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Rachel Mayes 27th Nov 2023 Activity Coordinator

A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: St Andrews Day
Rachel 5th Nov 2021 Activity Coordinator

Twigs in a Vase Gratitude Tree

Thankyou so much for the help with ideas for the activities. I use them all of the time. It helps me to think of other things related. Much appreciated.

Rachel 30th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator

How to Decrease Problem Behaviors

Hiya, that was very informative. Thankyou.
Rachel 29th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator


Hiya. Thankyou for the ideas. X
Rachel 28th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator

Cars Quiz, Trivia and Word Search

Your site is amazing. I love it. It helps so much.

Thankyou x
Rachel 10th Aug 2020 Activity Coordinator

Beach Reminiscing

Hello. I've recently joined, I am very interested in reading about the activities people are doing when working with residents with dementia as an activity coordinator. I very happy to get tips. Thankyou. X
Rachel 27th Jul 2020 Activity Coordinator

20 Creative Ways to Hydrate the Elderly in Senior Care

Im Rachel, I work with people with dementia as an activity coordinator. Ive just join Golencarers. Im going back to work very soon. Ive been furloughed for a few months. Im trying to set up a folder of information and activities for each month. Looking foreward to finding things from Golden Carers. X