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Annelize Steyn - Recreation Officer

Golden Carers has researched articles on dementia activities, men’s activities, dealing with challenging behaviour, and more. Thank you for a great web site. Professional! Informative! Well researched! Innovative!

Annelize Steyn
Recreation Officer

Nicole Pike  - Adult Day Centre Program Coordinator

This site is amazing! I'm not sure how I survived before I was introduced to this! Something for every occasion! So many ways for the clients to reminisce and learn about new things. Well worth the membership fee. Thank you!

Nicole Pike
Adult Day Centre Program Coordinator

Karen Buckley - Activities Assistant

Golden Carers is the Lifestyle Bible!

Karen Buckley
Activities Assistant

Kareen Kovacich - Diversional Therapists

Thanks for the hard work you put into making our Jobs a bit simpler....This is such a valuable site for all Diversional Therapists. I can't thank you enough :-)

Kareen Kovacich
Diversional Therapists

Lisa Buchan - Carers & Activities

The best thing I ever did was join Golden Carers, we love it. I started as a carer and now I enjoy Activities even more so with your help.

Lisa Buchan
Carers & Activities

Anna Garrood - Diversional Therapist

Golden Carers is fantastic and invaluable, our clients love all the activities, quizzes and crosswords. You all make my job as a diversional therapist much easier with all your wonderful quizzes and ideas. A huge thank you to you and your team. 😊

Anna Garrood
Diversional Therapist

Stephanie Keese - Life Enrichment Coordinator

"I am thankful for all that you share with our Activity Coordinator community! I also like that we can help each other out by sharing our creative ideas and post in the Forum's and get feedback from other members! Thank you!"

Stephanie Keese
Life Enrichment Coordinator

Nectaria Berry - Aged Care

I absolutely love this site. It is so resourceful. Thank you!

Nectaria Berry
Aged Care

Kim Davidson - Activity Officer

Golden Carers is just wonderful. An amazing resource shared all over the world. I use Golden carers on a daily basis and added with Pinterest, it just makes my job that little bit easier on those days when inspiration doesn't come easy. I love that there is always something new every time I look.

Kim Davidson
Activity Officer

Marjorie Luker - Activities Assistant

I always appreciate your new ideas and suggestions. It certainly helps in the creativity and idea areas immensely. Keep up the great emotional support that you provide!

Marjorie Luker
Activities Assistant

Claudia McPhail - Senior Support Worker

"I love this site, thank you so much for making my job a little easier :)"

Claudia McPhail
Senior Support Worker

Nicole Bieshaar - Activity + Respite Worker

It's really wonderful to see our clients so engaged with the puzzles and word searches, the Trivia is really popular and our participants get a buzz out of getting the answers correct. Golden Carers is our "Go To" resource on a weekly basis and it is rewarding for our working day to add it to our activity programs.

Nicole Bieshaar
Activity + Respite Worker

Heike Marquart - Activities Coordinator

Golden Carers has been invaluable to my Activities Program.

Heike Marquart
Activities Coordinator

Stella Igihozo Naza - Activity Coordinator

As I'm new at coordinating activities for seniors with dementia, you have given a lot of ideas that I am using and plan on using. Golden Carers is one of its kind. Thank you

Stella Igihozo Naza
Activity Coordinator

Carol Cosham - Senior Activities Volunteer

I'm thrilled that I discovered this marvellous site. It has become my "bible" for ideas, information and creativity. My clients absolutely love the activities I've picked up from Golden Carers. Thank you.

Carol Cosham
Senior Activities Volunteer

Teresa Hutchinson - Carepartner

Golden Carers is a phenomenal and creative resource of activities for the senior population and people with dementia. They also provide resources and support for the caregiver too. I liked all the different types of activities that were available. You could pick and choose from a plethora of items the activities appropriate for your group. Keep on doing what you are doing. So many people's lives have been touched and improved by your website. Your website is a blessing to many organisations.

