How to Decrease Problem Behaviors

How to Decrease Problem Behaviors

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For any staff member, dealing with a person who has dementia, especially those with problem behaviors, can be challenging at times. How can you make the best of any situation?

For any staff member, dealing with a person who has dementia, especially those with problem behaviors, can be challenging.

In this article we cover:

  • 8 ways to bring the best out of people
  • Communication among caregivers
  • What to do when problem behaviors arise
  • 3 Strategies for managing problem behavior
  • Common Activities that often work
  • Simple group activities to diffuse unwanted behavior

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Donnette 13th Apr 2019 Activities
Thank you for this article. Our staff is having a hard time coping with some negative behaviors. This can help us.
Francesca 22nd Jan 2019 Family Caregiver
I just joined and found this article. I like the idea of "failure free" activities. Thank you!
Talita 27th Jan 2019
Thank you for your feedback Francesca!
Alejandra 6th Feb 2018 Activity Director
One of my residents, she needs to go around and around in circles in her wheelchair. She gets so tired, then she call for HELP me please.
Today I remember that she loves to sing, so I put her favorite music, she started singing that she forgot to go around and around in circles.
Talita 10th Feb 2018
How wonderful to hear, Alejandra! Music is so powerful.
Almira 30th Jan 2018 Recreational Activity Officer
A very informative article. Thank you for sharing.
Another way of decreasing problem behaviour is ball room dancing. I find this very effective where everyone loves to sing and dance especially their old favourite music.
Talita 4th Feb 2018
That's a good reminder, thanks Almira. Dancing to favourite old time favourites is a wonderful and engaging activity.
Ros 24th Jan 2018 Diversional Therapist
Thanks for the article. Another suggestion that works every time for me when people are unsettled is to provide an ice-cream in a cone. This generally gets people to sit and can take at least 30 minutes to eat. Do not immediately remove the paper around the cone as this too keeps people settled.

Talita 27th Jan 2018
Thanks for sharing Ros, this is a great idea!
yasmin 9th Sep 2017 Recreational therapist
Working in dementia unit is very challenging and I am facing with different behaviours everyday. The information are very useful and I Wii use it with my residents
Thanks so much
Talita 11th Jun 2017
Thanks for your feedback Lulu and Leslie!
Lulu 6th Jun 2017 Facility Manager
Just read this article , such valuable information . Thank you for sharing . I have printed out and will share with my team in our Wairua Unit

Leslie 5th Jun 2017 Activity Assistant
A wonderful article with many helpful ideas! Thank you Susan!
Susan 17th May 2017 Activity Director
A new article has been submitted by Susan: How To Decrease Problem Behaviors