What to Include in a Staff Meeting

What to Include in a Staff Meeting

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It is necessary to communicate regularly with your staff. You should have a formal meeting at least once per quarter.

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Susan 14th Nov 2018 Activity Director
I think the social worker should help you with this you don't want it to turn into a complaining session and you don't want to talk about specific residents
Who is asking for the meeting???
Do they want you to cover certain topics ???
Is this something you're doing before your annual survey so you can get all the issues that might be brought up at the survey out in the open ????
Is this something to promote your facility ????
Sherlene 13th Nov 2018 Activities Coordinator
Hello, I would like to know if anyone has an agenda for a Family Council meeting or Family forum?
Solange 13th Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi, Sherlene, the agenda depends on the Activity Program, concerns of residents/Family and improvements sought for the facility. Here is one way to do it, it may give you some food for thought. All the best of luck.
Family Council Meeting Agenda
1. Look at the agenda of last month and go through what was achieved and what is pending. Review and postpone any unresolved issues for the next meeting
2. Sort out input on Agenda and prioritize them (input by staff/family and other committee members)
3. Discuss week/monthly events - schedule dates, time, responsibility share, designate tasks to staff and volunteers
4. Listen to members’ general concerns and identify and define problem from residents’ perspective
5. Encourage family members to suggest new activities and improvements e.g. outings/special events/how better to connect with the community/educational topics sessions and other projects
6. Compile a list of action steps for concerns and suggestions. Do they need further investigation or can a solution be recommended?
7. Type the minutes of the meeting for distribution (if needed).
Susan 27th Jun 2017 Activity Director
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