Teresa Hutchinson

Geeta Limbu - Senior Carer

I can't thank Golden Carers enough for all the ideas and tips being launched regularly. I am so glad I became a member of this site and can bring smile's and joy to my clients.

Geeta Limbu
Senior Carer

Gail Parker - Lifestyle Coordinator

Love this site, you only need to use this one site to find plenty of activities for use in aged care homes.

Gail Parker
Lifestyle Coordinator

Amanda Mitchell - Activity Coordinator

You have been such a valuable asset to my work. I love this site and I use it a lot. I tell all other activities coordinators about it. Thankyou.

Amanda Mitchell
Activity Coordinator

Lesley Dalitz - Recreation Therapist

I love Golden Carers it is a fabulous resource. It has made my life so much easier, so that in turn does wonders for my clients. The work that you put in to helping us all is wonderful please don’t give up.

Is it worth the money? You betcha it is. My clients love the quizzes and we have many laughs and it opens up many a thoughtful discussion on life as an older person. I thank you so much when l am stuck for ideas l just jump onto GOLDEN CARERS. Have a great day and keep up the great work.

Lesley Dalitz
Recreation Therapist

Sotiana Rokobatini - Aged Care Worker

Forever grateful for such an amazing resource, relevant and accurate, how would I work without you. Love Goldencarers

Sotiana Rokobatini
Aged Care Worker

Jane Walker - Activities Coordinator

Golden Carers is my life saver. There is so much to choose from. I'm printing things every night. Golden Carers is brilliant.

Jane Walker
Activities Coordinator

Susan Klus - Lifestyle Assistant

Golden Carers is an exceptional resource tool for the aged care industry. I like the quality of resources and regular newsletters alerting you to updates.

Susan Klus
Lifestyle Assistant

Anne Rose - Activity Coordinator

Thanks for all your hard work... Love this site !!!

Anne Rose
Activity Coordinator

Saskia Badenhorst - Activities Coordinator

I truly am so grateful i have found this group. I am looking forward to your emails everyday and it feels like its given me a new leash on my working life as I went through a rough patch for awhile. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you do!

Saskia Badenhorst
Activities Coordinator

Jodie Wynne - Assistant in Nursing

I absolutely love this website. I check my emails everyday hoping for a newsletter. The information and activities are the best, I use them all the time :)

Jodie Wynne
Assistant in Nursing

Kathleen Constance - Lifestyle Assistant

Your website has wonderful ideas, it gets the creative juices flowing! Money well spent :D

Kathleen Constance
Lifestyle Assistant

Jane Moulson  - Lifestyle & Health Student

I just renewed my membership, it's such an invaluable resource.

Jane Moulson
Lifestyle & Health Student

Pam Erskine - Activity Coordinator

We love your website! Everyday I find a new and exciting programs/projects to incorporate into the day. You have made my job alot easier and for that I appreciate you:)

Pam Erskine
Activity Coordinator

Patricia Nilson - Activity Co-Ordinator

We are so lucky! I absolutely love everything about Golden Carers, so many things to explore, ideas, etc. Every Tuesday was magic. Thank you again!

Patricia Nilson
Activity Co-Ordinator

Rose Arcellana - Activity Organizer

I'm so happy I found this site. It's been very helpful to me for my job and for the residents I care for. Many thanks to GoldenCarers you're doing an excellent job!

Rose Arcellana
Activity Organizer

Fidelma Carroll - Activity Co-Ordinator

Thank you so much - I love the site. It has been so helpful and I'm glad I joined!

Fidelma Carroll
Activity Co-Ordinator

Del Marie - Activity Officer

Thank you so much!! You provide such an awesome service to us! You are really appreciated.

Del Marie
Activity Officer

Liz Buckley - Assistant

"Imagine life without Golden Carers. Imagine doing the same activities day after day because the Golden Carers site doesn't exist. Now wake up and breathe a sigh of relief it was all just a bad dream. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"

Liz Buckley

Janet Coull - Activities Therapist

Love using lots of your quizzes, riddles, word games, games and craft activities. There's always something new to give inspiration. Thanks very much.

