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Solange 8th Aug 2018


Hi Diane, don't feel disheartened, there are ups and downs in all professions. Just change your activity program. It would help if you were to ask residents what they prefer. Give them alternative activities to pick; riddles, table games, quizzes, cooking, ball games, craft, and others. Hang in there, you are just going through a low phase; you will be fine!
Solange 4th Aug 2018


Hi Juanita, I am sorry you are having trouble with volunteers. They are such an asset to an organization. My experience is that the Police check is a must, and of course, the orientation is very useful to the prospective recruit, but TB clearance and other background checks I am not aware of. Our orientation was very simple; we took the volunteer through the facility pointing out where dining, kitchen, bathrooms were and then having them to assist you with an activity. You could observe and make a decision if the person was more suited to help with a game of cards or craft or just one on one sessions. I also was very successful in persuading residents relatives to volunteer once a week or fortnight. Good luck!
Solange 28th Jul 2018

Client Assessment: Getting to know your Client

Hi, Caitlin -Elders’ physical capabilities:
Dexterity; does the client have good grip strength?
Mobility/Balance: How difficult is walking/turning around? Can he/she get up and go? Do they rely on the staff’s help?
Stamina: What is the dimension of his/her tiredness? Can they stay awake without nodding off during activities?
Solange 21st Jul 2018


Hi, Elaine, choose any trivia national Day like for instance 'National Comic Book Day' (Sept. 25) or any other in and have a session to reminisce. For example:

Residents will share the comics they read as children
Draw cartoons from favourite comic books for a friendly competition
Read the group some trivia relating to Comic Books
Buy some modern comic books so they can see the differences (if any)

Solange 20th Jul 2018

8 Creative Group Activities for Seniors

Hi Mike, I am very impressed! Fantastic community activity with fantastic results. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.
Solange 20th Jul 2018


Hi Kylie, is there a way for you to put the leaders‘ in charge’? Of course, you would be still around for supervision and assistance. If ‘leaders’ have an important role to play they are often very gracious. You can engage their ‘help’ in running an activity. For instance, a 'Collage' could have them assisting their peers and you.

Collage Activity - a lovely art project for people with dementia.

- Any colour cardboard or any sturdy paper
- PVA glue and brushes
- Miscellaneous small art material: ribbons, shells, bottle tops, wallpaper, cork, dried flower, magazines, pebbles, photographs, etc, etc.

Role of 'leaders':
- Cutting cardboards to size for background of projects
- Searching and cutting out pictures from magazines, old calendars
- Sorting beads/bottle tops, and any other items by size/ color
- Assisting peers with gluing when needed
- Removing projects for drying safely
- Chatting, offering opinions and reminiscing about the project
Solange 20th Jul 2018


Hi Michelle, it is exactly because they are frail and needy that they deserve all our love, attention and understanding. If they were more functional they would probably be at home or living in a Retirement Village. Don't worry, we all feel deflated at times by comments made by colleagues who don't fully understand our roles. Keep on doing what you're doing, I'm sure you are a wonderful support for your residents.
Solange 16th Jul 2018


Hi Sue, I would stock with things like hankies, women's magazines, biscuits, Crisps, combs, bobby pins, chocolate, socks in winter, paper fans in summer, Homemade Lemonade, birthday cards, colognes, Talcum powder, etc. Soon you will find out what is missing in the trolley via the requests.
Solange 16th Jul 2018


Hi Diane, perhaps changing the name to ‘Brain Teasers’ would not intimidate prospective participants. Golden Carers has dozens of themed Trivia like Colour Trivia, Horse Trivia, Tie Trivia, Amazing Beer Trivia, Big Cats Trivia, and many more.
Congratulations, your concern for continuous improvement is admirable!!

Solange 16th Jul 2018

Target Word Game 1

Hi Beatrice, yes, you can go any way you want as long as every word contains the middle letter (in any position). Do not repeat any letters!
For instance: Take the letter 'L': Lad, lace, lack, led, let
Take the letter 'P': Place, pal, pea, pat, pace.
Take the letter 'A': Ace, Ape, At, Able, Ale.
It is a good brain game that eventually becomes very popular.