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Deb 20th Jun 2024 Activities Coordinator
Good afternoon,
I absolutely love this site! I have been in health care my whole adult life. Recently doing activities the last three to four years and loving it!

We are going to implement having a "Country Store" instead of giving away candy for bingo prizes. The resident will be given "bingo bucks" that they will be later to use at the Country Store.

It will be set up like a regular store and have the same items as well.

My issue is I'm not the best with using graphics and I'm trying to make these Bingo Bucks to look somewhat like a dollar. And I'm really struggling. Does anyone have something similar they would be willing to share. We only want them in $1 dollar bills. Something that say bingo bucks on them

I'd be forever grateful. And purchasing a template is not an option.

Did I mention how much I live this site! Truly love the resources and options that are on here. Highly recommend this for any activity director/coordinator.

Hadassah 20th Jun 2024 Lifestyle Officer
Hi Deb, I just whipped this up on Canva. I hope you like it!
Susan 20th Jun 2024 Activity Director
Hi Hadassah
Thank you for sharing this
Deb 27th Jun 2024 Activities Coordinator
Thank you for sharing these ideas. They are great!

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