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About Susan: Susan Berg is a freelance writer, retired healthcare professional, retired Activity Director and current writer for several senior care e-magazines with more than 20 years of experience working with Senior Citizens and eight years experience writing for a number of publications. She is the author of a book for those with dementia and their caregivers. Susan has two blogs about activities for seniors and information vital to all wanting to know about dementia. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and North Shore Community College.

Senior Citizens
Susan is an expert on senior citizen issues. She is currently a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant(COTA). In this role, she has worked with senior citizens. Susan is an expert on adapting and modifying activities so that seniors can participate in them. She spent twenty years as an Activity Director in nursing homes. She devised, planned, coordinated, and facilitated stimulating activity programming. Also she designed a program for homebound senior citizens. Currently, Susan shares her knowledge about senior activities on one of her blogs.


Susan is also an expert on dementia and related issues. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner(CPD). She has participated in numerous workshops, seminars and alike where she has gained much knowledge. Her work as an Activity Director and COTA has given her much knowledge and experience in relating to individuals with dementia. Susan is passionate about sharing her knowledge. She is hopeful that people will do what they can to prevent or at least slow down dementia in themselves or loved ones. Susan has shared many tips on how to prevent dementia or slow it down on her other blog.

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Susan 25th Jun 2019 Activity Director

Age Appropriate Activities in Senior Care

Hi again Colby
I just want to add that it seems like you’re a great activity person
It is not easy to find somebody who is as interested in the residents as you are
I hope you continue to enjoy your job and get pleasure from the residents
Sometimes staff are frustrated and they take it out on you
Don’t let it get you down
Susan 25th Jun 2019 Activity Director

Age Appropriate Activities in Senior Care

Hi Colby
Age appropriate to me means activities that people enjoy doing
The facts on this have changed over the years
If you do something in the residents seem uninterested and complain then this is not appropriate for this group
Now people talk about a person centered activities instead of age-appropriate
Especially in a memory care unit things that seem childish may be appropriate as long as this is written in their notes
I have had surveyers observing activities and did not see the whole thing then commented that they didn’t think it was appropriate
Luckily I documented that the person enjoyed doing what they observed

I know your boss is very busy but should pay attention to what you say sometimes it is difficult to approach them to explain yourself
This article on golden Carers may help you
Susan 25th Jun 2019 Activity Director


Hi Lorraine
You might want to use this link to find others who are interested in a penpal who haven’t seen your post
Susan 22nd Jun 2019 Activity Director


Usually you don’t have to do you have the work but there may be instances where it might be necessary
It depends on the group do you work with and the support staff that is available to you
Usually the care workers or CNA’s do the heavy work
There may be an emergency situation that requires you do some heavy lifting
However the trick is to keep a close eye on things to make sure this doesn’t happen
I am a small person and I manage just fine
Susan 22nd Jun 2019 Activity Director


Susan 21st Jun 2019 Activity Director


Hi my experience with those who have early onset Alzheimer’s is that they had pretty good physical function but mentally they were not that good so I guess every group is different
Here is a link to cognitive programs that might work for you

You may be able to adapt and modify this exercise program to meet the needs of your residents
Susan 19th Jun 2019 Activity Director


Thank you Molly
Susan 19th Jun 2019 Activity Director


The link Molly provided is very useful
I hope we helped you with your decision Sue
Susan 19th Jun 2019 Activity Director


You are lucky to Sharon
I think Alexa could be really helpful
Susan 19th Jun 2019 Activity Director


Great ideas Sheri thank you