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Supporting carers of the elderly worldwide since 2007

Golden Carers is a family owned business operating since 2007 and based in Brisbane, Australia.

Solange is a Diversional Therapist (Recreation Therapist) and has worked in the aged care industry for the past 30 years. Always searching for new ideas and activities for her clients, Solange thought it would be wonderful if there was a website dedicated to people like her. A website full of inspirational ideas and activities, support materials and a forum to share ideas. So that’s what we set out to create.

At the time, Talita, Maurice & Chris were running a web and mobile development company. Their experience in software development was the perfect match for Solange’s vision for Golden Carers.

Golden Carers is an interactive website for Diversional Therapists, Recreation Therapists and other caregivers of the elderly, including volunteers. The website provides 1000s of activity ideas, forms & templates, documentation samples and many more support materials.

Golden Carers members come from all over the world from a wide range of backgrounds and experience. If two heads are better than one, imagine what a whole community can achieve.

We hope you enjoy the website. If you feel like leaving some feedback, please do so here.

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Jo Stewart - Diversional Therapist

I love this website especially the "This day in History" series. They are fantastic for my newsletter that I put out every month.

Jo Stewart
Diversional Therapist

Tamara Juckes - Activities Manager

I cannot tell you how much I benefit from this website. It truly amazes me! I find myself on it EVERYDAY! WELL DONE TO YOU ALL ❤️

Tamara Juckes
Activities Manager

Andrea Wheeler - Activity Director

I just wanted to tell you that this addition of "This day in History" is phenomenal!!!! I've been looking for something like this, and to have it all done, makes my job so much easier! I love your website and my seniors enjoy all of the great activities! THANK YOU!!

Andrea Wheeler
Activity Director

Linda Small - Caregiver

I co-own and operate a small assisted living home in Pittsfield, NH (U.S.A.). We consistently seek ways to improve upon our senior activity program, providing a diversified balance of a purposeful and enjoyable time of recreation, crafting, exercise and others to reach all of our residents. I must say, it's been a challenge. This past October I began researching options online and came across your site, subscribing for a year to see what you were all about. Let me tell you, you have not disappointed! Your site is a priceless resource that we are extremely thankful for. We find a significant increase in resident participation and look forward to the new ideas that each month brings. Our residents love the changes!

Linda Small

Tina B - Leisure & Health

Thank you so much for such an awesome resource and to everyone for sharing their ideas. It takes the pressure off and allows more time to be spent with the ones we are caring for who after all need our time more than anything else. I am looking forward to reading as much as I can get my hands on and finding ways to improve the lives of our valuable community members and bring some sunshine in. Much appreciated :)

Tina B
Leisure & Health

Sancha Ashton - Lifestyle Care Assistant

Love Golden Carers! You guys sure have something for every occasion. Helps me in my search to keep our residents happy. Thanks to all your great ideas, my residents are kept very happy with all that you have to offer! They are never bored!

Sancha Ashton
Lifestyle Care Assistant

Ellen Hargett - Community Social Services Asst

I just recently joined this site also and let me tell you it is WONDERFUL!!!! I am an activity director at a senior center and not only do our older seniors enjoy it but we also have a group respite program geared towards participants with dementia and Alzheimer's, that respond really well to the trivia/quizzes that the website offers. I am so thankful to have this site as a resource to assist with enhancing their quality of life!

Ellen Hargett
Community Social Services Asst

Stephanie Keese - Life Enrichment Coordinator

"I am thankful for all that you share with our Activity Coordinator community! I also like that we can help each other out by sharing our creative ideas and post in the Forum's and get feedback from other members! Thank you!"

Stephanie Keese
Life Enrichment Coordinator

Carol Clarke - Activity Coordinator

I am new to Golden Carers but wow so happy with all the wonderful resources that are available. Even after a week I don't know how I managed without this wonderful tool. Looking forward to the year ahead!!

Carol Clarke
Activity Coordinator

Anne Campbell - Behaviour Support Practitioner

I have been using your site constantly over the last few weeks as I was allocated a client with young on-set dementia. Your strategies, games and ideas have been brilliant. Thanks again!

Anne Campbell
Behaviour Support Practitioner

Teresa Hilliar - Head Of Activities

This is the best activities website I have come across, it is full of useful and different activities to use every day. This is my go-to site every day to check what is new. Thank you.

Teresa Hilliar
Head Of Activities

Jacqui Oughtred - Leisure And Lifestyle Coordinator

I am loving everything Golden Carers has to offer. The printable calendars are a huge hit and the activities make planning so easy. Thanks Golden Carers!!

Jacqui Oughtred
Leisure And Lifestyle Coordinator

Merrilynn Wheeler - Executive Board Member

I appreciate the time and effort you put into finding and creating activities for seniors. I especially appreciate the freebies as I am a volunteer which implies I do not receive a paycheck so I really count on the free items your site offers and put them to good use at the PC and Dementia facility I volunteer at.

Merrilynn Wheeler
Executive Board Member

Diane McFadden - Facilitator

ANOTHER HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!! Keep up the great, creative, inspiring work

Diane McFadden

Del McAlister - Activity Officer

Thank you so much!! You provide such an awesome service to us! You are really appreciated.

Del McAlister
Activity Officer

June Spry Leverton - Activity Director

Golden Carers is a wonderful resource. I really like the idea that more of it is going to be in video format as this grabs my participant's attention! Even after 20 years in the activity director role, the ideas in Golden Carers are often refreshingly innovative and really useful, even on the fly. Your help is invaluable! Many thanks!

June Spry Leverton
Activity Director

Gail Parker - Lifestyle Coordinator

Absolutely love this site, you only need to use this one site to find plenty of activities for use in aged care homes.

Gail Parker
Lifestyle Coordinator

Sue Porter - Nurse

Thank you Golden Carers, without you I don't know how we could possibly give our elderly treasures such a huge range of activities.

Sue Porter

Marilyn Willock-James - Activity Officer

Thank you for the resources provided on Golden Carers. I found them immensely valuable, relevant and worthwhile. Educational and updated information provided. Great activity ideas and suggestions. The activities presented are appropriate and can be adapted to different client groups in any English speaking country. It is easy to read and understand the instructions and explanations.

Marilyn Willock-James
Activity Officer

Jane Barwick - Day Service Supervisor

I am absolutely thrilled to have found this site. My colleagues and I use the resources daily. I would be lost without it! Congratulations on building a site that just keeps on giving!

Jane Barwick
Day Service Supervisor

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