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Here is a fun, easy and inexpensive Father’s Day activity!

There are usually less men than women in elder care facilities. However, you can still honor the men on Father’s Day with a fun celebration that recognizes all the residents at your facility.

A "Tie One On Party", is a party where everyone wears a tie.

Preparing for the Day

Source Ties

  • Ask for donations of old ties 6 weeks or so before Father’s Day or
  • have a family member bring in a tie for his loved one or
  • Make bow ties for the residents using handkerchiefs and safety pins or
  • have the residents create their own ties! Use heavy paper or cardboard cut into the shapes of ties, and decorate them using ideas for making collages.

Hold a Word Search Competition

About week before the party, distribute some Father’s Day word searches or other puzzles. Then you can give a prize to one lucky resident on the day of the party who completed the word search correctly. Make up your own puzzle or use one of these Father's Day Word Searches.

Prepare Decorations

During an arts & craft session, prepare some decorations for the party. Here are some ideas:

Come up with Prize Categories

Thinking of prize categories can be a mini activity. Sometimes you get some great ideas from this type of discussion.

Make up categories such as:

  • most colorful
  • most original
  • craziest
  • fattest
  • thinnest
  • longest
  • shortest
  • smartest
  • scariest
  • least colorful
  • brightest
  • happiest
  • sportiest
  • greenest or other colors
  • softest
  • and anything in between!

Organise Food

Organise some sort of treat to eat at the party which you can buy, ask the kitchen to make, or a combination of both.

On the Day

On the day of the party, ask residents to pick a tie to wear, wear the tie they made, or wear the tie that was brought in especially for them.

Staff can wear crazy ties on party day as well!

At the party, alternate between singing songs, asking trivia questions and giving out prizes so the residents do not get bored.

Hand out Prizes

Hand out prizes. Give anyone, who wears a tie, a prize. The prize can be anything you want.

When a resident is getting a prize, ask him to describe the tie, or you describe it. Then decide what category his tie fits in, or just give him a prize for being a great person. Be sure to say a positive fact about the resident too. Then cheer, cheer, cheer!

Song ideas

There are songs specifically about fathers, like, “Oh My Papa” or “My Dad”. For other songs and some facts about the songs, visit Playlist of Songs about Fatherhood.

Other ways to enjoy songs can be found here:

Trivia ideas

For trivia questions and discussion ideas check out these activities:

There are many other ideas on the Golden Carers website: Search Father’s Day Activities

Share a Meal

Enjoy some food you together after all the celebrations have been completed.

Make Sure Everyone Feels Good

Everyone feels good when they leave the party. Be a big proponent of compliment, compliment, compliment.

There is no harm in doing this and the rewards are great. Making people feel good is what it is all about.

Make your residents feel good by using all or some of these ideas for Father’s Day while everyone "Ties One On!"

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