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Supporting carers of the elderly worldwide since 2007

Golden Carers is a family owned business operating since 2007 and based in Brisbane, Australia.

Solange is a Diversional Therapist (Recreation Therapist) and has worked in the aged care industry for the past 30 years. Always searching for new ideas and activities for her clients, Solange thought it would be wonderful if there was a website dedicated to people like her. A website full of inspirational ideas and activities, support materials and a forum to share ideas. So that’s what we set out to create.

At the time, Talita, Maurice & Chris were running a web and mobile development company. Their experience in software development was the perfect match for Solange’s vision for Golden Carers.

Golden Carers is an interactive website for Diversional Therapists, Recreation Therapists and other caregivers of the elderly, including volunteers. The website provides 1000s of activity ideas, forms & templates, documentation samples and many more support materials.

Golden Carers members come from all over the world from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. If two heads are better than one, imagine what a whole community can achieve.

We hope you enjoy the website. If you feel like leaving some feedback, please do so here.

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Mary Lynn Byers - Activities Director

I just LOVE the multicultural section of this fabulous website. I work as a Activities Director at a day service facility and we are currently closed due to COVID! I am mailing/delivering personalized packages to our clients. We have clients of many different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. Adding pages of color-printed information from their country really brightens their day. The family members/care givers are delighted to see a spark in their loved ones eyes when they see and read about their history. I am becoming so educated myself learning all this. It will help me when we get back to work striking a spark in our clients eye when I reminisce with them about their culture. I seriously can NOT get enough of this fantastic site. xoxo :-)

Mary Lynn Byers
Activities Director

Christabel Smith - Activities Director/Business Owner

I am loving the Golden Carers membership. I am finding great resources that I used on the first day of membership. The membership is of much value working as both an Activities Director, and also an Activities Consultant. I look forward to continuing to use the site and also the forum.

Christabel Smith
Activities Director/Business Owner

Tina B - Leisure & Health

Thank you so much for such an awesome resource and to everyone for sharing their ideas. It takes the pressure off and allows more time to be spent with the ones we are caring for who after all need our time more than anything else. I am looking forward to reading as much as I can get my hands on and finding ways to improve the lives of our valuable community members and bring some sunshine in. Much appreciated :)

Tina B
Leisure & Health

Marcy McCallister - Life Enrichment

Thank you for creating this website for Activity and Life Enrichment teams! It has been a great year with all of the ideas and help you have provided for our facility here in California. Much gratitude to all of the Golden Carers staff!

Marcy McCallister
Life Enrichment

Shannon Smith - Activity Director

I am overwhelmed with the activities on this site, truly amazing. This website has been tremendously amazing and helpful for all my residents on the dementia unit. I have worked in the field of dementia and Alzheimer’s in a long term care home for 30 years. This website is a blessing from above. You are all amazing for the future of care givers and residents.

Shannon Smith
Activity Director

Traci Pareti - Activity Consultant

I have been sharing your resource information with my clients. Your customer service is truly exemplary.

Traci Pareti
Activity Consultant

Lenny Lerro - DJ and Mobile Entertainer

I just renewed my membership and going into my second year. When I got the notification that my first year was expiring, I knew I had to renew, there was no doubt in my mind. GoldenCarers is PRICELESS! As a DJ and mobile entertainer for over 38 years much of my business is with assisted living facilities and GoldenCarers has taken it above and beyond my competition. It always has something useful and too many to point out. I could no imagine running my business without GoldenCarers. You guys ROCK!

Lenny Lerro
DJ and Mobile Entertainer

Nicole Morgan - Service Manager

I cant rate this site high enough. The activities and ideas are fantastic, varied and very relevant to our service. I log on every morning to see what's new and I'm always printing and using your materials. Honestly the best site I know of to provide activities for older people.

Nicole Morgan
Service Manager

Crissie Staples - Diversional & Recreation Therapist

I just love this website, I couldn't do my job without you guys Thank you so much for every single activity, it's just marvellous!

Crissie Staples
Diversional & Recreation Therapist

Emily Port - Activities Assistant

Thank you for providing such creative and inspiring activities! I use Golden Carers daily and My residents love all of the quizzes and Arts and Crafts activities! Golden Carers is where I go for all of my ideas!

Emily Port
Activities Assistant

Michelle Adi - Activity Coordinator

I get so excited whenever I find something new on Golden Carers! Thank you for making my job easier!

Michelle Adi
Activity Coordinator

Claudia McPhail - Senior Support Worker

"I love this site, thank you so much for making my job a little easier :)"

Claudia McPhail
Senior Support Worker

Annatjie Greeff - Nursing Manager

It is absolutely wonderful to see and use the combined efforts of so many of us caring for the elderly, from all over the world! This website has opened many doors to the world of the elderly, stimulating and enriching their lives and making it possible for us as Carers to bring joy and fulfillment. Thank you to Golden Carers for making all of this possible, we salute you!!

Annatjie Greeff
Nursing Manager

Del McAlister - Activity Officer

Thank you so much!! You provide such an awesome service to us! You are really appreciated.

Del McAlister
Activity Officer

Kylie Black - Recreational Activities Officer

I absolutely love this site. I find the resources and ideas invaluable in my role as a Recreational Activities Officer in a large Nursing Home. The abundance of ideas, quizzes, and printable forms are helping me help the residents find their inner “fun” which had previously been missing. THANK YOU from myself and the residents!!

Kylie Black
Recreational Activities Officer

Jeannie Butcher - Life Enrichment Coordinator

I was hesitant at first to sign up for another website for activities, but I have been pleasantly surprised. It has been fun to search all you have to offer and during Covid-19 your site has helped me and our other Life Enrichment Coordinator so much. I truly appreciate all you do and provide. It just gets better all the time. Our residents love the word searches because they are so bold and clear. We have used many of your ideas and I’m so grateful! Thank you!

Jeannie Butcher
Life Enrichment Coordinator

Marjorie Luker - Activities Assistant

Thank you Golden Carers for always inspiring me with interesting topics. Keep them coming!

Marjorie Luker
Activities Assistant

Carla Mayhew - Lead Activities Coordinator

I just want to say what a wonderful site this is.... the residents are thoroughly enjoying the activities I am using from this site!!

Carla Mayhew
Lead Activities Coordinator

Annelize Steyn - Recreation Officer

Golden Carers has researched articles on dementia activities, men’s activities, dealing with challenging behaviour, and more. Thank you for a great web site. Professional! Informative! Well researched! Innovative!

Annelize Steyn
Recreation Officer

Carol Cosham - Senior Activities Volunteer

I'm thrilled that I discovered this marvellous site. It has become my "bible" for ideas, information and creativity. My clients absolutely love the activities I've picked up from Golden Carers. Thank you.

Carol Cosham
Senior Activities Volunteer

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