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About Susan: Susan Berg is a freelance writer, retired healthcare professional, retired Activity Director and current writer for several senior care e-magazines with more than 20 years of experience working with Senior Citizens and eight years experience writing for a number of publications. She is the author of a book for those with dementia and their caregivers. Susan has two blogs about activities for seniors and information vital to all wanting to know about dementia. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and North Shore Community College.

Senior Citizens
Susan is an expert on senior citizen issues. She is currently a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant(COTA). In this role, she has worked with senior citizens. Susan is an expert on adapting and modifying activities so that seniors can participate in them. She spent twenty years as an Activity Director in nursing homes. She devised, planned, coordinated, and facilitated stimulating activity programming. Also she designed a program for homebound senior citizens. Currently, Susan shares her knowledge about senior activities on one of her blogs.


Susan is also an expert on dementia and related issues. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner(CPD). She has participated in numerous workshops, seminars and alike where she has gained much knowledge. Her work as an Activity Director and COTA has given her much knowledge and experience in relating to individuals with dementia. Susan is passionate about sharing her knowledge. She is hopeful that people will do what they can to prevent or at least slow down dementia in themselves or loved ones. Susan has shared many tips on how to prevent dementia or slow it down on her other blog.

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Susan 27th Mar 2020 Activity Director

15 Virtual Activities for Residents in Isolation

P. Liliana
Thank you for this information it is very helpful
Susan 26th Mar 2020 Activity Director

Name the Book from the Character Quiz

Thank you
Other activity directors or workers in a facility can print this out and pass one out to each resident and see how they do
Susan 26th Mar 2020 Activity Director

Covid-19 Message for Family

This is great
Thank you for sharing it and for all you do
Susan 26th Mar 2020 Activity Director


Hi Kathleen
Thank you for all your great information
It would be nice if they were like you do a hallway game where the residents sit by their doors and you could play bingo or those who like to read you could tell them that the other residents are at their doorway and they can hear you
I love the idea of a deck of cards because there are so many things you can do with it
You could buy a lot of decks because it fairly inexpensive
You don’t even have to give each resident a full deck
There are so many ways to match the card numbers colors highest to lowest lowest to highest etc.
I hope the residence are able to use the telephone and their family could call them or you could call them
Thank you for all you do and good luck
Hopefully things will get back to normal soon
Susan 26th Mar 2020 Activity Director


Thanks for this information
It sounds like your residents I’m fairly high functioning
But these suggestions could be adapted to lower functioning residents
You may have to help write some of the information for them
If you want to stay out of their rooms you can call them on the telephone get the information and then compile the books
I especially like the joke
books because laughter is the best medicine
Thank you again for sharing this with us
Susan 25th Mar 2020 Activity Director


These are great ideas Linda thank you for sharing
Susan 25th Mar 2020 Activity Director


Hi Jan
Have you read these articles because there are many good ideas

I especially like hallway games where you sit in the hallway and conduct the activity
You have to make sure the resident does not come out of his room
You could call each resident in the hallway first to tell them the activity is coming up and that they must stay in their room to play
You could also have each person make a sign are you could have premade and then they could decorated the sign might say
You need to stay in your room sorry for the inconvenience
Then hang it up in the room so they are reminded they cannot leave the room
Susan 24th Mar 2020 Activity Director

50 Activities for the Elderly in Lockdown and Isolation

Thank you Kristen
Susan 24th Mar 2020 Activity Director


A simple note hanging in an area of the room that is seen by the resident
You could have them decorated and then hang it up in the room together
You could make a card for them to carry around
You don’t have to mention a covid 19 virus by name but you could just say that the dining room and other areas are closed at the present time Thanks for your understanding
What do you think about this
Susan 24th Mar 2020 Activity Director


Great ideas Alison
Just be careful of infection control when you have traveling cart
Thank you for sharing