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Karma 13th Apr 2024 Activities Director

Farm scavenger hunt

This looks fun! However, I don't fully understand the instructions. Could you give more details on how this is executed? Thank you!
Karma 13th Apr 2024 Activities Director

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

This looks great; however, the tick sheet is not provided
Leticia 13th Apr 2024 Activity Director

Magazine Scavenger Hunt

Thank you for sharing its a lot of help
Lisa 12th Apr 2024 Activities for Seniors

Items of Clothing Word Scramble

Fantastic! Thank you
Jill 11th Apr 2024 Director,Life Enhancement

Spring Bonnet Door Wreaths

I am happy to hear that your residents enjoyed the craft! Thank you for sharing!
Carolyn 10th Apr 2024

Peanut Auction

Do you show the gift or wrap it? . I also play bingo with the group, when they win they can take a quarter or buy a bag, sometimes it could be a zonk. But they love this
Vanessa 9th Apr 2024 Activity Coordinator

Create your own Word Search!

I did know how easy it was going to be!First time to do this and it was brilliant!I created a UFO word search for one of our clients and he absolutely loved it!
Cindy 8th Apr 2024 COTA

Spring Bonnet Door Wreaths

I did this activity with some of my residents, and they were delighted with the results!
Somita 8th Apr 2024 Special Care Program Director

Word Ladder #8

Hello to Everyone!

I am looking for some interactive sensory programs for mild stage dementia care residents.

Brandy 8th Apr 2024 Activity Director

Twister Bean Bag Toss

I play this with my residents on a regular and they love it. Sometimes we play in teams and sometimes we play in group but individually. Either way they really enjoy this game.
David 7th Apr 2024

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

Do you have a list of songs to play during the session? Thank you so much for all the great ideas. :)
Lisa 7th Apr 2024 Care Giver For Seniors

Complete the 1950s Song Titles

For complete the 1950s song titles is there a phrase I could download to play for visually impaired or dementia clients as when we ask some can answer some can only answer auditoryily.
Alexandra 5th Apr 2024 Activities Co Ordinator

Chilean Trivia

There are so many fantastic ideas here. So glad to have this resource available.
Anna 5th Apr 2024 Recreation

Bottle Chickens Craft

I wish there were instructions attached to this for easy group program run.
Tracey 4th Apr 2024 Activities Officer

Word Ladder #8

These are great and the residents love them.
Letitia 4th Apr 2024 4theLOv3!

Recycled hats for Horse Racing Days

So excited to try this in May! Hoping it sparks interest in similar projects during the rest of the year!
Judy 3rd Apr 2024 Diversional Therapist

Reminiscing: Books We Read As Children

Thank you for this activity. I want to try it with my residents in the Dementia care Unit. I have a married couple who were school teachers.
I am looking forward to hearing their response. We have a monthly reading group with pupils from our nearby school. They come and read to our residents from the Hospital units and the Dementia Unit. Both residents and pupils get so much out of this shared time.
Julie 3rd Apr 2024 special care counsellor

Food of the World Quiz I

Hi !
I am from Québec, Canada. We have our very own dish. It's call: Poutine. Do not get confused with Vladimir Putin... (it is the same pronounciation).
It is made with french fries, cheese curd and gravy.
You can add it up in your quiz if you like.
Margaret 2nd Apr 2024 CHSP CoOrdinator

This Day in History for Seniors: April - 2nd Edition

OMG I'm loving everything about this site.
It's a godsend to all of us. Thank you so much for caring enough about us Activity workers
To do all this behind the scenes work, to make our and our clients/residents lives happier and easier. Thank you just doesn't seem enough!
Gwyneth 30th Mar 2024 Volunteer

Human Body Word Scramble

Thanks Lisa for your feedback, I enjoyed doing this one . HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL - Gwyneth
Lisa 28th Mar 2024 Activities for Seniors

Human Body Word Scramble

This is perfect for my people.

Thank you!
Meghan 27th Mar 2024 Activities

Old Wives Tales #2 - True Or False?

My residents absolutely loved these!! it was such a good conversation starter and we all were laughing! ADD MORE!! Thanks
lisa 27th Mar 2024 lifestyle and wellbeing co ordinator

12 Joyful Activities to Inspire Laughter

Get some bubbles and balloons and I use a disco light where they can see all the swirling lights on the wall no strobing though ,with soft relaxing music .
sheila 26th Mar 2024

School Days Reminiscing Cards

We had a very positive turnout, everyone was engaging and it became a fun activity with customers really enjoying the interaction.
Janine 25th Mar 2024 Program Manager

Clothes Peg Game

That's wonderful news.
Judy 25th Mar 2024 Diversional Therapist

Spring Bonnet Door Wreaths

What a lovely idea Jill. I look forward to trying with our residents leading up to our Springtime in September.
Steeves 25th Mar 2024

DIY Scattergories Game

What a great portable game.
Steeves 25th Mar 2024


Sounds like fun!
KTK Activities 25th Mar 2024

Read-Aloud Audience Participation Story #15

Thank you so much for these audience participation stories! I did the "Backstage at an Elvis Concert" right after our residents Happy Hour. So much laughter and participation from everyone. We are having one every month now, by popular request. I can thoroughly recommend this activity.
Rosita 24th Mar 2024 Activities Assistant

On The Farm Bingo

The variety of Bingo games is wonderful and my residents are always happy to take part in something new.
Letitia 22nd Mar 2024 4theLOv3!

