Optimal Activities - Staff & The Physical Environment

Optimal Activities - Staff & The Physical Environment

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An optimal activity environment greatly influences your ability to provide the best possible activities for your residents.

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Susan 6th Jul 2017 Activity Director
Yes the staffing ratio is optimistic hopefully you can get some volunteers to help you so the staffing ratios will be better perhaps also you can get resins to volunteers to help you. If you have higher functioning residence that would be willing to help that would to help you and it would make them feel good about helping . Maybe you can get family members to help you so the ratios can be better
Chris 4th Jul 2017 Volunteer Programme Manager
Hello - I am interested in staff ratio's. The article suggests 1:4 however this seems a long way from what we often see with a ratio of one activities coordinator or DT to over 40 residents.

What sort of ratio do others have?
George Vowell 12th Jul 2017
Hi Chris, we have just dropped down to 60 residents : one DT. Our memory support unit really needs a DT in there all day and if they need help the ratio will be 90 residents : one DT. totally impractical.
Susan 27th Jun 2017 Activity Director
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