12 Habits That Make You Look Professional

12 Habits That Make You Look Professional

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As a leader in your senior community, it is imperative to be professional in all your interactions with residents, family, and colleagues. Here’s how to put your best foot forward

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Philip 17th Nov 2020 Student
Thank you so much for this article I have just completed my studies in aged care and found the information provided insightful and useful. I will certainly be using these in all of my interactions as I progress in my new career

Talita 22nd Nov 2020
Thank you for your feedback Philip. Wishing you all the very best in your new career!
Jean 16th Nov 2020 Activities Coordinator
Thank you for your article 'Habits that make you look professional'. I use articles like this for myself and pass them on to my colleagues in the training program.
Talita 22nd Nov 2020
This is wonderful to hear. Thanks so much for your feedback Jean.
Norma 16th Nov 2020 Lifestyle
During the Corona Virus it was extremely hard to find activities to do with the residents, keep them socially distancing whilst trying to keep them busy. We were, and are still not allowed to have volunteers come in which again made it extremely hard to run certain programs, and for us to try to keep our coffee shop going. The coffee shop is a good chance for our residents to be able to sit out in a dedicated area away from the normal communal area.
The hardest thing was the family visits with people trying to talk to each other through a window or a door wearing masks, most of the residents are hard of hearing, and with masks on and shields it was made so difficult to hear. But we have all come through it and hope there will not be another breakdown any time soon.
Susan 16th Nov 2020 Activity Director
Hi Norma
Thanks for sharing this information
It sounds like you are doing a good job given the circumstances
You may want to try having volunteers call residence or family members call them on phone
You could also have a zoom meetings or other ways on the Internet for getting
Thanks again