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Sherlene 11th Dec 2018 Activities Coordinator

8 Ways To Spread Christmas Cheer in Nursing Homes

Thanks Golden Carers for all you do to make my job easier!!
Sherlene 11th Dec 2018 Activities Coordinator

Holiday Movie Recommendations for the Elderly

Thank you for all the great activity ideas! I have a question "is showing movies not considered an activity? The reason I ask is that we have an interim administrator who has come in trying to change my Activity calendar. She said that showing a movie is not considered an activity by regulations in Va. Is this accurate information? Can someone please tell me if this is so?
Sherlene 13th Nov 2018 Activities Coordinator

What to Include in a Staff Meeting

Hello, I would like to know if anyone has an agenda for a Family Council meeting or Family forum?
Sherlene 18th Oct 2018 Activities Coordinator

Sip and Paint

Thanks for the Sip and Paint idea. My residents really love it. I have a social worker that volunteers to lead the group and she makes the drawings ahead of time on the canvas. This is our second time doing this and it's going to be a monthly activity. Again thanks for the idea! Sherlene
Sherlene 8th Aug 2018 Activities Coordinator

Sip and Paint

Wow! so many nice ideas!! Thank you very much. You help make my job so much easier, fun, and exciting!!
Sherlene 15th Feb 2017 Activities Coordinator

How to host a Valentine's Day Party

Thank you so much for the wonderful ideas and trivia.
Sherlene 29th Dec 2016 Activities Coordinator

Count Down to Noon!

Thanks for the ideas! I will be using most of these for our New Year's celebration! We will be having ours on Friday the 30th being that New Years eve is on a Saturday this year! I especially like the Balloon drop idea!! Thanks again and Happy New Year!! You guys are the best!!
Sherlene 20th Dec 2016 Activities Coordinator

Hats & Headgear Game

Merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy New Year!!
Sherlene 14th Sep 2016 Activities Coordinator


I would like to thank you for all the wonderful ideas that you share with us every month! there were times that I ran out of ideas but when I came upon your website on facebook it really changed my life and the life of our residents. You are truly appreciated!
Sherlene 31st Aug 2016 Activities Coordinator

Guess the Profession Quiz

Thank you for the different games and quizzes for Laor Day. I will be using them on Monday! Also Ijust want to say the ideas and information that you present are just exceptional. I get so excited seing what you have each month! Thank you so much!!