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Recreational therapist From New South Wales, Australia

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yasmin 5th Nov 2018 Recreational therapist

Horse Racing Hat Parade

We made all our paper hats with the help from staff and Care Recipients.
yasmin 29th Jul 2018 Recreational therapist

How to Plan Age Appropriate Activities for Seniors

This site helped me a lot during our Accreditation. Thank you so much Goldencarers
So much wonderful information
yasmin 4th Mar 2018 Recreational therapist

Mulitcultural Songs

fiji - Isa Isa Vulagi is the most common welcoming song
yasmin 4th Mar 2018 Recreational therapist

Mulitcultural Songs

Yes, really beautiful song
yasmin 4th Mar 2018 Recreational therapist

Say Hello & Goodbye in Different Languages

Fijian - Bula
yasmin 14th Jan 2018 Recreational therapist

Pancake Day Party

I am so confident that my residents will love pancake making.some of the female residents are very good with cooking ideas.I am goog to make it for australia day,group activity
yasmin 9th Sep 2017 Recreational therapist

How to Decrease Problem Behaviors

Working in dementia unit is very challenging and I am facing with different behaviours everyday. The information are very useful and I Wii use it with my residents
Thanks so much
yasmin 2nd Sep 2017 Recreational therapist

Poems to Share #3

I am going to read residents
yasmin 5th Aug 2017 Recreational therapist

Bow Ties for Father's Day and Special Events

I love the ideas for fathers day celebration.I am going to prepare the bow ties with my residents.Thanks so much.
yasmin 20th Jun 2017 Recreational therapist

Father's Day Decoration Garland

I love this and my resident will going to try soon