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Talita 20th Jan 2020

The Price is Right - Australian Version

For everyone that has requested it, the Coles Mini Shop pictures have now been added!
Talita 20th Jan 2020


Hi Lisa,

The movie star bingo was submitted by a member but we can certainly put together another version of it. Thank you for your feedback!
Talita 20th Jan 2020

Lost in Translation Trivia

So good to hear Hazel!
Talita 20th Jan 2020


Thanks so much for your feedback Zara, this means so much to us!
Talita 20th Jan 2020

Cinderella Christmas Pantomime

Thanks for letting us know Christine! This is wonderful to hear!
Talita 18th Jan 2020


Hi Emily,

We have a template available on this page:

In the comments section you will find a link to another example supplied by Susan.

Thanks Emily!
Talita 17th Jan 2020


Hi Toni, if you click on the 'Saved' button that appears when you open the activity OR when you hover over the activity in your saved activities list, it will unsave the activity.
Talita 16th Jan 2020

Guess the Celebrity Ages

This has been updated, thanks for your feedback Nicola!
Talita 13th Jan 2020


Thank you SO much for your feedback Amy! Congratulations on your new job and all the very best!