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Talita 20th Aug 2017

Professions that are Vanishing

Hi Onnolee, you are quite right, many still do exist they are just more scarce these days (in some countries, anyway!).
Talita 14th Aug 2017

Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hi Fiona, we have had a number of requests for this. We will be releasing the 2018 calendar in September and will make sure this is scheduled in earlier for 2019! I'll let you know as soon as it's out.
Talita 13th Aug 2017

Reminiscing: I remember my Dad

These are great thanks Christine!
Talita 13th Aug 2017

Inventions over the years

It sure is! Thanks Christine!
Talita 13th Aug 2017


Hi Krissi, wow thank you so much for your feedback! This makes me so happy! I wish you all the very best and hope you continue to feel supported and inspired here. x
Talita 8th Aug 2017


We have also added a monthly activity evaluation form and sample here:

Thanks Susan.
Talita 8th Aug 2017


A monthly activity evaluation form is available here:
Talita 7th Aug 2017

Bow Ties for Father's Day and Special Events

Thanks for all you wonderful feedback everyone! x
Talita 4th Aug 2017

Guess the Celebrity Ages

Love this Danica! This is a wonderful game that you have put together!
Talita 4th Aug 2017

Sundownder Music

This is a wonderful activity idea Tricia, thank you for sharing.