Janet Coull
Activities Therapist

Marilyn Willock-James - Activity Officer

Thank you for the resources provided on Golden Carers. I found them immensely valuable, relevant and worthwhile. Educational and updated information provided. Great activity ideas and suggestions. The activities presented are appropriate and can be adapted to different client groups in any English speaking country. It is easy to read and understand the instructions and explanations.

Marilyn Willock-James
Activity Officer

Carole Godde - Recreational Activities Officer

I would like to congratulate Golden Carers for being an invaluable tool in enabling me to provide my Dementia clients with a wide range of appropriate activities.

Great value for money, I would recommend you to anyone working in this field. A big thank you!!!

Carole Godde
Recreational Activities Officer

Debra Gaiz - Aged Care  Carer

This website is such a great hit! I look forward to many enjoyable months ahead. Your site is absolutely amazing! I use it all the time.

Debra Gaiz
Aged Care Carer

Krissi Rochelle - Social Life Co-ordinator

I have only just found you and I have been overwhelmed by the content. A week ago, I was contemplating leaving my job because I was just running out of ideas and I was getting bored doing the same old things. Not now! Thank you!

Krissi Rochelle
Social Life Co-ordinator

Ngoc Burgess - Aged Care Lifestyle Student

Thank you so much Golden Carers, I really love using this website. It has been helping my study a lot and I will stick with you for as long as I work in the Aged Care industry.

Ngoc Burgess
Aged Care Lifestyle Student

Lauretta Kaldor  - Diversional Therapist

I love the forum, I can get a feel of the issues recreation staff face in their work. Keep up the good work you do for us!!

Lauretta Kaldor
Diversional Therapist

Traci Pareti - Activity Consultant

"I would like to personally thank you for your generous donation" ... "I have been sharing your resource information with my clients. Your customer service is truly exemplary."

Traci Pareti
Activity Consultant

Tracey Kelleher - Volunteer

Golden Carers has made creating our monthly rosters so much easier with fantastic ideas, games and quizzes to keep my Day Club members entertained and the brain ticking over. Thank you, the membership fee even for our small volunteer group is money well spent. :)

Tracey Kelleher

Linda Bain - Recreational Activity Officer

Golden Carers helps me professionally carry out my daily activities and keep my residents happy! I just love Golden Carers.

Linda Bain
Recreational Activity Officer

Donna Smalley - Activity Coordinator

I'm very new to aged care so I'm checking in regularly and feel like I have a new best friend.

Donna Smalley
Activity Coordinator

Merrilynn Wheeler - Executive Board Member for Friends of Pennypacker Mills

I appreciate the time and effort you put into finding and creating activities for seniors. I especially appreciate the freebies as I am a volunteer which implies I do not receive a paycheck so I really count on the free items your site offers and put them to good use at the PC and Dementia facility I volunteer at.

Merrilynn Wheeler
Executive Board Member for Friends of Pennypacker Mills

Linda Pill - Volunteer Chaplin

An amazing resource for anyone looking for ways to enrich the lives of the elderly. You provide an invaluable resource for anyone caring for the elderly, and I have appreciated every moment of our association.

Linda Pill
Volunteer Chaplin

Paula Sait - RLO / Resident Liaison Officer

Thank you so much for this site I use this every month, I do a flyer of what's on each month for my facility and use all the wonderful ideas, quizzes, trivia and craft. It makes my job so much easier.

Paula Sait
RLO / Resident Liaison Officer

Jashmine Sharma - Diversional Therapist

Thank you for such great content and resources. Something for every occasion. I really love using this website.

Jashmine Sharma
Diversional Therapist

Sherrie Gardner - Recreational Therapist

Your site is easy to use, I use it more often than the one our consultant has set up! I use so many of your ideas and love the Facebook page where everyone shares ideas, concerns and triumphs! I feel connected to a big wonderful caring society! I am always telling my co-workers how awesome Golden Carers is. I feel it is more in touch with the needs of my residents than many of the other Recreational Therapy sites.

