Bunco Dice Game for Seniors

Bunco Dice Game for Seniors

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Bunco, pronounced

Bunco, pronounced "Bunk-Oh", is a fun dice game that encourages socialization. It's based on luck, has a simple rule set, and uses some math skills.

If you've never heard of Bunco, give yourself some time to learn and understand how it works. Remember that the best way to learn is to play, and even if you make some mistakes it's OK - that means you're learning!

Bunco can be enjoyed by individuals, as well as up to 32 people playing together.

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Susan 27th Feb 2020 Activity Director
I agree bunco can be a fun and easy game to play
It always seems to generate much laughter and as you said it can be easily adapted to most any situation
Carol 26th Feb 2020 Registered Diversional Therapist
Bunco has become one of our most popular games. We play every Wednesday for consistency with our residents. We have adapted the game by playing with two tables about 6-8 players. First team to get a bunco or 21 points wins the game. This game is easily adaptable thanks for sharing it
Charlene 14th Nov 2019 Retired
I would like more information on participants playing as individuals. We have a small group for game night hour and this could be the answer.
Susan 14th Nov 2019 Activity Director
A person can’t play against himself rolling first for one person then for another
A group of four would be good because then people could change partners Or not and just play for them selves and see who has the highest score or who gets the most buncos whatever way you want to do it
The game is very adaptable depending on the group that’s fine feel free to ask any more questions
I love this game and your Residents will too
Susan 30th Jan 2019 Activity Director
It is our favorite game as a group to play, we have modified it quite a bit. We usually have 5 tables of 4 each has one score sheet & one bell and 3 dice per table.
We use a dry erase board to keep team scores(tables) Each team makes up a name, they are really funny the names they come up with.
Our scorekeeper starts the game and we all roll the dice at our tables until we total the 21 points or get a bunco. We then ring our bells loudly and a point is given to that team. We play the 6 games and declare a winning team. This usually lasts for about 5 games. Our score sheet holds that many games or more. We get really loud as we compete to win the game. We are seniors so we don't change seats. I do like if a team rolls a BUNCO out of number suite (ex. when rolling ones and you get a BUNCO with 3's it counts as two points, we are going to add that to our games from now on. I also have 4 wonderful volunteers that assist and keep scores at the tables along with playing. A lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.
Susan 31st Jan 2019 Activity Director
The way you play bunco is great also
I guess you have to play and then modify the game as necessary
I am sure the residents can help you with this
Tricia 29th Jan 2019 Activity Director
I also play Bunko with my residents, but I have modified it quite a bit and they still enjoy it. It is their 2nd favorite game after bingo!

We play individual instead of teams.
We all sit at one long (or two tables put together) which I cover with a plastic table cloth to keep the dice on the table.
Each player is given 3 dice. They take turns rolling their dice.
The object is to get BUNKO or roll 3 sixes.
However, each time a player rolls a six, they get a point and roll again.
Also, 3 of a kind earns 2 points and that player continues to roll. (with the exception of 6's as that would be a Bunko.
2 sixes earn 5 points and that player continues to roll.
Player continues to roll their dice until they do not roll any of the above.
The 1st player to score 21 points wins the Game but if someone rolls a Bunko (3 sixes) its an automatic win.
If you win a "game" (21 points) you receive 25 cents. If you roll Bunko you receive 50 cents.
I keep score by making columns with the players name at top and tally marks as they roll.
My residents love this activity. They cheer each other on and go crazy when someone rolls Bunko.
For those who have trouble holding and rolling the dice I use small plastic cups.
Susan 30th Jan 2019 Activity Director
Trisha that is great
You do have to adapt the game so that all the residents can play I am glad that they really enjoy it I think it would be a great activity for many residents