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Rachel 30th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator

How to Decrease Problem Behaviors

Hiya, that was very informative. Thankyou.
Rachel 29th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator


Hiya. Thankyou for the ideas. X
Rachel 28th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator

Cars Quiz, Trivia and Word Search

Your site is amazing. I love it. It helps so much.

Thankyou x
Rachel 10th Aug 2020 Activity Coordinator

Beach Reminiscing

Hello. I've recently joined, I am very interested in reading about the activities people are doing when working with residents with dementia as an activity coordinator. I very happy to get tips. Thankyou. X
Rachel 27th Jul 2020 Activity Coordinator

20 Creative Ways to Hydrate the Elderly in Senior Care

Im Rachel, I work with people with dementia as an activity coordinator. Ive just join Golencarers. Im going back to work very soon. Ive been furloughed for a few months. Im trying to set up a folder of information and activities for each month. Looking foreward to finding things from Golden Carers. X