Jigsaw

I am looking for ideas for dignity action day if anyone has some ideas x
Roxanne 26th Jan 2023 Life Enrichment Coordinator

Spring Bonnets

I love this....What a great door wreath
Mary 25th Jan 2023 Activities Co Ordinator

Short Easy Exercise Routine

Hi Gwyneth
Love this idea ! Simply but enjoyable what music , in the background , would go with these actions thanks
Teri 25th Jan 2023 Senior Living

Armchair travel with Google Maps

How do we do this on you tube without commercials?
Dawn 24th Jan 2023 Service Coordinator

Morning Annoucements

We don't have a PA system, but we do have a program called One Call Now. It's a subscription service. We can record messages or type them in. Then they go out as a phone call to the whole group or to chosen smaller groups. It has really helped us to get information out without going door to door or leaving notes.
Vinod 24th Jan 2023 Warden

Create Your Own Quiz!

Thank You
CGV 24th Jan 2023 Recreation and Rehab Manager

Positive New Stories: Past Present & Future

Oliver, Thank you for creating !
Excellent research of Good News in the world.
Will be sharing with interested Residents this week.
Adelina 24th Jan 2023 DT

How To Make Art Fun!

Thank you Matthew, some great ideas
Rosita 24th Jan 2023 Activities Assistant

Tabletop Games Bingo

Once again wonderful games that really are enjoyed by all residents who respond so well when I tell them that we will be having a quiz hour.
Bronwyn 24th Jan 2023 Assistant Lifestyle Officer

NRL Tipping 2023

Hi will there be a NRL draw/excel sheet/ for 2023? Im not at work at the moment but I would like to send through to my other Diversional Therapist.

Thanks again
Activity 24th Jan 2023 Recreation Program Coordinator

DIY Armchair Travel to China

Hey Darla!
Thanks for the lunar new year ideas.
From Amanda and Marilyn
Terri 23rd Jan 2023 Activities Coordinator

Armchair Travel to India

I did the Armchair travel for the first time today and we 'went to India.'
My residents loved it. As I've been there a number of times I had a number of things I could show the people. I did a demonstration of dressing up in a sari and a henna tattoo demonstration on one of the care staff. It was a huge hit.
Looking forward to the next one.
Lorraine 22nd Jan 2023 Elder Care/Activities Director

Word Games

Our folks love this. Our best showing so far was with the word "fireplace". We got 70 words!!!
Veronica 20th Jan 2023 Engagement Director/Owner

Valentines crafts

Fabric glue is a great alternative. Thank you for sharing!

Lorraine 19th Jan 2023 Elder Care/Activities Director

Armchair Travel to the Philippines

I like to have relevant videos running whilst I gather my resources and make tea and coffee as residents gradually make their way to the activity area in the half hour before we officially start. 

Then, I also try to have another shorter video on some topic pertaining to the theme. I show this at the start of our time whilst residents wrestle their cookie and tea into submission and I gather my wits ;-)

Here are a couple of videos I'm going to use this week for our Tea Time  activity period:
Shirley 19th Jan 2023 Welfare Village Officer

Favorite Food Bingo

I work in a Jewish facility and would love some stuff pertaining to Israel.
I love my resource library that is building up thanks to you all.
Sara 18th Jan 2023 Art Rehabilitate Instructor

Fruit Bowl Wall Art Project

It was a great and fun activity for the whole group. each participant was very proud to be a part of the project.
Thank you so much
Lorraine 18th Jan 2023 Elder Care/Activities Director

The Philippines Quiz

There is a new president as of June 2022: Bongbong Marcos
Thanks for these great activities! :-)
Lorraine 18th Jan 2023 Elder Care/Activities Director

Bean Bag Number Toss

I've made an adaptation because of the room I have to work in: Instead of this one set of numbers on paper (I painted them and they are not laminated - cost restrictions), I made two sets plus two extra "50s" and I am taping them together to make a longer strip that can be accessed by all the residents (we have a longer, narrower space).

I'm just working out the kinks, and will try to post a pic.
Melva 18th Jan 2023 Activity Director

Cue Cards for Dementia Care

I cut them out and used the enlarge option on our copy machine. I then laminated them used a hole punch and a zip tie to keep them together. Almost like flip cards. It works until speech therapy comes up with something else.
Hope this helps.
Gwen 18th Jan 2023 Activities coordinator CHT Acacia Park

Shopping List Bingo

This became our regular activities particularly with Demetia residents. I printed extra grocery items to cater for at least 10 to 14 residents . its good for visual, colour identifications and reminiscing their daily routines in the past. Overall, great resources massive thanks.
Rosemarie 18th Jan 2023 Retired Volunteer

Give Me Five

Hi everyone
Just wanted to say that I am so pleased that I found you, I don’t work in a residential home but am a volunteer for our over 60’s lunch club in our village. I am the allocated driver for folks that can’t make their own way to the club, I help out anywhere I am needed. I am, also the nominated entertainment organiser which is where Golden Carers comes into the equation. You have given me so many ideas, the bingo games are just great and so are the quizzes. You have opened up for us such a lot of fun and laughter which is what it’s all about. I can highly recommend you to all residential and nursing homes, you offer such good help and advice. Thank you keep it coming,
Warmest regards to you all
Kristie 18th Jan 2023 Activity Director

Valentines crafts

great idea. Most of mine cant either
The Village of Riverside Glen 17th Jan 2023 Recreation Aide

Armchair Travel to Switzerland

Is there stamps for this travolgue?
Kim 17th Jan 2023 Lifestyle Assistant

Pollock-Inspired Spaghetti Art

No I think you use the pasta to drag paint on the paper or canvas then throw the pasta away.
Rebecca 17th Jan 2023 Activity Coordinator

Submit an Activity

Jeopardy! We use the resident really have been enjoying this.
Joby 17th Jan 2023 Nursing Home Admin

Name the Flowers Quiz #3

Thank you Golden Carers. Lots of ideas to choose from. It's really a big help for me to conceptualize for new activities.
Lisa 17th Jan 2023

Positive New Stories: Past Present & Future

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank golden careers for posting my colleagues (Matt) table top bingo he’s over the moon that it got posted