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Solange 6th Dec 2018 Diversional Therapist

Cinderella Christmas Pantomime

Hi, Mandy, I am thrilled that 'Cinderella' worked for you! Some of my best memories are from the end of year pantomimes. Congratulations on pulling it together! I do hope it got you some brownie points with the Management. Thank you for sharing.
Solange 3rd Dec 2018 Diversional Therapist


Hi, Bryony. You are quite right; care homes residents living with dementia need cognitively and enjoyable activities that the computer can offer. Although I also don't know any facility with a room designated to computers (which is a great idea) I have heard that computer activity program (CAP) is getting popular. Most are in the format of 10 or 12-week courses for mild or moderate dementia residents. Participants are assisted to match computer activities with their own interests and cognitive abilities. The way they do it is by setting up a computer in a quiet room and having individuals to attend a 30 minutes orientation session. Here is a link to a feasibility study on the perceived benefits of computer programs in care facilities.
Solange 25th Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist

Hand Massage & Nail Care

Hi Kathleen, you are quite right, it is my experience too that only podiatrists were allowed to cut nails. We could file, exfoliate and moisturize but each resident had their own supplies in their rooms. It doesn't seem right to use the same instruments in a group of people without sterilization. Perhaps you should consider mentioning it in a meeting?
Solange 23rd Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist


Hi, Deborah - This is certainly a great activity in my experience. Here are two titles you may consider: Yesteryear Reflections - Recollections Flashback. Good luck!
Solange 23rd Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist


Hi, Tiffany. One thing we did was to have a handyman to install hanging space
in the ceiling using dowels (arm height). This way we could hang light items on plastic bags (using garden hooks) like light craft stuff, costumes, hats, and scrap/fabric paper. The hanging dowels were positioned away from the walls so that they were kept free for cupboards and shelves.
Solange 13th Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist

What to Include in a Staff Meeting

Hi, Sherlene, the agenda depends on the Activity Program, concerns of residents/Family and improvements sought for the facility. Here is one way to do it, it may give you some food for thought. All the best of luck.
Family Council Meeting Agenda
1. Look at the agenda of last month and go through what was achieved and what is pending. Review and postpone any unresolved issues for the next meeting
2. Sort out input on Agenda and prioritize them (input by staff/family and other committee members)
3. Discuss week/monthly events - schedule dates, time, responsibility share, designate tasks to staff and volunteers
4. Listen to members’ general concerns and identify and define problem from residents’ perspective
5. Encourage family members to suggest new activities and improvements e.g. outings/special events/how better to connect with the community/educational topics sessions and other projects
6. Compile a list of action steps for concerns and suggestions. Do they need further investigation or can a solution be recommended?
7. Type the minutes of the meeting for distribution (if needed).
Solange 8th Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist


Hi, Robyn. Some clients take a long time to settle into care facilities. Not being there full time poses a challenge for you. Do they have family visitors? Family visits should be encouraged as much as possible to talk, play games and cook Serbian food. You may also request volunteers (there is government department who selects volunteers speaking other languages) to come to the facility at their convenience a couple of times a week to talk and reminisce with them. The Serbian Club may also help by discounting prices for them to attend celebrations. You may also try your local Church community board to request kind Serbian people to visit them. They need distraction until they settle in. All the best.
Solange 8th Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist


Hi, Becky. What I did in the past was organize a movie or Armchair Travel and ask a nurse to put it on at a certain time. I also requested volunteers among the residents’ relatives and in the community to drop in for an hour or two to play a table game with a group of residents. If you have a high function client he/she could conduct a quiz/sing-along for a group of people. Failing that a nurse or kitchen staff may find 10 minutes to do it. I do hope you have cooperative staff.
Solange 8th Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist


Hi Jodi. I would start by going to a charity shop and getting half a dozen hand knitted pullovers for him to unpick. You could also try giving him some knots to un-do; a long, thick length of cord/rope with a few sailor knots. If it is possible to give him a couple of tools he could dismantle an old wooden doll’s house or bird’s nest. Also, find out what sort of music he listened to at age of 15 to 25 and have it as background while he ‘works’. The music may affect him in surprising ways. All the best.
Solange 2nd Nov 2018 Diversional Therapist


Hi, Margaret
Traditional Chinese games that older people appreciate would be, a few yo-yos, if possible a table for Ping-Pong, Feather shuttlecock, Knucklebones or Jacks as it is better known in the West. Buy a couple of Chinese jacks and the residents will be delighted to show you how to play. If some residents have high functional abilities they will enjoy playing Badminton. Don’t forget to ask you, Chef, to provide Chinese finger food like Dim Sums, Wontons, Dumplings.
All the best of luck!