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Philip 13th Dec 2022 Student

Wooden Branch Christmas Trees

This is a brillant idea-our team have been using coloured paint chip cards from hard ware store which are then cut out into various christms shapes using cookie cutters as templates
Philip 24th Apr 2021 Student

Alphabet Quiz #2

I have just started my career in Aged Care and adore this website for all of the inspiration and ideas it provides!

Thank-you so much
Philip 18th Nov 2020 Student

Newsletter Template - November 2023

I just love this website I have just started my career in the Aged Care Industry and this website is my must go tool for ideas and inspirations

Thank-you so much
Philip 17th Nov 2020 Student

12 Habits That Make You Look Professional

Thank you so much for this article I have just completed my studies in aged care and found the information provided insightful and useful. I will certainly be using these in all of my interactions as I progress in my new career