Clothes Peg Game

We did this game during an intergenerational game hour. Both the residents and the high school students LOVED it! Many memories shared and so many smiles!!! Thank you so much!
Jo-ann 22nd Mar 2024 Advanced Recreation Officer

20 April Fools' Day Calendar Surprises

I work in Mental Health Units across two campuses. The content has been very easy to adapt for our consumers. Thank you for the great content. I am always looking for new and interesting ideas to keep our consumers engaged. Golden Carers is amazing. Thank you!
Maya 21st Mar 2024 Student Allied And Health

Finish the Sayings and Proverbs Game

I am a student at TAFE and my Teacher Anne told us about this page. I really like the resources you have here - I can see a few that I think not only can be use with elderly but also can be use with children and young adult too. This is great!
I signed up but will finalise my membership soon.
Carol 20th Mar 2024 Volunteers

Bedtime Bingo

very helpfully in activities
Kristen 19th Mar 2024 Activity Director

9 Areas of Focus for Quality Improvement in Senior Care

This is so helpful, thank you!
Wendy Evison 19th Mar 2024

12 Joyful Activities to Inspire Laughter

I work on a very advanced dementia unit,where many cannot walk,are non converse & physically unable to participate in ball games,board games,arts & crafts. I'm struggling with what to do,it's beginning to stress me. My manager insists these people will sit and chat,many do not sit for more than approximately 5 minutes useless their asleep. Help is needed,
Many thanks Wendy.
Cheron Myers 19th Mar 2024

15 Virtual Activities for Residents in Isolation

I've not got a budget but love, the ideas.
Anita 18th Mar 2024 Lifestyle Coordinator

Colombian Trivia

Great knowledge !!! Thanks.
Letitia 16th Mar 2024 4theLOv3!

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? #2

This is amazing!!! I can't wait to try with our residents! They love to play Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune so this is right up their alley.
Letitia 16th Mar 2024 4theLOv3!

Conversation Hearts Game

This is wonderful! I'm using it for an intergenerational activity and am making conversation 'flowers' as the event is the first day of spring! Thank you so very much!!!!
April 14th Mar 2024 Activities Director

12 Tips for Writing Progress Notes

Hello all, can you provide some examples of how you document salon services? Thank you!
Grace 13th Mar 2024 Nutrition Coordinator

This Day in History for Seniors: March - 2nd Edition

My homebound love these reads.
Lisa 12th Mar 2024 Activities for Seniors

Matching Activity - Name the Vehicle

Oh wow!

Just saw this. It's perfect for my people!
Anything that's not on a slide, that I can print is fabulous

Thank you
Leanne 12th Mar 2024 Lifestyle Co-ordinator (activities)

Ireland Fact File

I have found Golden Carers an invaluable resource and feel awed in some ways at the creativity and generosity of this large community of activity providers. It is a great example of productivity based in collaboration. Generosity seems to be an integral ingredient in people who work in this way to bring upliftment, warmth and human connection. It's a rich resource - thank you.
Leanne - Australia
CGV 11th Mar 2024 Recreation and Rehab Manager

Place the Face - This or That Visual Quiz

This is a good one! People always love to see baby faces and animals. A great activity for the big screen TV
Milton 10th Mar 2024 Recreation Officer

Peacock Collage Group Project

Had fun making the Peacock.
JUDY 8th Mar 2024 Activity Director

Horse Race Floor Game

Lisa 8th Mar 2024 Activities for Seniors

Match the Stars to the Classic Movies

This is perfect for my people.

Thank you!

Karen 7th Mar 2024 Lifestyle Assistant

Leprechaun #2 for St Patricks Day

We did these yesterday with a group. It was hectic but fun and social. The group worked together to produce about 5 of these and they came out so well. Great feedback from residents on how much they enjoyed this session and after an hour and a half most were still going strong. Very engaging and great way to use up lots of bits and pieces of craft paper, glitter, contact, buttons, etc.
Karen 5th Mar 2024 Lifestyle Assistant

Irish Carpet Bowls

We play this with a big sack of potatoes. Everyone sits in a circle and picks a potato out of the sack. We write the residents' name on in texta and use a swede, turnip or beetroot for the jack. Closest to the jack wins. We play several rounds. It is such a fun game, full of hysterical laughter and has staff watching as it is so entertaining watching potatoes go all over the place. To keep it special we only play it once a year for St Patrick's day. We even had a winner who took his potato back to his room to show his family, he was so proud! We invite staff to roll the jack to start the game as that is a challenge in itself.