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Talita 10th Nov 2019

How to Setup a Pet Visiting Program

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this Barbara - what a beautiful photo! Animals can bring so much comfort and joy to the elderly x
Talita 10th Nov 2019

My Life Timeline

Thank you for your feedback Rhonda! And thank you Marija for sharing this activity x
Talita 10th Nov 2019

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thakn you so very much for your feedback Alice. It means so much to us x
Talita 10th Nov 2019

Famous Female Inventors

Thank you so much for your feedback Nicola!
Talita 10th Nov 2019

Remembrance Day Poster #1

Thank you Bonnie!
Talita 10th Nov 2019

Photo Christmas Tree

Thanks for your feedback Kate. If you can, share a pic with us when you're done!
Talita 10th Nov 2019

10 Tips for Ageing Better

Thanks so much for your feedback Michael!
Talita 4th Nov 2019

Cookies & Biscuits Word Search

Hi Kathleen, thanks for your feedback. We have added a harder version with more letters and with words that may be forward or backwards, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Is this what you had in mind? We can certainly provide a hard and easy version of word searches in future.

You can also create your own word searches here:
Talita 4th Nov 2019

Fun Riddle 23

Thanks so much for your feedback Karen!