About Golden Carers

Supporting carers of the elderly worldwide since 2007

Golden Carers is a family owned business operating since 2007 and based in Brisbane, Australia.

Solange is a Diversional Therapist (Recreation Therapist) and has worked in the aged care industry for the past 30 years. Always searching for new ideas and activities for her clients, Solange thought it would be wonderful if there was a website dedicated to people like her. A website full of inspirational ideas and activities, support materials and a forum to share ideas. So that’s what we set out to create.

At the time, Talita, Maurice & Chris were running a web and mobile development company. Their experience in software development was the perfect match for Solange’s vision for Golden Carers.

Golden Carers is an interactive website for Diversional Therapists, Recreation Therapists and other caregivers of the elderly, including volunteers. The website provides 1000s of activity ideas, forms & templates, documentation samples and many more support materials.

Golden Carers members come from all over the world from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. If two heads are better than one, imagine what a whole community can achieve.

We hope you enjoy the website. If you feel like leaving some feedback, please do so here.

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Pam Erskine - Activity Coordinator

We love your website! Everyday I find a new and exciting programs/projects to incorporate into the day. You have made my job alot easier and for that I appreciate you:)

Pam Erskine
Activity Coordinator

Heike Marquart - Activities Coordinator

Golden Carers has been invaluable to my Activities Program.

Heike Marquart
Activities Coordinator

Catalina M Seymour - Activity Leader

I just want to let you know, I really am glad to be your member. I am learning so much with your information and I create daily activities with your help. My residents are so happy and this means the world to me. Thanks to you all.

Catalina M Seymour
Activity Leader

Bev Cohen - Activity Co-ordinator

This is just the most amazing site and we just love using it. Thanks

Bev Cohen
Activity Co-ordinator

Jacqulyn Thorns - Activity Program Coordinator

I LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This website! Soooo much information to use in activities and with our Residents/Patients!

Jacqulyn Thorns
Activity Program Coordinator

Johnette Walker - Activities Officer in an Aged Care Facility

Golden Carers is my 'Right Hand Man'... I am ever so grateful for this website. Thank you to all who contribute... hopefully I will share some things myself soon.

Johnette Walker
Activities Officer in an Aged Care Facility

Sherry Newcome - Life Enrichment Manager

I cannot tell you all enough how useful your website is. I absolutely love it--it has so many resources that meet the needs of residents in all levels of care. I'm on your site daily. Thank you all so much for sharing with us!!

Sherry Newcome
Life Enrichment Manager

Cathy Watson - Diversional Therapist

What a great website....fantastic! Thank you for such great content and recourses

Cathy Watson
Diversional Therapist

Shannon Smith - Activity Director

I am overwhelmed with the activities on this site, truly amazing. This website has been tremendously amazing and helpful for all my residents on the dementia unit. I have worked in the field of dementia and Alzheimer’s in a long term care home for 30 years. This website is a blessing from above. You are all amazing for the future of care givers and residents.

Shannon Smith
Activity Director

Janine Peucker - Lifestyle Coordinator

"Just love how I can go into Golden Carers and get so many ideas, LOVE IT"

Janine Peucker
Lifestyle Coordinator

Gloria Clarke - Diversional Therapist

Thank you for many years of wonderful ideas that you have given me through Golden Carers. Your ideas and opportunities for networking with other activities people have been a great resource for me to access. Wishing your wonderful organisation all the best.

Gloria Clarke
Diversional Therapist

Donna Smalley - Activity Coordinator

I'm very new to aged care so I'm checking in regularly and feel like I have a new best friend.

Donna Smalley
Activity Coordinator

Alice Rietveld - Volunteer for Aged Care

Thank you for your fantastic resources which I have utilised for some time now for the Golden Age Club which our church has run for almost 40 years. Thanks again, you provide a very valuable service which in the years to come will no doubt be more relevant as our population ages.

Alice Rietveld
Volunteer for Aged Care

Merrilynn Wheeler - Executive Board Member

I appreciate the time and effort you put into finding and creating activities for seniors. I especially appreciate the freebies as I am a volunteer which implies I do not receive a paycheck so I really count on the free items your site offers and put them to good use at the PC and Dementia facility I volunteer at.

Merrilynn Wheeler
Executive Board Member

Susan Klus - Lifestyle Assistant

Golden Carers is an exceptional resource tool for the aged care industry. I like the quality of resources and regular newsletters alerting you to updates.

Susan Klus
Lifestyle Assistant

Jashmine Sharma - Diversional Therapist

Thank you for such great content and resources. Something for every occasion. I really love using this website.

Jashmine Sharma
Diversional Therapist

Lil Cook - Minister To Senior Adults

Just renewed my subscription for another year of fabulous resources for helping to keep senior adults young at heart! Thank you!

Lil Cook
Minister To Senior Adults

Teresa Hutchinson - Carepartner

Golden Carers is a phenomenal and creative resource of activities for the senior population and people with dementia. They also provide resources and support for the caregiver too. I liked all the different types of activities that were available. You could pick and choose from a plethora of items the activities appropriate for your group. Keep on doing what you are doing. So many people's lives have been touched and improved by your website. Your website is a blessing to many organisations.

Teresa Hutchinson

Beryl-Ann Kirby - Lifestyle Coordinator

Many thanks for making our life so much easier. Otherwise designing these activities would take forever!

Beryl-Ann Kirby
Lifestyle Coordinator

Andrea Wheeler - Activity Director

I just wanted to tell you that this addition of "This day in History" is phenomenal!!!! I've been looking for something like this, and to have it all done, makes my job so much easier! I love your website and my seniors enjoy all of the great activities! THANK YOU!!

Andrea Wheeler
Activity Director

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