About Golden Carers

Supporting carers of the elderly worldwide since 2007

Golden Carers is a family owned business operating since 2007 and based in Brisbane, Australia.

Solange is a Diversional Therapist (Recreation Therapist) and has worked in the aged care industry for the past 30 years. Always searching for new ideas and activities for her clients, Solange thought it would be wonderful if there was a website dedicated to people like her. A website full of inspirational ideas and activities, support materials and a forum to share ideas. So that’s what we set out to create.

At the time, Talita, Maurice & Chris were running a web and mobile development company. Their experience in software development was the perfect match for Solange’s vision for Golden Carers.

Golden Carers is an interactive website for Diversional Therapists, Recreation Therapists and other caregivers of the elderly, including volunteers. The website provides 1000s of activity ideas, forms & templates, documentation samples and many more support materials.

Golden Carers members come from all over the world from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. If two heads are better than one, imagine what a whole community can achieve.

We hope you enjoy the website. If you feel like leaving some feedback, please do so here.

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Linda Pill - Volunteer Chaplin

An amazing resource for anyone looking for ways to enrich the lives of the elderly. You provide an invaluable resource for anyone caring for the elderly, and I have appreciated every moment of our association.

Linda Pill
Volunteer Chaplin

Karen Carley - Activity Coordinator

I'm so happy to have found Golden Carers, such great ideas & helpful tips. Thanks for all the download material, advice & fun your team provide. It brings joy to so many people.

Karen Carley
Activity Coordinator

Traci Pareti - Activity Consultant

I have been sharing your resource information with my clients. Your customer service is truly exemplary.

Traci Pareti
Activity Consultant

Emily Lyon - Activity Director

I cannot tell you how helpful this site has been. The best decision I've ever made!! As soon as I get organized, I'm adding some ideas.

Emily Lyon
Activity Director

Johnette Walker - Activities Officer in an Aged Care Facility

Golden Carers is my 'Right Hand Man'... I am ever so grateful for this website. Thank you to all who contribute... hopefully I will share some things myself soon.

Johnette Walker
Activities Officer in an Aged Care Facility

Annatjie Greeff - Nursing Manager

It is absolutely wonderful to see and use the combined efforts of so many of us caring for the elderly, from all over the world! This website has opened many doors to the world of the elderly, stimulating and enriching their lives and making it possible for us as Carers to bring joy and fulfillment. Thank you to Golden Carers for making all of this possible, we salute you!!

Annatjie Greeff
Nursing Manager

Kathleen Constance - Lifestyle Assistant

Your website has wonderful ideas, it gets the creative juices flowing! Money well spent :D

Kathleen Constance
Lifestyle Assistant

Lisa Dalesio - Activities for Seniors

Your website is wonderful! I use it almost on a daily basis. My people LOVE the word ladders! They can't get enough of them. I will continue using it as long as I'm working as an activities person!

Lisa Dalesio
Activities for Seniors

Zorinah Burrell - Diversional Therapist

This site is an absolute God Send. I cannot thank you enough for the incredible wealth of information you provide. You have saved me hours a week and literally changed my life, I look forward to exploring all you have to offer and think this site is worth every cent, massive thank you to the founders, you can see where your heart is - everything is of an excellent standard and I love the opportunity you have provided for us all to connect and share ideas. Simply Amazing.

Zorinah Burrell
Diversional Therapist

Virginia Benshoof - Activities Specialist

So many great ideas in here. Glad to have found you, Golden Carers! Thank you for all the wonderful things you do to help all of us working with activities to better and to make our activities fun for our customers and us.

Virginia Benshoof
Activities Specialist

Shannon White - Activity Director

I cannot believe it has been a full year since I started using Golden Carers. I remember going back and forth mentally if I wanted to try something new or keep on paying for an older resource that we didn't use often and was much more expensive for the entire year. I'm so glad I chose to make the switch and now here I am renewing my membership for the 2nd year. This site is great! Keep up the good work

Shannon White
Activity Director

Kaitlyn Reed-Mercer - Life Enrichment Director

I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am to have found this site! My residents have been thriving with all our new activities!

Kaitlyn Reed-Mercer
Life Enrichment Director

Stephanie Alexander - Seniors Facilitator

I love this site, there is always an idea, quiz or craft that I can use or modify for my programs.
After 35 years as an Activation Coordinator/Senior Facilitator, I am now semi-retired and running programs for individuals and small groups on Zoom (Mind Challenge/Theme Conversations & Your Story).

Love the forum idea and can see it being a real support to each other - wonderful to see the smiling faces, caring and positive attitudes that this field endangers!

Congratulations and thanks to the Golden Carers Team for a professional and well designed website that is internationally useful and user friendly!

Stephanie Alexander
Seniors Facilitator

Anne Campbell - Behaviour Support Practitioner

I have been using your site constantly over the last few weeks as I was allocated a client with young on-set dementia. Your strategies, games and ideas have been brilliant. Thanks again!

Anne Campbell
Behaviour Support Practitioner

Mary Schieckoff - Activity Director

I just want to thank you so very much for a wonderful website. Love, Love, LOVE IT! There are soo many great ideas for games that many of them are on my calendar. Who would of thought that the greatest people with the best ideas are on this website. I'm so grateful to have stumbled upon it.

Mary Schieckoff
Activity Director

Susan Klus - Lifestyle Assistant

Golden Carers is an exceptional resource tool for the aged care industry. I like the quality of resources and regular newsletters alerting you to updates.

Susan Klus
Lifestyle Assistant

Claudia McPhail - Senior Support Worker

"I love this site, thank you so much for making my job a little easier :)"

Claudia McPhail
Senior Support Worker

Kareen Kovacich - Diversional Therapist

Thanks for the hard work you put into making our Jobs a bit simpler....This is such a valuable site for all Diversional Therapists. I can't thank you enough :-)

Kareen Kovacich
Diversional Therapist

Christabel Smith - Activities Director/Business Owner

I am loving the Golden Carers membership. I am finding great resources that I used on the first day of membership. The membership is of much value working as both an Activities Director, and also an Activities Consultant. I look forward to continuing to use the site and also the forum.

Christabel Smith
Activities Director/Business Owner

Donna-Lee Game - Coordinator

Extremely happy I joined Golden Carers, it has become so useful for activities in the adult day centre I coordinate.

Donna-Lee Game

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