Sherrie Gardner
Recreational Therapist

Darla Spiry - Activity & Recreation Aid

Your ideas are fantastic. Golden Carers is our most useful resource, thank you for all the wonderful ideas over the years.

Darla Spiry
Activity & Recreation Aid

Georgia Sultana - Caregiver

I just find Golden Carers fantastic. You are so up to date with the material you provide us with. Thank you so much for your efficiency and for all you teach us. Keep up the good work!

Georgia Sultana

Sunya Sauls - Activity Director

I really enjoy Golden Carers. This is the best website I have found.

Sunya Sauls
Activity Director

Dylan Gunter - Aged Care Student Volunteer

Thanks so much for providing this service. I cannot wait to use the resources to help out my volunteers.

Dylan Gunter
Aged Care Student Volunteer

Karen Midlo - Carer

Thanks for all the amazing things you post. The information you provide is just awesome. Thank you so much for all you do to make aging better.

Karen Midlo

Clive Clark - Co-Ordinator

"Golden Carers is a perfect site for those of us who are in regular contact and coordinate activities for the elderly. Becoming a member of Golden Carers was the best investment, Great work, keep it up."

Clive Clark

Janine Peucker - Lifestyle Coordinator

"Just love how I can go into Golden Carers and get so many ideas, LOVE IT"

Janine Peucker
Lifestyle Coordinator

Alice Rietveld - Volunteer for Aged Care - Mt Evelyn Christian Reformed Church

Thank you for your fantastic resource which I have utilised for some time now for the Golden Age Club which our church has run for almost 40 years. Thanks again, you provide a very valuable service which in the years to come will no doubt be more relevant as our population ages.

Alice Rietveld
Volunteer for Aged Care - Mt Evelyn Christian Reformed Church

Cathy Watson - Diversional Therapist

What a great website....fantastic! Thank you for such great content and recourses

Cathy Watson
Diversional Therapist

Rosemary de Kook - Team Leader Day Program

This is the most wonderful resource that can be used year in and year out, a great addition for staff when they are planning activities.

Rosemary de Kook
Team Leader Day Program

Meredith Sheldon - Activities Officer

I love this site so much! Thanks for all your great ideas.

Meredith Sheldon
Activities Officer

Donna McConnell - Activities Coordinator

This is a valuable resource for those working with older people. The activities are suitable for a range of abilities and focus on fun for all.

Donna McConnell
Activities Coordinator

Lynn Smith - Occupational Therapist

Golden Carers is definitely right for me! It's very helpful. Thank you so much for your work.

Lynn Smith
Occupational Therapist

Naomi Silver - Leisure and Health Officer

Thank you for all your excellent suggestions and resources, what a great site and well worth the annual membership.

Naomi Silver
Leisure and Health Officer

Corazon de la Cruz - Occupational Therapy Assistant

I cannot thank you enough. I am so lost without The Golden Carers Resources.

Corazon de la Cruz
Occupational Therapy Assistant

Beryl-Ann Kirby - Lifestyle Coordinator

Many thanks for making our life so much easier. Otherwise designing these activities would take forever!

Beryl-Ann Kirby
Lifestyle Coordinator

Valerie Harnish - Activities Director

Thank you for your articles and for providing a place to go for someone with no experience in this field. Without people like you I'd be completely lost! THANK YOU!!!

Valerie Harnish
Activities Director

Shantell Kemp - Lifestyle Co-Ordinator

I love love LOVE this site! there is so much information that if I am ever stuck for ideas I can ALWAYS find many many different things for my residents to do.

Shantell Kemp
Lifestyle Co-Ordinator

Johnette Walker - Activities Officer in an Aged Care Facility

Golden Carers is my 'Right Hand Man'... I am ever so grateful for this website. Thank you to all who contribute... hopefully I will share some things myself soon.

Johnette Walker
Activities Officer in an Aged Care Facility