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About Susan: Susan Berg is a freelance writer, retired healthcare professional, retired Activity Director and current writer for several senior care e-magazines with more than 20 years of experience working with Senior Citizens and eight years experience writing for a number of publications. She is the author of a book for those with dementia and their caregivers. Susan has two blogs about activities for seniors and information vital to all wanting to know about dementia. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and North Shore Community College.

Senior Citizens
Susan is an expert on senior citizen issues. She is currently a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant(COTA). In this role, she has worked with senior citizens. Susan is an expert on adapting and modifying activities so that seniors can participate in them. She spent twenty years as an Activity Director in nursing homes. She devised, planned, coordinated, and facilitated stimulating activity programming. Also she designed a program for homebound senior citizens. Currently, Susan shares her knowledge about senior activities on one of her blogs.


Susan is also an expert on dementia and related issues. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner(CPD). She has participated in numerous workshops, seminars and alike where she has gained much knowledge. Her work as an Activity Director and COTA has given her much knowledge and experience in relating to individuals with dementia. Susan is passionate about sharing her knowledge. She is hopeful that people will do what they can to prevent or at least slow down dementia in themselves or loved ones. Susan has shared many tips on how to prevent dementia or slow it down on her other blog.

Feel free to visit and comment at either of Susan’s blogs at

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Susan 26th Jan 2020 Activity Director


Hi jean
Thanks for the information

I have purchased bird houses that need to be painted for a very reasonable price
I don’t know if there are any hardware stores in your area such as Home Depot because they may donate things to you
Thanks again for the information
Susan 25th Jan 2020 Activity Director


I like to have a Valentine’s Day party where I tell each resident why we love them we do this in between singing love with songs and doing trivia about Valentine’s Day
The residents seem to love it and feel very good after it is over even though it doesn’t cost me much we do serve cake or something else sweet at the end
In my opinion always better to serve food at the end of the activity
Susan 25th Jan 2020 Activity Director


You are very welcome always glad to help
Susan 24th Jan 2020 Activity Director


I agree
In my opinion it is better than any other site by far
Part of the reason is because of members like you
Thank you for your support
Susan 24th Jan 2020 Activity Director


Wow what a great idea Liza
Others may follow what you have done
Your staff would probably like to choose some activities as well
Susan 24th Jan 2020 Activity Director


I am sure some members would be interested now that you posted this
They look very lifelike
Susan 24th Jan 2020 Activity Director


Are you making the gifts or buying them??
How much do you want to spend on each person??
Here are some ideas for gifts
You can also give prizes related to an activity to get more people to go to the activity Like a special prize at bingo or adding 10 points to your score at some game you play
Perhaps this article of interest you
Susan 23rd Jan 2020 Activity Director


If their site is good then you can always use large cards for them to see such as suggested on this activity
This article will help you as well
Here is another article

In general activities that do not rely on hearing are the best
Exercise Where are you show people what to do
Coloring is always good
Hand massages and manicures
If you need more help let us know
Susan 22nd Jan 2020 Activity Director

15 Goals for Your Activity Program

Thank you for your input
Susan 22nd Jan 2020 Activity Director


Great information Carla
We had a veteran volunteer fromA hospice group that came in once a month
Most of the men in our facility were veterans or knew veterans and it seemed like they liked to talk About their experience
The volunteer was a very positive