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Talita 16th Sep 2019


This is so wonderful to hear Jennifer. Thank you so much for your feedback and for sharing a photo with your beautiful mother. All the very best to both of you!
Talita 16th Sep 2019

1950s Nostalgia Party

Thank you so very much for your feedback Monique!
Talita 16th Sep 2019

Brigadeiro - Brazilian chocolate bon-bons Recipe

Thanks so much for your feedback Riva!
Talita 16th Sep 2019

Baking Bingo

Thanks for your feedback Angie! Sara makes beautiful bingo games for sure!
Talita 16th Sep 2019

Frida Kahlo Headband

Thanks so much for your feedback Veronica x
Talita 16th Sep 2019

Scarves on Handles - Exercise Activity

Thanks for your feedback Veronica! We'd love to hear how it goes!
Talita 9th Sep 2019

School Days Reminiscing Cards

Thanks so much for your feedback Sara, what a great result!
Talita 9th Sep 2019

American Football Word Games

Thanks Lisa!
Talita 9th Sep 2019

An Orchard of Trivia

Thanks for your feedback Vivian!
Talita 9th Sep 2019

Pet Therapy (with a dog)

Thanks for sharing this information Christine.