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Solange 9th Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist

3 Minute fudge

Hi Linda, I'm sorry the fudge didn't set. It probably did not cook long enough. I am not a big fan of the microwave so I do it in the non-stick saucepan. You could try taking you fudge and putting it back in a no-stick saucepan with a teaspoon of butter (medium heat). Stir constantly until the mixture starts coming away from bottom and sides of the saucepan as you do in the recipe for Brigadeiro, the Brazilian bonbon. Anything cooked with condensed milk needs to be well cooked to set properly. I do hope this recommendation solves your problem.
Solange 7th Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist


Thank you Sharon, we will take note of this information.
Solange 7th Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Leigh-Ann, we did the same; font 10 for the calendar but then we printed it in A3 form and placed one copy in each seniors' bedroom. This way it made it easier for them to read and inform their relatives and friends when visiting.
Solange 3rd Jul 2020 Diversional Therapist

How to make Twiddlemuffs

Hi Geetaa, how nice of you to make the twidle muff. Chose a care charity of your choice and post it to them or better, visit the facility and give your generous work to a resident that does not have family or receive many visitors. I send love your way for your kind gesture.
Solange 26th Jun 2020 Diversional Therapist

Weather Station Activities for Seniors

You are quite right Myra. Birds also sense the drop in barometric pressure that occur before a storm and take flight. Excellent idea.
Solange 23rd Jun 2020 Diversional Therapist


Hi Carol, LifeStyle Coordinators usually do a Monthly Activity Calendar. See this link for examples.
All the best and keep safe.
Solange 23rd Jun 2020 Diversional Therapist

19 Ways for Residents to Socialize in Isolation

Hi Emily, excellent idea! Well done.
Solange 23rd Jun 2020 Diversional Therapist

DIY Horse Race Game

Brillant idea Jane! Thank you and stay safe.
Solange 19th Jun 2020 Diversional Therapist

Community Scrapbook Quilt

Great idea Kathie!
Solange 19th Jun 2020 Diversional Therapist

Famous Foursomes Quiz

Hi Janet, we are happy that you find suitable activities here. I am sorry about the virus situation in California. Take care, and keep up the good work you do.